Oculus Rift. The Future Of Gaming

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    Oculus rift is a low-latency consumer priced virtual reality head mounted display. It immerses the player in an entirely new world and the sense of scale can be seen in games like you have never had before.
    It's no gimmick like the old virtual boys either, but if you don't believe me check out videos on youtube where people have used it.
    Virtual Movie theatre
    Spacewalk demo, this guy has a lot of other videos on his experience with the rift
    Grandma using the oculus rift
    This has incredible potential not just in gaming, but for so many other industries (porn ;), military training etc) This will be a revolution.

  2. You can already buy development kits too for $300 off their website for those who missed their kickstarter campaign which got funded over $2 million, the consumer version is expected to be released next year around the same price with increased resolution and other improvements.
  3. I'm new and am not even going to try to embed this properly, but
  4. So basically all does is put a tv screen reallllllllly close to your face?
  5. it give you a 360 view
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    This has real potential, I don't quite understand how movement would work.
    Edit: I have to say I looked into this, and I am extremely excited so much in fact, if I could afford it I would contemplate buying a developer Rift just to go ahead and have one.
    I think the Rift is what will bring video gaming to the next level.
    I have been somewhat disappointed with games lately but this will change everything.
  7. Bump.
    Posted one hour ago:
    Man I used to have a virtual reality helmet when I was younger. It was heavy as FUCK. And The games it had I cant even remmeber. It may have just been one game it was a motorcycle game haha shit was revolutionary at the time. Idk what happened to that piece of gaming equipment. It's gonna be a relic worth a lot of money some day I bet.
  8. I can see the porn industry doing something with this ;)
  9. People are already expect to use the Rift with pr0ns. Anyway, I can't wait for the Rift. I'm just sad that it isn't going to have support for Xbox One and PS4.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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    i hate it when people brand VR as THE FUTURE OF GAMING/THE WORLD.
    no...just no. you are talking out of your ass.
    i'll believe it when it becomes a standard but as of right now i don't want a fucking screen 4 inches away from my face. that's not good for any pair of eyes. shit my eyes burn after just a couple hours of starring at a screen, i can only imagine if i was looking at it up close for hours and hours at a time.
    i think gaming has plateaued a bit. 90% of gamers don't want fucking goggles strapped to their face. they just want to kick it on the couch with a controller and a flat screen with surround sound. i want my gaming experience to stay where its at. i don't need silly goggles on my head just so i can move my head around like a buffoon while my roomate sticks his asshole in my face but my dumbass is blind to the world around me cos ITS THE FUTURE OF GAMING.
    edit: $300 for this shit?! these people are out of their minds if they think its going to be the future of gaming with a 300 price tag. do you know how many people would just rather...you know, buy a console or pc or w/e then spend $300 on a mini tv that allows you to turn your head.
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    Sounds like you won't need to worry about it. It's not for casuals and consoles. It's for people who want to hang with their 2d waifus or play for total immersion. Of course prototype and first generation aren't going to be optimal but yes, this could very well be the future of virtual and 3D gaming.
    Imagine playing Amnesia or a horror game on it like a lot of people are. There is a huge difference between looking over with the mouse and seeing a horrible monster (which already gives people a near heart attack), than it is to turn your head and really make eye contact with it.
    Again, it's not for plug and play casuals and that is for the developer kit. It is not out on a consumer level. How can you complain about the future of a prototype? This is up the ally of people who already spend an arm and a leg syncing up 3-9 monitors for 3D vision or Eyefinity. I doubt consoles even have the hardware to push this thing at a solid 1080p @ 60fps.
    yeah the idea is cool as hell. I'll give them that. but not $300 cool haha they are basically asking me to buy yet another tv. im done buyin tvs for awhile, dammit!
    and i don't own a console, i play everything on pc. still wouldn't use this at that price. my current gaming experience is perfectly suitable for me. also i could be wrong, but doesn't this have to be connected to a pc that's connected to a monitor or tv? im assuming you can't use entirely just the oculus rift as a desktop screen?
  13. You're asking the wrong person but I don't think anyone would want to use it as their standard screen. I assume it just plugs in as an extra display that can be used however you please but will be used as primary display only when gaming.
    I personally wouldn't use this for anything where I need optimal performance because I do try hard quite a bit when I'm in the mode but it would be very fun for story heavy games or something adventure-esque.
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    man I'd feel like such a jackass having this thing on my head and someone else can't even use the tv im using even though im not technically using it lol
  15. I'm not interested in anything I have to strap to my faceSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Supposedly the Rift is coming out soon. How's the anticipation doing with the gaming community? I personally can't wait. I've actually been gaming a lot less these days because I think about the rift and how much more I would be enjoying my games if I was playing with that instead of a regular screen. I really think this thing is going to shake things up in the home entertainment market.
  17. First person gta would be fucken awesome in this

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  18. This combined with a omnie treadmill seems like it would give a really good workout for fps
    Though I  think what may happen is it will get a lot of hype, and people would get too lazy and just choose to laze on the couch with a controller.
  19. I am looking forward a great deal to Morpheus. Especially if No Man's Sky offers Morpheus support. I will probably never leave my house again.

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