Octopus eats shark on tape,

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    FUCK! Makes me sick when I read about innocent people being slain by police.

    You know whoever that fucker is he is going to get away with it.

    Just watched the octopus video. The Mexican music and the dude narrating the whole ordeal cheered me up :D
  2. that vid of the octopus is epic, i'm glad something takes sharks down a notch haha

    i didn't click on the second link, anything involving police makes me rage
  3. I saw the little girl news video earlier... makes me sick.

    That octopus video terrifies me. Imagine how defenseless you would be if an octopus grabbed your ass..:eek:
  4. Of course he got away with it and rightfully so, do you honestly think it was intentional? The police were serving a high risk warrant to arrest a MURDERER. To get him off the streets before he could have murdered anyone else. You people seem to think this is Training Day or some shit. Shit happens, you think the officer that shot the baby is okay with that fact? I bet he wants to shoot himself in the head at this point. Cops don't go shooting babies on a fucking whim.
  5. Lol a little girl is not a threat,from the video it sounds like she was asleep at the time.

    How much MORE defenseless could you be? :confused:

    Tear gas through the window?

    Cops on a fucking adrenaline trip is what happened here.
  6. Saw the 2nd vid last night on local news, pretty fucked up but I dont think he meant to do it either even tho she was sleepin... Just shitty luck.

    Oh! and F a shark! lol
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    ...Once again, do you honestly think it was intentional? It sounds like an accidental weapon discharge to me, especially considering there was physical contact with the officer and the woman.

    You say that like he looked at her through his sights and pulled the trigger. You're all assuming the worst because of your grudge against the police. And sorry if I don't go along with it, I think it's immature and disrespectful to the people who would take a bullet returning fire to protect your ass any day of the week.

    And no, she wasn't asleep at the time. You don't sleep through a flashbang.

    Oh, and yeah they were on an adrenaline trip. It tends to happen when you're locked and loaded kicking doors down knowing you could be shot at any second.
  8. Wiki Quote:
    Octopuses are this shit.:hello:
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    immature and disrespectful?

    I'm not saying it was on purpose. I'm saying it is ridiculous that this happened. Someone who could be this bad with a gun/let their nerves get the best of them should have never been hired as a cop. LET ALONE ALLOWED TO BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE DOING RAIDS. And if a cop can accidentally shoot a little girl to death... I'm not too sure I would want them "returning fire to protect my ass",because they would probably end up shooting me IN the ass lmao.

    The cops have never done anything positive for me in my life. They have never protected me.

    Sounds like your dad or something is a cop though lol

    I just think that if the adrenaline gets to the officer bad enough that he accidentally fires his gun and kills a little girl. He should have never been put in that situation. He should be pulling people over and giving speed tickets.
  10. That octopus was insane!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN nature You Scary!!!!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSBURkKin_8]YouTube - Damn Nature! You Scary![/ame]
  11. Girl getting shot - Depressing.

    Octopus eating shark - FUCKING AWESOME.

    I caught a octopus once, and it was CRAZY. We where fishing on the side of a bridge in the FL keys, and I pulled it up thinkin it was a big fish. I was so surprised by it that I threw it into the cooler we had with us just so we could check it out and get a closer look. It changed colors WAAAAY quicker than I thought they could. It turned itself COMPLETELY white at first, then when it hit the cooler (which was red) it changed COMPLETELY red. They are fast fuckers too. VERY crafty and their tentacles are strong as hell.

    Octopus have stepped up a few notches in my book after seein this vid though. They are some bad mother fuckers. :D
  12. I want a pet octopus. 8 arms.
    shiiiit imagine a land ocotopus. Now that'd be crazy
  13. It would be like a 8 armed monkey with tentacles!! lol

  14. yeahh!! it would be killing tigers and lions :eek:
    top predator:smoking:
    if ocotopus evolves it will be able to go in and out of water and run faster than human
    now thats scary
  15. I can picture it, that mental image is disturbing! I'm picturing the thing just like sliding across either a desert or a really woodsy-type area. Either way pretty terrifying. :(

  16. But it couldnt shoot a gun. And that is all that matters my friend. :D
  17. Yes, immature and disrespectful. Ridiculous? It's downright fucked. It's not a matter of how good of a shot he is. It could have been anything, like the woman grabbing his gun during their scuffle. Shit. Happens.

    "The cops have never done anything positive for me in my life. They have never protected me. "

    Wow, really dude? Do you know what would happen to this country if there were no police? Think about it for a second before you say shit like that. The very fact that they exist is protection for you.

    And no, but you're close. My grandfather was an MP in the Army. My step-dad was an Army Ranger in Vietnam. My brother is a Marine who did two combat tours in Iraq. And I know two cops that live in my neighborhood, and I respect them for what they do for my community. They're actually decent people who, like all cops, are trained to be dick heads on the job. And I respect them despite the fact that I smoke pot, because I know if I was ever arrested for it that the cop was only doing his JOB, and it was MY fault for putting myself in such a situation.

  18. It will shoot something better than a gun:hello:

  19. haha yeah dude. And they can fly :cool:

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