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Ocean Forest v. Happy Frog

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by PurpleCheeser, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. I was wondering what the difference was between these. I was reading about the Happy frog and happy frog soil conditioner, sounds really nice. But everyone recomends the Ocean Forest. Whats the difference?
  2. ocean forest has a much high amount of nutes in it. very rich dirt. but it can nute burn tender young plants and seedlings/clones

    happy frog is 100pct organic with a little less amount of nutes and wont burn up your plant, and it just happens to be a little cheaper than OF
  3. ocean forest after 2 weeks of veg
  4. I am growing White Widow at the moment and I have used Ocean Forest soil from the very start. White Widow is a strain that is very sensitive to Nute burn and Ocean Forest did not burn it at all. It has enough nutes in it to fertilize your plants for the first 2-3 weeks so as long as you don't add any nutes and use just strait water when watering your plants for that time period you will be fine. It is a very good soil and I highly reccomend it. As far as fertilizer goes I use the Fox Farm three pack of: Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. The site that I used to order everything accept the seeds was www.htgsupply.com. If you want an example check out my grow journal in my signature. Remember to do your research and your plants should turn out great. Good luck and happy growing!
  5. Sorry for the double post but if you need any help or advice you can message me anytime.
  6. Ok, because i was wondering once you put the plant in the OF are you allowed to use the 3 pack of nutes right away?

    Because if not i wanted to use the happy frog. Its pretty much a soilless mix that has peace of mind bat guano, worm casting, lime, and the fungus and bacteria you need, without nutrients. I get any fox farm products for free since im a "dealer"
  7. Lol that must be nice getting all of it for free. But no I wouldnt use any nutes with either soil for 2-3 weeks because Happy Frog soil also has nutes in it. The bat guano and earthworm casting and a bunch of other organic nutes are in 2 of the 3 fertilizers I use as well.
  8. ive grown from seed to bud with both soils. The only difference i noticed was the OF drains WAY better than the HF. Both require little to no nutes at all during veg.

    if your gonna use either for seedlings i'd add like 25% perlite.
  9. you guys are all wrong.

    OF has lots of goodies for plants to eat. A good balance of nutrients are prefortified in the soil.

    Happy frog is a soil with a different purpose. It is teaming with microbial and benficials, it would require feeding pretty soon after the seedling breaks the surface.

    I can go a month in OF before i need to worry about adding nutes to OF. I mix a little perlite and castings in the mix too.
  10. i dont feed intill last two weeks of veg to give them extra n
  11. I have ordered auto flowering seeds and I'm a new grower. I bought an IPOWER 1000W dimmable ballast with air cooled hood. Now I need to know what kind of soil to buy. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I've used both happy frog and ocean forest and heresy my $0.02

    The happy frog seems much more forgiving for new growers such as myself. My first grow I used straight ocean forest with no amendments and it seemed to shock and burn the plant quite often until I got the hang of how much to feed it and what pH I needed to balance the soil.

    This grow I'm using strictly happy frog and I've noticed as I said, to be much more forgiving in the sense that I have had 0 issues as far as newly germinated seeds, have yet to see any signs of shock or nutrient burn and had nearly no recovery time from transplant from a solo cup to pots, as well as very minuscule amount of pH sway (pH runoff is +/- .1 from what I watered with) even from day 1, whereas the ocean forest needed to be watered a few times before I got my desired runoff pH

    Next grow I may try a mix of happy frog and ocean forest to see how that mix does.
  13. FFOF always burned my young seedlings. Nothing serious but i found with a good flush or 2 before i plant the seed then i dont have any burning issues. I did have constant ph fluxes with ffof which was a real pain in the ass. I switched from soil to coco and enjoying that much more. I like to have complete control as to what goes into my grow.
  14. when i bought my stuff at the hydro store the guy working there strongly advised putting back the OF for HF, which i did. he said it had less nutes and was easier on seedlings and it holds a lil more water. ive only used the HF so i cant speak on OF but HF is a good soil, just add some perlite like people said.
  15. My seedlings have never been "burned" by FFOF. I plant seeds directly into it. No harm, and they are set for 4 weeks imo. I don't add any Perlite either. Already has some and drainage is good, so why dilute?

    I use General Organics Bloom Booster and Budswell during flowering.
  16. If I plan on using bottled nutes and don't want to mix dirt, I'll use OF. If I want my own custom mix, then HF is what I use as a base (and it's done very well for me, prefer it over OF)

    IMO, HF is meant to be amended, while OF is meant to be used out-the-bag. I wouldn't even consider using HF without adding 5 gal perlite per 2 cu ft bag. OF is just fine as it is. So, both soils are excellent, it just depends on how you use them.

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