OCD's you have with weed

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. -i feel the need to start off smoking the smaller nugs then the bigger nugs whenever i have a sack/pack because of my "save the best for last" mentality"

    -i break my weed up really fine

    -sometimes i repeatedly smell the weed for a while
  2. i do that too except i dont grind it up finely.
  3. -I get pissed if someone doesn't clear their hit off my bong, named Frank Kattin.
  4. im constantly manicuring and relighting my joints, even when they don't need to b lit at all.. im nuts
  5. Don't Fumble the J or Glass, Steady hands, If it falls, you fall.
    I can't Stand People who fumble my shit!

  6. haha same here man
  7. I do the same thing.
  8. -big nuggs must always be smoked last
    -hits off my digital vape after it has spiked well over the ideal temperature...390*+ is way to hot
  9. haha i always save the biggest nuggs too and i often smell my fingers sometime afterwards.
  10. yeah i do the save the best for last thing and i like to constantly look at and smell my bud
  11. for some reason ever since i got a scale i weigh my stash like every day. that and i can't leave a bowl somewhere beat, it has to be emptied or itll drive me nuts
  12. I always use blunts so I rarely grind it up "finely" but I break it apart. The biggest nug though I won't until it's the last one. But the thing is, before I smoke that I already bought another sack lmfao.
  13. i pretty much do both of those. but with my blunts i still like my bud nice and fine.
  14. Dude weed got rid of any ocd I have but... If someone has weed I Always ask if i can spy on it :)
  15. Yeah I like to smell the bag a lot too...weed just stinks so good =)
  16. -rotation must be going to the left.

    -Must fully milk each hit.

    -Water bottle is necessary for killer rips
  17. i always break it up really fine.my friend puts her in her pipe whole it drives me nuts.
  18. same that shit pisses me off. my friend spilled bongwater all over the carpet in my parents house...fuckin retard
  19. - Excessivly smelling, touching and scrutinizing nice nugs, the nice the nug the longer i look at it, i somtimes even put it under my magnifying lens.

    - I have to roll my own filters, the method i developped to roll a filter is in my opinion the best. I hate when u ask someone a filter and instead off just giving u the karton they already roll it for u, i'll throw it away and ask a new unrolled one. I also hate having to roll filters out off crappy paper, karton or cardboard. I know i'm pretty obsessive about my filters but imo a good filter is the beginning off a good joint.

    - I always roll hollandaise, a technique allowing u to use less paper and it gives u a smooth evenly burning joints.

    - I hate bad tasting joints. If i toke from a joint and i don't like the taste, be it because off bad weed, to much tobacco or poor rolling skills, i immediatly pass it on.

    - When i'm rolling a joint in a comfertable safe spot i always have the same setup going on. I'm not gonna bore u guys by explaining my whole setup but friends have told me on multiple occasions that i'm quite obsessive when it comes to my rolling habits.

    - We have this beer around here and it's called Duvel, wich is a dialect word and literally means devil. I'ts called like this because it's notouriously strong, it's a belgian beer obviously and everybody knows we have the best beers in the world and Duvel is one off the best beers in Belgium imho making it de facto one off the best beers in the world. Anyhow we love to drink it when smoking a joint and i always have to face the logo on the glass in my direction.
  20. i pack my pipes ridiculously tight..lol

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