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"Occupy" test and its results :(

Discussion in 'General' started by AloeRuss, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Sad. Very Sad.

    I am and has been a researcher most of my adult life. I studied revolution of 1917 for 12 yearswhen I was in Russia and over 10 years here, in the United States.
    I not only had an opportunity to study as what happened andwhy but also study the most influential people of that time in history.

    The point is not to say how educated I am, but to show thatI have some knowledge and understanding to grasp what has happened with the “Occupy”movement and where it is now.

    To put in a short and understandable terms, this movementwas something of a test environment for our government. We, the people of USA were tested and sadly,we lost.

    The results of this test was a prove that this country isfilled with numb, couch sitting, sport watching, non-advanced or self-respectedpopulation of lamb who do not care further then their bill paying, hamburgerconsuming daily needs.

    It was proven that at this point, anything can be done to usby the 1 percent (even raising taxes at the time when we have 22 percentunemployment).

    On the side note, we are not only giving 2 percent more outof our paychecks. Every single bill wepay will be increased due to that.

    I am proud of those who took part in the movement. I did all I could and as much as I could, butno one knew other than a dozen people at the top of the movement that this wasa test, and sadly we lost. We are notunited and care very little about one another.
    I am very sadden of my comrades and angered that there is nomore than 20 people who understands what is taking place and even less peoplewho will be ready to do something about it. Even the elite were shocked to learn how divided and non-concerned weare with our future.
  2. When the occupy movement first began, i went all the way to new york from california to be apart of the occupy movement at Zuccotti Park, NYC. I then came back and was apart of the Los Angeles division. The paramilitary police force raided and evicted all the camps around the country, beating us, shooting us into submission. We are now a unorganized mess.
    But yeah, i agree. We are fucked. Thats why i am minoring in German so i can become fluent and move out of this country real quick.

    All you other Americans are on your own! Good luck! I am fleeing the fuck out of here
  3. fuck the king. Im with the colonist
  4. I congratulate you Will. Thank you for the service you had done. Something you can be proud of.
    I will not leave for now as I still hope that something will tip the scale and have other reasons as well but realistically, no harm or hardship will move thick skull, fat ass couch heads who spend their days watching tv. Those are only good for clipping the money from by the government.
    Not many of us, thinking, feeling, carrying individuals are left on this hemisphere.

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