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OCD/anxiety and toking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by greenbliss, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. No one is answering this in its original area and it does fit as a Toker Q and A thing so here goes:
    Quick summary: In 2008 and 2009 I could smoke far more and have less anxiety than I do now. I have heard cannabis makes existing mental conditions worse and I have OCD. Do the change mean that this negative effect of the herb has come true and I should stop, or otherwise what can I do to prevent stopping?

    Details: I have OCD and I think cannabis actually makes it worse for me rather than helping by lowering anxiety. I have been using cannabis just to enjoy it (not to help with OCD) and I have noticed that I am getting more and more anxiety and enjoying smoking less and less to the point now where I actually spend more time worrying than enjoying it. Last night though, I had a few drinks and tried smoking again to see if the alcohol would stop my racing OCD thoughts (always racing but more so when high)from giving me anxiety and that worked. Even pro cannabis people admit that it can make existing mental issues worse.
    It takes about 3 minutes or so to feel the full effects usually, so Ill take a few hits, and be like, "Im not high enough" and then take some more and then its too much[​IMG]. I used to take gravity bong rips, however, and now I can barely handle a pipe without getting anxiety[​IMG]. I cant really think of a reason for this other than what I said about cannabis and existing mental health issues. I do smoke at a place where the people who live there are arguing a lot, so that may have something to do with it too. I tend to do a bit better in other places, but not much.

    Extra info to further clarify:Another way to look at is this: I don't like to drive high and never have. However, Back when I was really enjoying it, 2008/2009 being the height of that era, I could go over to a friends house, smoke for a while, sober up in an hour and leave and drive home. Now, I smoke for a while, sober up over several hours, lie down for another hour or so (dont want to drive tired either), then go home. What makes this even more dramatic is that where I was visiting in 2008 is over 2x the distance I drive now and even included 4 miles of freeway driving. \t\t

    By the way, I don't worry about getting caught . The vast vast majority of my worrying high is worrying about doing something to injure myself while high, like falling, not being able to breathe, or choking on water or whatever. I was all alone once and nearly choked while high, so that could be part of the issue, though I had worries about this before that happened.
  2. If getting high is making your anxiety worse, you should probably not get high. At least take a break and see how your anxiety pans out over a period of time.
  3. The number one thing people will usually fail to consider in this sort of situation is that the type of cannabis you're smoking makes a huge difference.

    You may not be in an area where this is realistic, but you should try to sample bud from all over the indica/sativa spectrum to pinpoint which kinds of bud relax you, and which exacerbate your anxiety.

    I have pretty severe anxiety attacks on occasion, and I find that while an indica will relax me and fight the anxiety, a strong sativa will just make it worse.

    It effects every person differently though, so if you feel you are happier without smoking, then I'd suggest doing that.

    Also, could the height of your "enjoyment" have been the height of your tolerance too? You may just have to build one back up again
  4. Yes and Yes. I have noticed that certain strains are a lot better for me, but I thought it was unreasonable to always expect a certain strain. I did fine with all kinds of different strains before hand anyway, so its still a fall from where I was. Indica is a bit better for me too, usually (though my favorite strain is a sativa and doesnt cause much problems). I live in Washington and the "legal weed for all" shops are going to open in a year here, so maybe I should smoke low levels until then and can get whatever I want.

    The other yes is that the height of my enjoyment was with my tolerance higher, but I still enjoyed it more than I do now when my tolerance was about what it is.
  5. odd I have severe OCD and anxiety too and smoking always helps me just ignore my OCD ruminations and racing thoughts
  6. I have OCD and anxiety and weed helps both.
  7. IDK homie I smoke good with no anxiety

    what is there to be anxious about?
  8. If your anxious about getting hurt, just space out and keep telling yourself its just weed I'm not gunna die.

    Your getting anxiety attacks because of your sympathetic nervous system (or your fight or flight system) which if subconsciously triggered by your unrelaxed mind will cause you to freak out, heart to race, and sometimes shaking. It's your bodies way of combating a dangerous situation by arousing your senses.

    When I was in the same situation as you I focused on my psyche and told my mind there's nothing to worry about it. just reassure your nervous system and your anxiety will go away.
  9. this can work most of the time, the more you do it the more effective it will be too

    we all know there are those super panic attacks though that you can't even form a thought in your head because of the adrenaline
  10. Try having a beer next time you smoke
  11. I think really what has to do with it is the environment in which you're smoking (or doing whatever it is that you do.) If it's "sketchy" and you're with an inexperienced person things can be very nerve racking. Or if they're concerned about going home stoned, the smell, etc. All of these things factor in to the whole "anxiety" part of it. OCD is another story. I've had many friends tell me it calms them and helps them.

  12. I smoke at the house of someone who lives with mom, but she is 100% cool with it. There are other issues of just general tension in the house though.

    maybe I set myself up badly. Early on when I first started, I remember having thoughts like "its too good to be true to feel this good." That self thought helps a little bit, but not much.
  13. dude. You are thinking too much. For real. Just relax and let go.
    I know you can't help it. I have ADHD with severe hyperactivity. and some ocd, but i'm messy, which is weird, i just get obsessed a lot with stupid things.
    Through time i learned to be myself and even enjoy all that shit. I mean, you have it, can't do much about it, why not as well enjoy it. you know what i mean?
    Learn how to be comfortable with your self first. if you need to stop smoking weed until you feel comfortable, do it. the sooner the better.
    Now share this bowl with me. Oh and i recommend you to chill to some nice chill out and/or house music. It's always good. Enjoy life!

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