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  1. I have two female White Widows in week 3 of flowering. One has two main stems. Is this trilateral branching and is this a good thing? It has lots of bud and is in great shape. Should I try to clone it and breed it? Is this something I did wrong or is it genetics? It seems like it will give me a higher yield than the normal looking White Widow I'm growing with it. This is my first grow.

  2. Yeah that sounds like topping to me bro.....if you didn't, then it could be a genetic abnormality......would have been better to take the clones while in veg though imo. 
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    I did not top. I did try to FIM, but I'm such a noob I missed. I'd clone her, but I don't have a place where I can both veg and flower at the same time. I pollinated her with a male from the same strain, so I'll probably get some regular seeds, assuming I pollinated correctly. 
    What I'm thinking of doing is harvesting her and then regenerating and hitting her with some colloidal silver and getting some feminized seeds. Will something like that even work or is it even worth trying it? I mean, if this isn't something unusual should I bother trying to get more plants like this. I have very little experience growing and don't know if this was an accident I caused of if this is a genetic trait I should try to propagate.
    How does it look to you guys? Is it healthy? Can I expect much yield
    WW2.png WW1.png WW3.png
  4. you fimmed a fim hahaha
    after you harvest you can reveg if you want
    plant looks good
  5. Yeah, I know. I suck. Good thing I'm not a Rabbi. If I can get another plant like this I'll top the hell outta it.
    Do you think it's worth the trouble to try and feminize the seeds? Is this sort of growth something that happens often or am I just lucky my first time out?
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    dude you cant miss on a fim(fuk i missed)the whole point is to miss :smoking: growth  is normal bro
    idk much about making seeds i need to get on that shit tooo hahaha

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