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  1. Has anyone heard about October's promo? If it is Dinafem again, I will pass again.

    I'm like a kid at Christmas, waiting for Santa!!!!

  2. why would you pass on that?
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    ahh you bastard!

    you had me excited to see so bad!


    why would you pass?

    have you seen my moby dick #2?

    you should really check them out, idk if its just the strain im growing or the medium its in, but i dunno, i really like the vigor its shown throught her whole life.
  4. Ill pass on more of the Hermiedick #2 as well. It looks like the UFO's are starting to not become dinafems thankfully. I hope there is a good October special

  5. Propaganda, I guess. Not many around here are jumping up and down for Dinafem. I am waiting for a special to blow me away!!! A bunch of autos is not gonna be my cup of tea.

  6. Cannabis seeds

    No dinafems in October love it up Im placing an order!

    1x fem Res. P. Kandy Kush
    1x fem G13 Blueberry Gum
    1x fem g13 Pineapple Express
  7. im in:wave:..suprise:D
  8. Yay, no autos!!:hello: Those go straight to the trash everytime!
  9. G13 labs can SMD! I heard terrible things about the Pineapple express like Tkb said.

  10. With personal experience growing out the raw d.... G13 ROCKS! Atleast on one strain LOL! I'll take the left over anyone wants to get rid of off their hands, just PM me for my address. And I got a white widow going from them too 30 days into flower, looks good just got time left. I too have heard the bad vibes on the pineapple express, but on the other hand I knew I guy who grew out a pack of em to find his one true keeper! So just seems like there might be more variation still left in the lines somewhere.
  11. im in just for the kandy kush, i was thinkin about pickin somethin up from reserva privada anyway.
  12. I went ahead and bit on the special. :eek::eek::eek:

    I bought just a couple of seeds to try the freebies. Some Jilly Bean/LA Woman/Acid are on the way along with the free beans.


    Now for the waiting game..........
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    lol dang you. I was about to get some Jilly Bean last night and then suddenly it was sold out. :p

    I ended up getting

    Barneys Farm - Vanilla Kush
    Female Seeds - Bubblegummer
    Next Gen - Early Blueberry

    + the freebies:D

    I just noticed on my order summary the Blueberry Gum isnt listed on my freebies:(. Did this happen to anyone else?

  14. Mine is also not listed on my shipment invoice. I hope it is there! I'll be pissed if it's not.

  15. Same thing here. Hopefully it will be in the package was wanting to try that one out after reading up on it.
  16. not on mine either???
  17. Mine wasn't listed either so I emailed them. Rachel responded that it would be included but offered no explanation as to why it wasn't listed.:confused::confused:
  18. fuck ! i missed it:( i wanted kandy kush. oh well maybe next time i will be on the ball:smoke:
  19. I got the same reply, not very descriptive of an answer or resolution. Below is what I asked in an email to them regarding the missing seed for the order invoice:

    I logged on to check the tracking of my very first order placed with your website today and noticed in the invoice that one of the freebie seeds isnt listed. It`s the G13 Labs Blueberry Gum Feminized FREE SEED ∞ FREE! FREE!
    It was on the order invoice listed as a freebie with some others when I ordered. Was wondering why it isnt showing up.

    And here is the reply email I just recieved from them.

    Hi there

    That's ok this will be added

    Many Thanks


    The Attitude

    I wonder what exactly she meant by that. Really doubt their gonna ship one seed seperately to replace the missing freebie seed since my order has already been shipped out.
  20. thats weird my buddys was on his invoice:hello:

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