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Discussion in 'General' started by Sinister, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I consider myself to know a good amount about weed, but this one question I still cant find the answer to, maybe you guys can help.

    Firstoff I was raised around weed and all that, not that my parents openly smoked it but once I got old enough I knew what the deal was, since then ive grown up and my dad has quit for work reasons and my mom still smokes it everyday, as I do.

    Now we both know each other smokes but its one of those things we dont bring up around each other, im a very personal person and I always mind my own business.

    Anyways what the question is, is that she always smokes some of the skunkiest stuff around, really strong skunky smell and dark buds and seeds, now I know this is probably low grade mexican 'brick weed' that I dont mind smoking but I definently prefer mids or some KB.

    Shes always smoked the same kind of weed for years and years, why would someone smoke only skunk after smoking for half their life? I highly doubt she is oblivious to the finer kinds of weed out there, and she buys enough to where I doubt price and money is an issue.

    Anyone else out there know someone who smokes skunk and skunk only? Im about to load my bong up with some of her stuff I got, dont ask how I got ahold of it, just need to find out if this stuff is good, hehe.

    Sorry for the long post, I always get chatty when stoned. Also ill let you know if this is some sort of powerful potent but smelly and skunky weed, but I doubt that, highly.

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