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OD on Master Wu's Green Dragon

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mrsilly, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I took a screwed up dose @ 2:30 yesterday still high next day @12:00 PM. I was so high!!!!! Stupid high..... OK here is what happened. I was experimenting with the recipes and I read if you add lethicin in with ur edibles it increases bioavailability. I had finished my batch strained the weed then added 1/2 gram of c4 hash and another 1/2 z of 151 cooked for another 10 min. Well the water in the bay marie was boiling down so I added more water to the double boiler using the cup I extract too(strain into)leaving an oz or 2 of water in my strain cup. I added a tsp of lethicin to the cooking Dragon until it melted in then add 2 more and tried to incorporate. It separated and started forming a blackish sticky gel on the bottom of the dragon. I started freaking out. 10 minutes passed and I poured some of this into my into the cup with out realizing it still had water in it. It made this milky colored concoction. Like the color of very light coffee. Saved an oz that did not mix with water and I poured the rest of the concoction into my dropper bottle. On the bottom of the cook jar was left with this black goo on the bottom. I poured the water dragon solution Into the cook jar with the tar stuff. It looked disgusting so I just shelved it. A couple of weeks went by and I looked at it and the black stuff turned green and it looked lt may have incorporated a little. So I thought why waste it. I put about half a shot in with my root beer which is how I usually take the Dragon just 1-2 droppers full. After an hour I was as high as I usually get only this time it kept going. The wife wanted to shop for Thanksgiving no way, I was so baked I could hardly walk. I thought this would be watered down dragon so I took more than I normally would have big mistake!!!! today I will titrate with 1 dropper full. If I get baked I will try to duplicate this. 4:00 PM Cali time I will post when I start feeling anything. Might be on to something. Then again I have never exceeded 2 droppers at one time before.....

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  2. Ok 1 and 1/2 hrs nice buzz as if I had taken the regular Dragon. Taking second dropper full.......
  3. send me some of that shit lol
  4. This really works!!!

    Grind bud 4G
    Spread bud on a piece of aluminum foil
    Put in oven@ 325f for 5 min
    Place a wide mouth 1 pint canning with 2 oz of 151 proof rum in a pan with 2 inches of water and the vent fan on. Bring the 151 up to 170f while decarboxylating your bud. Add the decarbed bud to the 151 it will be at a slight boil. Cook 20 minutes while your cooking, grind up 1/2g of hash and decarb using bks methods. Remove your canning jar now with green dragon in it from the pan with the water. Strain the liquid through a strainer lined with wet cheese cloth. Rinse your canning jar then rewash your material with 1 more once of 151. Then take your cheese. Cloth and make a little bundle with your bud in it. Put that in a garlic press and squeeze all the goodness out into your canning jar. Add you decarbed hash keif or oil to the jar and put your canning jar with your second wash and the hash or concentrate in it back into a pan with water. Cook for 20 min stirring constantly temp 170. Add this to your first batch and you have Green Dragon Tincture. I use amber glass dropper bottles I get at the container store light damages THC. Each batch comes out with varying potency. I titrate with 1 dropper wait 2 hr's to check. Enjoy that high mellow or strong. Next day I adjust my dose.

    This Works.
  5. how does the lethicin help with tinctures? As far as i know all it does is make your body break down fats better, wich helps with oil/butter based edibles but i don't see how it would have an effect on green dragon?

  6. Google 'liposomal lecithin encapsulation'.. it was something they first began using for, I believe, vitamin C in livestock. :) It didn't take very long however, before they realized how useful it could be in the human pharmaceutical industry. :)
    Have you ever bought a bottle of vit-C, or a multi-vit containing it, and wondered why the heck some bottles tell you to take 3,500% of your daily requirement all at once, while others say you need only a fraction of that, or closer to 800% - 150%?

    Here's an example.. one serving of pure vit-C, via ascorbic acid, is 3750% your daily requirement.

    Now Foods, Vitamin C Crystals, 8 oz (227 g) -

    But here's an example of liposomal Vit C...

    "1,000 mg vitamin C tablet or capsule:
    Absorption 19% = 190 mg into blood stream

    1,000 mg Liposomal Vitamin C (1 tsp):
    Absorption 93% = 930 mg into blood stream"

    Liposomal VITAMIN C

    Like cannabinoids, vit-C as it is, all on its own, is not very bioavailable. And in many supplements to a varying degree, much of the 'goodness' goes in one end, and out the other... unless it's been broken down into a solution and coated, with a thin liposomal layer. Any oil helps, but lecithin specifically really helps cross cellular barriers/walls. (This is why some salad dressing bottles, such as 'Wishbone Caesar', like to suggest that their product helps you to absorb more nutrition from the veggies you eat with it... it's also why pre-coating your cells by eating a small, but oily snack, an hour or two before taking an edible, can improve absorption)

    Without a miniscule lipid coat, the majority of the vit-C goes 'in one end, and out the other'... just like when we neglect to process our canna with an edible solvent! Going from


    Back to canna :)

    When making a dragon with lecithin, the alcohol does most of the work breaking it down, but when heated (depending how much Lec. you use) much of the potency will be 'encapsulated' or coated in a thin layer of lecithin as well.
    In this way both the alcohol and the lecithin can have a dramatic effect on cellular permeability. This is what allows the material, to (much) more-easily cross cellular barriers, and penetrate between their walls, in order to deliver more of the desired effect. If both the cells within the body, and the solute (glandular material) have been coated in alcohol, or lipids, or both, their 'doorways' are wide open!

    Hope this helps. :)
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  7. thx for the explanation BKS. How much lechitin per solvent/cannabis would you recommend?

    I'm currently making a tincture with about 6g of bud in 50ml of 190 proof alcohol, how much lechitin can/should i add? And to what temp must the alcohol be heated? Can it be done without heat?
  8. When I added lethicin to my tincture it separated while it while heated. I may have added to much. When it cooled it had globs and is very thick on the bottom. So I put that batch back in to my canning jar. If I make a batch that doesn't come it as well as I would like I pour it in here and let it sit with the canibus I used to make it. I have been experimenting with differant decarb times and one of the batchs came out tasting too green. So in it went please dont miss understand, it worked just tasted bad. I store it in a paper bag to keep the light out. I think I added a big tbls of lethicin to the original batch. I can say that is too much. I have accidentally taken too much of same said solution and got too high too function. I have since titrated with it and it seems to have the same strength as the other batches difference seems to be that with the lethicin batch the more you take the stronger the effects are, and the batches without have a threshold. That is when I have taken a medicinal dose of non lethicin tincture then 2 hours later take another on top, the effects don't get too much stronger just last longer. The lethicin batch when you take more the effects are stronger and longer. I have not experimented further with lethicin in my alcohol tinctures except to separate the one I made and use that as my kitchen soup pot so to speak . I figure when I get enough liquid from other batches I can figure out what the right amount of lethicin is to prevent separation. I am thinking, guessing 1/4 teaspoon per 2-3 oz of tincture. Has anyone else experimented with this? What were your results? I think it is fun experimenting......

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