occupational license drug test

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  1. im going to court today to get my occupational license (im on probation)will they drug test me for it
  2. I dont think they do for that. I just drove without my license and insurance when my shit got suspended. Fuck texas. I didnt get busted either.
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    yeah texas has sum crazy laws man i. love the people and the sights but fuck the laws
  4. Not that I know of. However, I was utterly shocked (years and years ago, btw) to find out they actually test your piss/hair before you get hired for a job

    So I would be surprised if they did test you for your license, but at the same time I'd totally see it coming. Nowadays I second-guess a lot of bureaucratic ventures in my life by wondering if a drug test would be required or not

  5. Not all jobs in texas piss or folicle test.
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    alot do tho

  7. Agree, the good ones do. Then again, I dont have a clear criminal record, so the really good jobs wont hire me anyways. :/

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