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    If you could overdose on a drug what would it be? (Like you were going to die within 24 hrs.) For me i would want to die by injection of 100 mg of LSD. Thats the way i would want to go.
  2. Barbs and heroin IVed.
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    Edit: Now that I think about it, I would like to try the classic speedball.. huge amounts of heroin, coke, and meth, all mixed into one big needle. Especially because I never plan on doing any of those in the future with my drug use. I would die, but damn, would be nuts.

  4. sry meant mg.
  5. Amphetamine, hydromorphone and secobarbital in the arm.. That would be one hell of a ride.
  6. nod my life away on heroin...
  7. lsd, mescaline, shrooms, dmt and salvia. I can't imagine where I would be.

  8. an od on salvia would be fucking nuts but you would probably have to eat it or something.

    dxm overdose would be interesting
  9. why Marijuana of course!

  10. Opiates.

    Comfortably numb anyone?

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