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  1. I usually do not even bother making posts that go beyond just philosophy, but it was recently claimed that I am "biased", and that I am a believer of the Abrahamic religions. I just figured I'd give you guys a bit of insight into my practices, and while I'm at it explain why they are the way they are. Keep in mind these meditations are from Ancient Egypt, they are not "new age" so the understanding of the functions of the individual parts of the brain for example weren't as well known as they are today, yet they still coincide with what we now know about the human anatomy.

    First of all allow me to show you the correlation between the rare manuscript I am in possession of, and it's links to the meditation practices of the High Priests and Pharaohs of Egypt


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    Hopefully you can now see the significance of the structures and paintings in Egypt, hieroglyphics = holy symbols. If you are able to, you can find things in the hieroglyphics that you will never see written in their translation.

    Now, a bit of information about how these meditations are performed. It involves drawing in "gayalhama" of the 4 different colors of manifestation, and charging specific areas of the body with it. I'd like to demonstrate how this corresponds to the physical human anatomy, as many people of today are under the impression that meditating on specific energy involves some unseen anatomy such as chakras, but even the major chakras are actually masses of nerve fiber, in particular the solar chakra which comes out in the lower stomach, as this is where the mass of nerves connects to. The solar chakra is where yang/electric energy is stored, and this mass of nervous tissue is sometimes referred to as the Solar Brain, as it resembles the grey matter of the actual brain.

    There are going to be a rather graphic video of a live human dissection to prove one of my points to show you the drawings are not false, and what I say can be illustrated with the human body itself.

    First of all I am going to bring up the illustration I made of the body and what colors of gayalhama/prana charge what areas of the body for easy reference.


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    A- Physical energy- Red
    B- Mental energy- Yellow
    C-Spiritual energy- Blue
    D Psychic energy- White

    We will first take a look at the region of the head to explain why the energies go where they do.


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    In the Red we have the cerebellum, as well as parts of the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe. The occipital lobe is responsible for vision, and the temporal for hearing. You see both of them only partially energized by red, while the cerebellum is completely energized with red physical energy. The physical energy represents the lower animal nature, the vital existence and animal part of us in the physical body, our movement, etc.

    The cerebellum (Latin for little brain) is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control. It is also involved in some cognitive functions such as attention and language, and probably in some emotional functions such as regulating fear and pleasure responses,[1] but it is its function in movement that is most clearly understood. The cerebellum does not initiate movement, but it contributes to coordination, precision, and accurate timing. It receives input from sensory systems and from other parts of the brain and spinal cord, and integrates these inputs to fine tune motor activity.[2] Because of this fine-tuning function, damage to the cerebellum does not cause paralysis, but instead produces disorders in fine movement, equilibrium, posture, and motor learning.[2]

    This is the lowest of our nature of being, the one that must be overcome in order to attain higher levels of spiritual evolution, and as you can see, even in Ancient Egypt, they were aware of the functioning of the brain to a degree. The red also partially covers the lobes for sight and hearing, another basic animal characteristic.

    In the area of Yellow energy, the mental/intellectual energy, we see the frontal lobe or the forebrain. This is the part of the brain that separates us from animals. It is the logic and reasoning. This one is rather self explanatory as to why mental/intellectual energy is charged into this area of the brain.

    As we move onto the blue energy we see the parietal lobe.

    The parietal lobe is a lobe in the brain. It is positioned above (superior to) the occipital lobe and behind (posterior to) the frontal lobe.
    The parietal lobe integrates sensory information from different modalities, particularly determining spatial sense and navigation. For example, it comprises somatosensory cortex and the dorsal stream of the visual system. This enables regions of the parietal cortex to map objects perceived visually into body coordinate positions.

    The blue energy is that of spiritual energy. As you can see the spiritual energy also touches upon the occipital lobe, which is the visual lobe. This would coincide with astral vision. The main part of the spiritual energy is in the parietal lobe though, and as you may read above, it is responsible for determining spatial sense and navigation. This area is important for navigating through the astral while incarnate by the power of will, as you are attached by a type of chord when you astral project.

    As we move onto white energy, which is mostly charged in the face/eyes, we see it touching slightly upon the temporal lobe which is responsible for auditory processing information. This is the area charged in order for clairaudience, which is separate from clairvoyance. Often times people are able to receive messages from spirits but not see them, or vice versa. This is the reason why, as it has to do with the 2 separate energies determining it.

    The psychic energy is located mostly in the face and eyes because use of the Vital Force/Prana/Kundalini can be directed through the breathe or with the eyes, or out through the hands/feet which is why the arms/hands legs/feet are charged white.

    Now onto the body. The magnetic/electric fluids, or yin/yang energies go through the nervous system if you did not know this. They are not solely invisible pseudo-anatomic things, but they have their physical anatomy parts that they act upon the physical body through.


    As you can see, there are 7 major area's in the body where masses of nerve fibers branch out of the spinal chord to go to organs, we do not count the crown chakra into this 7, as you will see 2 of the nerve masses "connect" at the ends forming 1 chakra felt in the stomach where the yang energy is stored up. I don't know if any of you know this or not, but where the solar and naval/sacral chakra are on the spine, they do not pop out directly in front of their location on the body. You can see this in the picture how the nerves branching out from the solar plexus region are attached to the stomach, and the The solar chakra is the location where yang/electric energy is stored up, and it is known as the naval chakra, but is located on the spine in the region of the solar plexus. There is a huge mass of nervous fibers in that area that are referred to as the "solar brain" because they are made of the same kind of grey matter that the brain consists of.

    In the very first illustration I made you will notice that the red energy, that of the physical nature, stops in the small of the back and lower part of the stomach and genitals. I am going to show you why this is. You see, the massive nerve in the spinal column does not go entirely down into your tail bone, but stops in the small of your back. This is the clearest demonstration I can find. Word of warning to the squeamish, this is a real corpse with the nerves of the spinal chord being taken out, but it is within the first minute so you will not have to watch too long (or watch the first video where they skin the guy lol)


    The reason the red energy charges the sexual organs/lower stomach area is because this is where the physical production of life all occurs, and it is also where our most animal like pleasure organs are located.

    The reason the blue energy charges the region of the upper stomach and solar plexus are, again, because of the mass of grey matter nerve fibers that the yang energy is stored in, and yang is what you feel in a kundalini ascension. Also once yang is built up, Yin automatically comes into effect. Yang/Electric/Masculine/Active energy is synonymous with the Will, and the Will comes from the "I", the "I" being of the Spirit, hence, SPIRITual energy.

    The chest region is charged yellow because the mental nature is the highest state of the physical manifestation of the Universe, and the thing that truly sustains the physical body is air, which also happens to be the most subtle form of matter next to fire and akasa, which isn't really matter, but air is the first state the elements fall into when descending in vibration out of the akasa, then forming into liquid, and then finally into solid.

    The arms and legs are charged with psychic energy because this is the location that Pranic force is "pushed" out of for use of yin/yang energy. I could not find any good photographs, but the qigong points go down your arms, with the most used points being in the center of your hands and the tips of your middle fingers. Once yang energy is sufficiently built up, marks will actually form in the center of your palms.


    And that sums up my little course in Occult Anatomy. Hopefully some of you guys who do energy meditations will find this useful, and those of you who think I'm some kind of Christian because I speak of the Bible will see the bible is not at all where I find most of my knowledge, though the many things I know can be verified through different religious texts, I just use the bible as it is the most well known.

    Hope you enjoyed :D
  2. Oh my gosh the W. Manuscript...I never seen anyone but a specific person on Youtube mention it. its very fascinating
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    Are you talking about faustia?? I have the actual version of it, it cuts off at the end because Walewski felt the world still wasn't ready to have such things revealed to them. He was sworn to secrecy when he was taught the things within, and, like all people who reveal the Mysteries in plain language, died shortly after it was released.
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    I have meditated before and have been able to see my own body, the time it was most intense my body appeared blue , at other times a reddish color and at other times merely different shades of grey

    When I first asked about that I heard the phrase "astral sight"
    and ....well.... to be honest it sounds kinda like something someone would make up to write a book about

    Why can't my experience be explained by some kind of circumstantial synesthesia or something similar?

    here was the thread

    I mean i'm not saying here there aren't other worlds or dimensions accessible to consciousness, i'm merely asking how would you differentiate worlds? How would you know your sight is astral and not simply of another aspect of this world

    kinda seems like i'm stumbling over semantics now, but i'd appreciate a reply

    and um 1Trismegistus1
    I just wanna ask, i get this odd feeling that you don't smoke cannabis. Maybe just not when you post
  5. Well what your experiencing isn't any kind of other world, it's the emanation given off by the soul, the aura. The soul is what gives the body life, just how electricity gives a lightbulb activity and light and it produces a glow, although the glow isn't the electricity itself, it's just emanating off the glowing coil in the bulb. The same way with the sun, we see it's light, but the light isn't the sun itself.

    The fact that you have a blue aura, is very good.

    Synesthesia is when your senses intermix, such as seeing sounds, or tasting colors, so it's not that as you can't hear the sound of matter with your ears unless it produces a sound via vibration.

    Many people experience seeing with their eyes closed on drugs like DMT and Ibogaine, and literally everything gives off a certain emanation though it is fairly dull. This is why on hallucinogens, as Family Guy put it, "everything looks so...... significant" lol.
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    I give some credit to your hypothesis because although I do some intermixing of senses

    like things I see or hear are sometimes manifested as tactile sensations and I do not feel with my hands anymore...like I have to concentrate to feel with my hands as most things I touch I actually feel on my face >_>

    <_< its actually really subtle except when I smoke like high CBD cannabis...

    I do not see what I feel unless light deprived and after meditating for long while


    Most i ever meditate is like half an hour you guys probably think thats weak

    but do answer me

    how bout that ganja?
  7. Another great thread!

    I am really curious about the egyptian rods and being able to harness the Schumann resonances. Have you tried building some or even, can you buy them anywhere?

    Mnemonicsmoke, when reading auras I tend to associate 'blue' with health, physical and emotional. The lighter the blue the 'healthier' you are.
  8. Could you possibly know the reason to why "I" feel trapped when I am outside my state of meditation? When I am not in a calm state and just out and about, my first person view feels separate from my body. My best way of explaining this feeling, is when one wears sunglasses or glasses, you can see them sitting on your face, and they are protecting you. Well, every minute of my life now, i feel that same feeling but with my body being the glasses....

    hopefully you get the idea of what i am trying to say haha

    Also, my recent meditations have been first person views within other people, and I am viewing myself. Any thoughts about this?

    excellent fucking thread by the way. Is there any way you could share more of this book with me?
  9. mmm juicy
    Thanks, man.

    The grips though: are those minerals similes? Does it matter? ...
  10. Yea faustia is the one. He seems very knowledgeable and I really enjoy his videos. That is cool that you have a real version of it.

    Do they die from seemingly natural causes or other initiates who do not want their secrets shared?
  11. so, do you personally use these wands?

  12. Psychic execution, it results in a heart attack or stroke appearing as natural death, but Initiates in various Brotherhoods are sworn to secrecy by the penalty of death. You know that secrecy or death thing the Freemasons have?? There's real Freemasons and then the uninitiated. As you can tell there have been masons who have revealed stupid things like handshakes and what not and are still alive, those things however are not the true knowledge that few are privileged too receive by proving their worthiness. "The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to ears of Understanding"

    No I do not, I do however, know how to make them, and a couple various other versions of them for different purposes. I simply do not have the money to spare at the moment as I have fallen on hard times and they are not a necessity to my practice as of right now. One can make a long wand out of a combination of the 2 that can be "energized" to the point that it can kill or heal according to the will of it's user, but again that's one of those "too occult" things lol.
  13. okay, so it needs to be asked lol

    have you communicated with your guiding spirit, if so, do you feel like you learned anything from your past lives?

  14. You have a good intuition. I very rarely smoke cannabis. However I did smoke on a daily basis at one point for a few years, and it is the potheads who are usually a bit more into philosophy and spirituality, and this is a very active forum where it's not constantly dead like most occult forums. Plus, I just click with drug users, being an ex-drug addict, using drugs during the adjusting period when the body is tormented by the higher vibrations of a, I don't want to sound arrogant, but a more developed Spirit. It results in alot of violent thoughts, blasphemy, all sorts of thoughts of harming your fellow man, feeling just awful lol. I became addicted to opiates because it numbed out the pain, but the cool thing is instead of still having the problems you try to cover with drugs, when I quit drugs, the problems weren't there anymore, good deal, it's good to be alive in a more medically advanced time.

    As far as talking to my gaurdian spirit, yes. I don't really speak about any ability I have though. See above for reasons why haha. I've learned alot from past lives, as you carry your development from life to life. Once you reach a certain level of development you will be able to remember most of your past lives from that incarnation on, and it makes things alot easier.
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    This is for fatbluntsyo
    it seems like A LOT of people on these forums report depersonalization or derealization

    Derealization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Depersonalization and Derealization

    Although my way of seeing it thats just modern psychology wanting everyone individual to fit into their consumerist paradigm

    Like I don't really mind "dissasociating" its like being super chill cuss you don't have to take anything personally. People can like be jerks and you can just understand that their view of the world is pitifully limited and like rather than feel anger feel compassioon

    But its also can be really frustrating because you see everyone around you just wasting their lives trying to achieve meaningless goals or fulfill subconscious desires that are obvious to you while they remain stubborn and oblivious

    sometimes I can be a fucking animal. Violence at its worst, complete apathy for fellow people. Its at these times that I understand the verse "Father why have you forsaken me"

    and sometimes, you know it can be really lonely seeing really big pictures when everyone just wants a phone with more functions or come home after mindless work and watch mindless tv. Sometimes your weeping and you don't know if you're really weeping or watching yourself weep, sometimes everything is chaos and you might lash out or cry but inside you feel perfectly fine, and you wonder, why can't you feel? Why through all of this suffering are you perfectly fine...
    for too many people misery makes all the sense they need to never change anything. Their lives could suck and they could make horrible choices but as long as they feel horrible, they feel like they're entitled to do nothing....
    just gotta keep on keeping on...everything is temporary briefly it will make sense and briefly it will vanish...

    Other times, the detachment can be wonderful, you look at a butterfly or admire the biology growing in the corner of the pavement and you can't help but smile, what an interesting world you are visiting

    hang out in nature, you become like nature

    I have noticed that when on psychadelics even like heroic doses regardless of the intensity of the experience everything is A OK everything is how it should be, everything makes sense. Then if you're still under the effects of it, and you go hang out with your family or walk around the town

    seems so...out of place

    You ever get stoned and like realize how stupid traffic lights are. Like when the hell in nature would you see like these entities lined up on either side waiting. That just right away seems like an ambush. Its so counterintuitive. If i saw two lions down a trail just waiting on either side, i would not feel like its ok to cross,

    erm. Yeah hope you followed
  16. Many people think of me as cold and heartless. I am completely capable of feeling the most intense of emotions if I desire to, but no one and nothing can make me feel any way. I have total mastery over my emotions. I can concentrate and bring myself to a state of total breakdown crying, and within another 5 seconds I can be silly and energetic, and every other emotion. I'd suggest you read the Kybalion to understand the Principle of Rhythm and Principle of Vibration to see how this can be done. I don't think in my case it's depersonalization, because I can get attached to the world if I want too.

    I sometimes show people this if I feel they really need it, when someone feels extremely down because of things that are happening to them. I don't say I'm going to demonstrate it, I just start talking about the things that most would consider "problems" in my life and just break and people dont know how to react to a grown man crying like that, then you just snap out of it and explain that emotions can be controlled as easily as your limbs with focus. People don't want to believe that they are 100% responsible for how they react to things and how they feel, but usually it gives them a bit of hope to see such a drastic demonstration
  17. to trismegistus

    I guess the downside to "free will"

    you know i'm still not sure if i have it, rather I think that because I don't have it I must. That because everything is equally and infinitely possible it is not a question of weather free will does or does not exist

    rather the concept is meaningless gibberish

    but anyways

    the downside of free will i suppose is you must let others come to understanding for themselves
    I have thought in the past that if you just keep trying and trying people will get it and change, but its like people seem to need to personally suffer to learn, it would be nice if people could just learn from the examples of others

    but anyways
    you try to explain things to people that have no desire to understand and then you end up missing the point, getting attached to things you cannot control

    because like i was saying this free will whatever, if I have it then it follows that so do you....but anyways. Lao tzu knows best.
  18. we're all on our own path...

    most people believe they are right but in reality we are all right. we are all headed for the same thing anyway and our uniqueness requires us to take unique routes.

    good quote: "Don't cast your pearls before swine".
    If I'm ever trying to help someone out spiritually I only try to ask questions or answer their questions to the best of my ability but never to interject something brand new.
  19. LOL I think you read way way too deep into what I was asking.

    Let me example in a different way.

    My body feels hollow and it feels like there is just something constantly moving throughout my entire body. Like a bunch of energy contained in a package, just waiting for the movement to be released.

    Nvm...i can't even explain it haha
  20. The feeling of restlessness and the need to be a million places at once?

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