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  1. Hey everybody! Im in search of an octopus bong or pipe or even both. I realy like octopus and I love to watch them swim and figure things out... There crazy smart! I have been in search of a octo pice for a wile but all i have been able to find is a bong with a little octopus inside or a decal or a tenticl on it, I want to have like a full on octopus bong! If i cold get my hands on a bong that have an octopus that operates as a perk inside that would be amazing! if there are any artist out there that think they can blow such a pice ill be happy to buy it or trade a little herb
  2. Your best bet would probably be to either build one yourself, make an octopus out of polymer clay and sculpt it around your bong. Another good idea I think would me to check Etsy, a lot of sellers there take requests

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  3. That sounds amazing
  4. Thanks dude! I will check that out

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