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    As our freedoms and liberties are being slowly stripped away from man kind by the greed of money, we shall put together a movement accesible by anyone in the country. We will fight fire with fire, using one of the greatest technological advancements of our time.

    What is the movement?

    Unrest in America. The common person is becoming more irritated by our governing bodies. We remember, and hereby stand for, the ideology that this democracy placed upon our people was establish by the people, for the people. As we reach the end of 2011, more and more of those people are becoming upset. The voices of the people are not being heard by our own democracy. We have been preached change for years by those very people we elect. It is time for EVERY SINGLE PERSONS VOICE TO BE HEARD. These occupy movements are being demonstrated around the country. This is a way to support your people without giving up on the current situations you are in.

    What do we stand for?


    How do we support?

    Use the internet for love, not hate. Discuss ideas amongst eachother... The internet has been great for laughs and killing time. But all of the energy put into trolling and forum spamming meme pictures could be placed in such a better place. Amongst eachother put together ideas of "spamming" the internet for the power of man kind. "WE ARE THE 99%"

    Someone put it together

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