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  1. So when I do OC I get a lot different high than most of my friends. They all start nodding out, get quiet, and and don't want to do anything.. where as I get really hyper, talk way too much, and am pretty much never satisfied with what I am doing, always wanting to do something better.

    Which way do you get on it? Or do you get a completely different high?
  2. mane... i straight nod on that shit...

    i dont know if you really doin oxy, or someone is gankin you or what.. cuz oxy is a fuckin opiate not a damn speeder.:cool:
  3. Some people get speedy type highs with there opiates, i know if i smoke just enough black, i get all talkative, and wanna go do somethin'.
  4. it depends what i mix with oxycodone, cuz i can nod out if i want. but normally if its alone i get a speedy opiate high.

    different chemicals make for all different types of highs, i love to nod but i love to get my work on if i have to. :D for opi's

  5. Naw its 100% real. I know all my stuff on that I won't get anything that isn't OC or ABG or R215
  6. Oxy is notorious for having a more speedy opiate high. I get the same exact high that you described and it's pretty normal, especially in more frequent users with some tolerance (atleast in my experience/from my observation)

    If you don't like it try something more sedating. Hydromorphone (dilaudid) is really potent and has one of the more sedate high's of all pharms. The cost at first might seem steep, but it seems to be what you want (unless your down with H, which i'm not but I don't judge)
  7. how much do yall pay for the oc..

    ive done it once..and didn't really like it.

    its synthetic heroin as well..that kinda scares me right there..shits so addicting
  8. damn skippy, physical effects are the same, but sometimes if you've got the right demeanor that day its like FUCK lets go out and do somethin to enjoy the hiiiiiiiigh:hello:

    its probably just your personality man, mindset, whatev...
  9. I wish people would quit repeating this nonsense.
  10. *facepalm*
  11. i nod the fuck out on oxy, dont know how it could be any other way. But i have a friend who gets all amped/uppidy like you said when he takes vicodin (i've heard this happening to others too).

    Also, tramadols (opiod) can also give you an upper type high along with the opiate feeling, hard to explain
  12. First couple times I tried OC, it made me nod. Last couple times I did it, I got kinda amped and couldn't sleep. I didn't really enjoy the speedy feeling and I refuse to chase the nodding.
  13. Natural opiate tolerance?
  14. everything affects everyone differently

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