Occupy Wall Street

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  1. Hmm, interesting.
  2. That's gong to be a non-event, guaranteed. I'd be surprised if 10 people show up, if any.
  3. Fuck that, people better show up. And my motorcycle better be working by then so I can go to it!

    Comon guys get off your asses & lets go have a Riot on Wall Street. I know you want to.
  4. Wall Street, in NYC's financial district, is not what it used to be, it's much less important due to new technology and post-9/11 strategies to protect the markets. Washington D.C. would be a much better location to carry out the type of demonstraton that is being planned.
  5. *sigh*
    a riot on Wall street. ye gods, can there be anything better designed to allow the current administration to step in and try to clamp down on the freedoms people still have left?

    Don't you people realize that this kind of action is JUST what the asshats WANT?!?!!!!
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    Do these idiots actually believe that NYC is going to allow them to riot, and then sleep in tents as some have proposed, on Wall Street - especially considering it is scheduled for six days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

    If anybody does try anything like this, Commissioner Ray Kelly and the NYPD will sweep these people away like bugs off a windshield.
  7. And guess what? Fuck the Fascist Police State!

    I know Cops in America are 10x more brutal than the ones in Europe, so yes, people will get hurt. But if we can shut that fucking place down for a day than it wouldn't be in vein. And besides, we need to riot more if we're ever going to change how we get treated by the Police when we decide to stand up & protest.

    Too bad RAGE isn't still around.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO_FVVHXEjM]RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Sleep Now In The Fire - YouTube[/ame]
  8. in the US we don't need to riot to get the government to take heed. we can exercise our power to vote.
    the big difference in our societies is the formative model of power.
    European models are still "top down" power, you have what the government gives you.
    the model the US was built around was a "bottom up" model, where government has only the power the people give it.
    too many of your European influences leaked across the Atlantic.
    and in most situations, US cops tend to be less violent than those in Europe; when our demonstrations get out of hand like in Seattle a few years back we don't' get the death tolls they do over there. There have been a few discrepancies, but not that many.
  9. September 17th is Constitution day.
  10. Why do you hate freedom and peace so much? I really don't get you at all.
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    Uhh.... did you see the G20 Riots in Pittsburgh? Those coppers were pretty fucked up, considering they're in full riot gear and still beating on college kids & acting like they're supreme dictator refusing to let students leave their college when the riot police were doing their sweep. Hmm.... where else? maybe the race riots in LA?

    Fuck them,
    A. They dont want us to have any fun
    B. They don't want us to exercise our Constitutional right to Protest.

    To them it makes their job more difficult. Well guess what, someone should be telling you that having to put up with protesters is apart of your job. They don't see it that way, and as such when someone does decide to protest they stifle it quickly. Theres no respect left anymore by Police for large groups who are utilizing the First Amendment. Insted they break it up quickly and tell you to go home. If you dont, you get arrested or beat on.

    What the Fuck? You cant enact any sort of change or meaning out of a protest if your only allowed to do it for an hour before the Police tell you to go home. And if you decide not to they beat on you? Cops need to learn respect for the cause. This is only a free Country if you don't rock the boat.

  12. I love freedom and peace, and have gone to a number of demonstrations in my life, in New York and Washington, DC. These people are talking about taking actions that include rioting.
  13. Rioting and protesting are two separate things. Rioting will only hurt the cause while protesting won't do much of anything. If shit don't change the riots are coming sooner then later.
  14. Uhmz. I reads the webpage. And it seems like it focusses more on the tactics of teh revolt, than the goal of the revolt.

    What exactly is the goal?

    Revolting should be a mean to an end not the end itself
  15. why does it have to be a riot? what happened to peaceful demonstrations?
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    Rioting just gets you locked down in a police state. Dont' give them the excuse.

    If you have to use force, you use force in a very narrow focus, precisely applied to specific targets. That's how you get maximum effect.
    And the use of force is never to be "fun" or enjoyed. Enjoying the use of force is what separates thugs from warriors. It's also the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Americans applied force to specific targets. The french just tried to kill anyone associated with power after they became drunk with power and bloodlust.
    I think it may also be one reason why they haven't been effective militarily since Napoleon.

    If I recall correctly, in both the cases above the protest had crossed the line into riot before the cops got out of hand.
    you throw shit at me, I'll beat your ass with a club too.
    the cops actually showed more restraint that I would have. Rioters start destroying private property, and I'd have broken out the bean bag rounds. And in my personal agenda, a Molotov cocktail means full-bore weapons free state, live ammo and permission to engage at will. You riot near my home and that's exactly the response you'll get from me as a civilian! I will defend my home and property.
  17. I'm bored, I just want to set shit on fire & breathe in the warmth.
    That and theres something inspiring about standing in front of a crowd of Policemen and telling them all to 'fuckoff' for being apart of the establishment.
    Besides, Cities don't count. Only in the countryside does that private property shit apply. The city's a jungle, every man, woman, and child for themselves.
  18. Revolting while continue to feed the state..... Lol that's not revolting at all. If you truly want revolt then do it from your homes, from your community. Don't pay a single cent to the state/gov.


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