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  1. I was taking OC's for about 9 months...tolerance got super high (could take as much as 240-300 mgs a day). It took me at least 100mg the first dose (each day) at the end to catch that first buzz.

    I've been taking a tiny bit of suboxone the last 8 or 9 days...no more than 2mg and only about .5 to 1mg the last few days.

    I'm thinking of getting an OC or two tonight to take the edge off of things (things have gotten tough). I know it's not good, and I know I shouldn't, so please save the "don't do it" posts please.

    My question is...how much do you think my tolerance has dropped in about 9 days since my last OC dose. Like I said, I've still been taking some suboxone, but only 2mg or less and no more than 1mg a day for the last 4-5 days. In doing a search, I found tons of posts warning against doing too much OC when a person comes back from a break and how that is the #1 cause of OD'ing with OC...so I'm looking for some advice. I want to catch a buzz...but not go comatose. Should I start with 20mg? 40mg? I'm pretty sure jumping straight to a whole 80 (or more) would be too much...but i"m just looking for some advice form you experts.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 9 days....hahaha. Sorry dude it probably didnt drop at all. If an 80 didnt satisfy you before, it wont now. Taking subs also keeps your tolerance from dropping a little too. The minimum you should wait is 2 weeks to get your tolerance down and even then it will only be by a tiny tiny bit. It takes months and months and months for your tolerance to go back down near 0, though it never gets back to 0. Also once you start using again your tolerance will skyrocket back up 10x faster then it did the first time. ITS A BITCH! I hate it, I have the same situation. I would take subs for a week or two after doing jawns (2 years) and still wouldnt get high after the break. Ive recently stopped that shit though, Ive gone through well over $50,000 on these things thats just pathetic in my eyes.
  3. Agreed with above. I've got the same problem with OC's but my tolerance isn't nearly as high as yours.

    I take 120mg twice a week, and it isn't doing anything for me anymore.

    I've been reading up on it, and you need to stop like I'm doing. The only thing that actually cures tolerance, as much as it pains me to say it, is time. And lots of it. I'm taking a two week T-Break with a detox kit. Hopefully that would help me.

    If you get sick, try to find someone who has methadone, and ween yourself off to the point where you can live without thinking about them too much, then just smoke herb and drink some brews if you have to. I've been messing with OC's alot, and the thing I've learned is that you can't trick tolerance.

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