Occupy Miami raided by SWAT teams (VIDEO)

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    Apparently many OWS protesters were living inside an apartment building owned by a fellow OWS protester (owned? good lord!). The police say the got a tip that the protesters had "long guns" (what is a long gun?) and planned on using them at their next protest. So with that, the police brought in SWAT and their arsenal, pointed weapons at women and children and in the end found nothing. Several people were handcuffed and brought in for questioning but no one was charged with a crime.

    Say what you will about RT news but they report what the western MSM doesn't. I did however find 1 related article from the Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/14/occupy-miami-apartment-building-raided_n_1344483.html

    Occupy Miami raided by SWAT teams (VIDEO)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohNvWdoz1Gk]Occupy Miami raided by SWAT - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzVtYHHpmbI]Militarized Law Enforcement Raids Occupy Miami Before 3-13-2012 Action (Pt 2) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. If the building was privately owned and the owner consented to the OWS people being there I see absolutely no reason for any of the actions taken by police. (Off the top of my head) They are violating the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights of all of these people.
  3. The police raided them based on some "tip" they got. Apparently the tipster likened the protesters to terrorists (somefuckinghow) so once you've been branded a terrorist you lose all your rights and SWAT or whoever can and will raid you. Sad part, these police were wrong, completely wrong, but it's okay, they acted on a tip :rolleyes:.

    Fuck you Patriot act
    Fuck you NDAA
    Fuck you Washington DC
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    How are these OWS'ers not seriously PO'd yet? They get shot in the head by various canisters (Occupy Oakland), they get cleared out of Zuccotti park by force and now they're getting bent over by the patriot act.. Oh well, maybe they will learn something from all this.
  5. This is what I have been warning people about for a couple years only to have people think I am crazy for it. When the police only need an "anonymous tip" or "the scent of marijuana" then they can and will come into your home. Occupy has been a real pain in the cops ass everywhere and when they get a tip (or make one) they will act on it as quickly as possible because they know they can. Nothing will happen to any of these police.

    My family is already saying that "well if they got tipped that they had weapons then they HAD to go in with weapons".

    The logic in this country is fucking gone.

    We just keep saying "well if things get really bad people won't take it any more." Well we got about 200-250 swat raids happening per day in this country and we keep violating the rights of innocent people, injuring many, and killing some......but when things get really bad we won't take it?

    We will take it until the money stops pouring into the lower income communities (welfare/medicaid/etc over 60% of Americans receive aid from the gov, 42 cents of each dollar being borrowed money) and those who don't understand the issues will know they can't afford to eat and that's when people will start to give a fuck.
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    Occupy Miami's Overtown Safehouse Raided by Dozens of Miami Police With Assault Rifles

    More details via the Miami Times.

  7. They can do whatever they please, thank to us voters.
  8. A long gun is a gun such as a rifle or shotgun. You know, a LONG gun. Shotguns with a barrel of 18.5" or longer and rifles with barrels of 16" or long. A rifle with a shorter barrel is known as a short barrel rifle, or SBR. These are only legal with a NFA tax stamp that is $200. Not sure for sawed-off shotguns.

    As far as Occupy Miami, this is what's expected. I'm not even sure how to respond to these types of events. I've become temporarily desensitized until the masses start to really stand up. We need a revolution and there aren't enough people on board to be successful. As the story states, the people are called terrorists, and painted in a negative light for wanting to fight for their freedom. One false-positive I have noted is the internet. People care more about showing other people and generating awareness than actually taking action to fix things. A crowd of hundreds of people will standby with their smart phones to record a guy being brutalized by a group of 4-5 thug cops. Hoping their employer does something about it. And when their employer does nothing, we forget about it. We look to the system itself to fix the problems of a corrupt system. It's like yelling at a car engine to change the oil.
  9. The gov't can now do what they want. You know why? The only reaction to anything in this world anymore is Facebook yelling for 15 minutes, and some online petitions which amount to nothing. then everyone forgets and moves on to the next thing. the people have given up their rights, and can't be bothered to actually do anything to get change anymore. Posting on facebook will not make change.

    Want real change, convince the people to make a real stand, not an internet stand. But that will never happen.

    If for example, everyone got behind the occupiers, well, there would be too many people for any swat team or any gov't to put down. But no, we watch from afar, and cry out hypocrisy, then go make our dinner, sit in front of the TV and let them tell us what to think. Yep, thats the world we live in.
  10. We need to arm the civilians

  11. They are armed.

    They just need to find the courage to rise up and throw off the shackles...
  12. Fuck that. I am gonna open carry next protest I go to prove a god damn point. In Iowa open carry is legal. If those tea party fuckers can do that at obama rallys why cant I carry around my loaded .45. I mean shit if they start fireing live rounds I want something to protect myself.

    Also, A long arm is any kind of gun that has more then an 18 inch barrel.
  13. why the fuck are the police even cooperating with these laws.....
  14. Because it's their job to enforce the Law, not to question it. They leave that up to the law makers, both state and federal, but lately the federal law makers have been fucking the USA in her asshole. Anyway, cops, for the most part, don't think for themselves, they just enforce. They're almost brainwashed zombies.
  15. they must pay them good money for them to turn on their own citizens like that thats the only explanation I have for this.
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfyIR0UgRBQ]Cop Says He Would Enforce Segregation Laws - YouTube[/ame]
  17. police do not qestion the validity of laws, as far as there concerned they really dont apply to them anyway. ever wonder why with all the union breaking going on in the government its always teachers and regular employees unions, they never go after the police unions even though those are the biggest most powerful unions there are. Ever wonder why the average policeman makes 80k a year and climbing fast? Its not a hard job and statistically its a very safe job, one of the safest, the chances of dying on the job are very very slim and most of those are car accidents. Its because the police our heroes form a buffer between the haves and the have nots, and dont think because your making 50k a year your a have your not even a drop in the bucket, try a million a year before you even count. Look at our other heroes soldiers basically fighting wars for corporations...people/police/soldiers will always sit back and watch tyranny happen thinking "at least its not me im one of the good guys" then when its too late they realize its there turn to get fucked too.
  18. It's not money. It's years of indoctrination and a monopoly on power. They think putting a bunch of people in a cage is a good thing.

  19. That guy sounds like the NeoCon apologists...

    "I am going to serve my country"
    But why would you join a military that is fighting countless pointless wars all over the world slaughtering innocent people ?
    "I want to serve my country, i am not interested in the politics"

    I am sure if you had asked Franz during WW2 why he was serving the Fuhrer you would have got the same response...:eek:
  20. That's America for ya but the times here are changing. No longer are people so easily tricked, brainwashed, or seduced by the bullshit that has literally been fed to us since our day 1. There are still those who join the military saying those things and there are all younger people but those numbers are much smaller today than they were 10 years ago, which mostly attribute to the fact the USA is broke so some branches of the military aren't so quick to take in new people. That, and the fact that the OWS movements in America are mostly young people, kinda like how it was during the 60s, so the young crowd (18 - 25) is aware. And as these wars keep going and going, more and more people are sick of them, active duty members of the armed services included.

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