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  1. So a buddy of mine went to the Gulf Coast and got some legal herb. I was sceptical about it working at first but i took four hits just to see. Five minutes later i was fucked out of my mind. Has anyone out there heard of this product or tried it. if so, where can i got some other than the gulf which is ten hours away.
  2. never heard of it
  3. spiceworld420 is a great place to buy that stuff (so I hear) I might get some one time, how's the taste?
  4. I've never heard of 'legal' herb. Can someone fill me in?
  5. Its a mishmosh of plants that will give you a "high".

    I tried some, only got a headache.
  6. It's spices and herbs that will get you high. The cheap ones are known to give head aches and a possible high. The more expensive ones ($45+ a 1/8th range) are supposed to get you pretty high
  7. There's many legal herbs; even GC's shop sells relaxing/calming herbs, sex stimulating herbs, and psychedelic herbs. But anyways it's usually a mix of herbs and alot of the produts throw in JWH-018[synthetic THC] and it's like a high trip, per se. It lasts 3-8 hours and is very similiar to a high from marijuana.

    Some common products include spice gold, spice diamond, spice silver, kratom, JWH-018[as a research chemical alone], and salvia.

    here's some blends on GC; Herbal Smokes - Dutch - Grasscity.com

    here's all of the things GC has to offer; Legal highs - Dutch - Grasscity.com

    However I like to buy most of my stuff on eBay, haha.

    Hope that helped.
  8. Could you let us know about a good seller of this stuff TheLizardKing__?
  9. its kinda taste like bud and smells a little like it
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Sold, I believe, exclusively on the gulf coast.
    Herbal Alternatives carries it, though I'm not sure if they will ship orders. It's worth a try.
    herbal alternatives - Google Maps

    It's basically similar to other blends like Spice, p.e.p. pourri. Just a mesh of herbs & synthetic cannabinoids.

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  11. The headshop in Duluth, MN, The Last Place on Earth, sells a 1 gram package and a 5 gram package of Ocean Breeze. 1 gram sells for $30 and 5 grams for $70.
  12. spiceworld420.com sells legal herb blends, they work but i think theyre bad for u... best one is torch, and mad expensive.
  13. I live down here in Mississippi, it's nothing like ganja. It gets you high but it isn't for long. You gotta smoke about 5 blunts to get high for about 3 hours. And yeah, Herbal Alternatives does sell it.
  14. I live on the Gulf coast and was recently turned on to Ocean Breeze. I have been a pot smoker for 18yrs and have smoked everything from one hit shit to just plain shit and was stunned when i tried Ocean Breeze. Two bowls and I was stoned. Closet thing to the real shit I've tried. It doesn't smell or taste like weed more like tea. It's also dry and fluffy and burns quickly. I woud suggest putting a drop of water or spritzing it with water to make it burn slower. It's about 20 a gram and you have a powerful high for about 30 minutes with it mellowing out with residual high lasting 1-2 hrs. A little expensive but given the fact it's legal, won't show on piss tests, and its always there you don't have to deal with finding it on the street or getting ripped off. It's worth it to me. It's all I have smoked for the last month and I'm happy with it. I just think it's a little high in price in my opinion but a nice high.
  15. If your buying in in Duluth swing by the smoke shop by the across from the miller hill mall the guy there sells for 20 a gram and has another herb called sonic blueberrry which is pretty bomb too
  16. Smoke the real shit...fuck a fake
  17. Ocean Breeze definitely works! I smoked some yesterday and today and I was higher than I am with the real shit! I highly recommend it. Although it is pretty expensive (about $20 a gram). You can probably call around to some head shops and some of them will possibly be selling it.
  18. Yeaaaa
  19. Heh, i've heard about herbal supliments before. Ive even done salvia, which isn't as much as a supliment as it is a hallucinogen. I guess if you're trying to feel a certain way, theres a herbal supliment for that, but honestly i just love the high you get from weed.

    Can't beat it imo.
  20. I have to piss in 2 months for my first job out of college. So, I went down to the headshop here in town to give the legal herbs a try. This was an hour and a half ago. He put this shit called "Ocean Breeze" in front of me. I was skeptical after paying the 25 bucks after tax for it, took it home, it weighed out to 1.2 which was pretty cool, but I swear, he had it bagged in a little dime sack that he wrote "ocean breeze" on.

    Now i'm on the shit, and started to question whether or not this was weed, because it's damn good. So I googled it, wound up to this thread, and therefore, it gets a bump.

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