Occupy Main Street too

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  1. In my observation, there are 3 entities responsible for the finnacial disaster.

    1. The government, for making bankers take risk they would not have to provide low income housing.

    2. The bankers, for misleading many people and pushing many people to except adjustible mortgage rates.

    3. The people, mostly on main street and from the lower classes, for not looking into what they were getting into properly.

    My dad was going to buy a house in 2005, but he reads every contract he signs, and he realized that the adjustible mortage rates and the whole way things were getting done was a disaster, or was going to become one. Hes a construction worker, a general contractor, and he basically took the whole time from that experiance in 2005 until the crash to prepare for the impending implosion and he actually made a lot of money off of the recession.

    My dad came here at 16, couldnt speak english and never graduated highschool and he figured this shit out. Why didnt everyone else?

    The point is, it wasn't just Wall Streets fault..it was the peoples fault, or specifically the fools who got themselves into houses they were destined to default on, knowingly or unknowingly (should have read the contract!!!).

    Who shares the most responsiblity? I think its the people! They were supposed to look out for their interest, and act rationally.

    However, who should actually be punished? OR who acted most immorally, well clearly wall street, they were well informed as to what was happening and made a lot of money off of the crash, an example being Goldman Sachs. They should all be executed.

    But don't forget main streets involvement. A lot of suckers dragged us down with them.
  2. Your dad sounds like a great man! We need more like him! I blame the public education system.
  3. Thanks man, really a successful capitalist society is predicated on people like my dad. Let me rephrase, my dad is not some overly intelligent man, I'm not saying capitalism needs people of superior intelligence, but it does require for people to consider their OWN risks and to think logically about their own interest, and be educated enough to do so.!

    I really appreciate the kind words about my father though, thanks!

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