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OCD help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tirehu, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. I gor OCD and becaus of it i cant enjoy weed anymore.

    What can i do to fix it?

    I get thoughts like.. If i apply for a job and get these thoughts "Devil" Getting sick with a deadly ilnesss" i have to reset my browswr and do everyrhing again. This does so i cant get any thing peoductive done. Any ideas how i can get this away? Its repetive so i have to like take my boxers off and on until i dont get these thoughts again

    Want to enjoy MJ again :(

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  2. shit homie , had to read that twice but doe sent sound good.
  3. Barley understand this. You get weird thoughts about the devil and have to take your boxers off and on until they go away?

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  4. Yes, its like. If i get scary thoughts. I have to start all over with what i sm doing. If i just rolled a spliff. I have to do it all over

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  5. Thats not OCD, that's called being a retard..
  6. ... i don't understand any of what you're trying to say.. but generally people don't just one day have ocd. 
  7. I had it for a long time. Should i just stop doing the compulsive stuff? Even tho it gives me anxiety and umcomfertablr.

    If i get some disturbing thougts, devil, sickness and such. I get anxiety and doing sertain things makes it go away. But rhe compulsive atuff makes me not able to do stuff like apllying for jobs, appartment etc

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  8. Um weed helps my minor OCD. I smoke hybrids mostly. Strong Sativas don't help usually but I only smoke them when I'm hiking and focused getting to the top of a ridge or path

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  9. I'm sorry homie but your posts are making no sense. Might wana see a doctor about that
  10. I also have quite bad OCD and weed has definatley affected it negatively. I would say just cut back on it. Have a smoke up every now and then but leave it at least a week in-between your smokes. Hope This Helps :)
  11. Damn people have been mad unsupportive on GC lately. That definitely is OCD man you have obsessive, unwanted thoughts about something like the devil when you don't wanna think about it.

    Then you have to perform the compulsion - boxers on off or browser close open - until you don't have to stress about it anymore.

    I'm sorry to hear that man, the pharma meds for OCD make you a zombie. There good studies about weed and CBD actually helping with that.

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  12. The ocd mess i got earlier fucked me up. I got overweight (100kg) and i got depressed and no friends. I barely apoke to other people then my mum. I just said Yes, and No) i got fkd up.

    The goverment dont want us to use our drugs, they want us to use theires

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  13. OCD? CDO? COD?
    I think I'm gonna go play some CoD now.  :bongin:
  14. U need to use will power to not do the compulsion. Soon the obsession will fade due to your mind perceiving that nothing bad happens if you dont perform the compulsion.

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  15. You need to take control of your brain, it's running wild and is playing games with you. You need to exercise your mind, teach it certain patterns, it's painful and difficult, but the only way you can better yourself is by taking control. I suggest you start meditating, lots of time to think, focus on doing nothing but think. When the bad thoughts start showing, embrace them, don't fear what's inside your head - it can only harm you if you let it. Think about your breathing, try to stay calm- be rational and don't try to "occupy" yourself so you avoid the bad thoughts. This is happening inside your head, nobody but yourself can show you the way.
    Personally I wouldn't suggest smoking cannabis if your brain is unstable, but I highly recommend you start eating it.. or rather juicing it. It's expensive though, so it's probably not a possibility unless you grow.

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