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October High Tiimes Medical Cannabis Cup held in DETROIT, MI

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by KB Grower, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. #1 KB Grower, Aug 16, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
  2. I'll be there!
  3. From ann arbor so fucking stoked.
  4. We're fortunate enough to be one of three cities IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY to have a medical cannabis cup. You can bet your ass I'm gonna be there.
  5. i dont have a med card can i still go?
  6. Yeah man read the link

  7. You can pay a bunch of money to go watch the patients smoke lol, i assume it will be the same as the one here in CO earlier this year, all can go, only patients can smoke.

    Only 30 bucks though, not too bad.... but you cant puff without a card, lots of people here didnt get that even though it was VERY announced
  8. YES! Close to my birfday.

    Don't know if I'll go w/o a card though, but I probably will and just pre-game b4.

    GC meet up spot?


  9. 30-60 bucks is pretty cheap I think.

    Can u still loook and inspect the buds and shit? I think it still be fun to talk to a lot of peoople in the buisness.

    Just eat a few edibles before and your sure to have a good time. and I bet yoou could bring some and eat them there outside. What are they gonna do lol
  10. I've only had edibles once. Is it a better high then just smoking?
  11. Why torture yourself and go to that if you can only watch other people smoke?!
  12. Edibles just last longer.

    If I was blown it would still be fun to look ata the other buds

  13. They MAY not allow non card holders to even come close to the bud depending on state laws.... generally being within the range to see its actual quality would constitute arms reach, which is a no no cause the government isnt even about look but not touch lol

  14. What kind of stuff did they have going on at the CO cup? (assuming you went)
  15. I want to go to talk to other growers and get a contact buzz :D

  16. I didnt actually go haha, ours was more expensive, but most of my friends went, i just didnt have the cash at the time. But they said it was pretty much just like a festival of weed and music... There was a smoking section, then the booths of peoples bud and entries to the cup n shit and a stage or 2 for the music hahaha
  17. thats depressing. I would like to go, but why go see a bunch of bud i cant smoke?

  18. I just read that some places might take "donations" for goods? What I want to know is i am not a patient would i be wasting my time trying to go there and smoke?

    PM me !
  19. You won't be able to buy anything without a card.
  20. Do you need your hard card?

    Cause i know i can get a rec and submit it and get a receipt, which a lot of caregivers consider legal. Cause they are still processing shit from back in March or something.

    I would go if i get my card, but idk if i would want to try and weasel my way around with just a rec and shit.

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