OBX guy, hello. First timer, through some seeds I had and wow…

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    Hi, name is OBX guy. If you do not know it is where Cape Hatteras is, not that stupid ass incorrect show. Love my wife, kids, puppers, surfing, the Bahamas, and now growing.

    Hope you all are have an awesome day. I posted a few pics below.

    08156D62-F1BD-4F2B-BB12-4FEE2A9A55AB.jpeg 8BCC3A38-0C3B-4328-BADD-32785153711C.jpeg 166E49B3-7A5A-409B-BEC1-DF52A3F4E76A.jpeg 4BF8A513-4421-4BBA-9CA8-F7896149D3A8.jpeg 21DF2A17-F76F-4058-A717-0CE9CC2E21A2.jpeg 41CCEF77-AF4E-4ABE-B9EB-4AD25A1FF0CC.jpeg 23845BAF-D251-4823-8D04-AC66312EBE9A.jpeg 57A63EB2-7A9E-4A38-9EFA-59E2940DF30A.jpeg 698314D7-D52F-4E35-B4E7-552397014BD6.jpeg 9C47DB62-0CD1-45D8-A8A2-50C4FD1D3E58.jpeg
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  2. ORF here. Just spent a week in Nags Head. Nice plants! Best of luck for a plentiful, potent harvest!
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  3. Hey joker, I forgot I was even on this forum. Hope you enjoyed yourself up in Nags Head, one of the best places on the planet. So is Hatteras and But on. Amended up getting 8 jars out of my tiny garden. I thought I would share. And have a great day! F7351E9B-28D7-4DC2-BD45-0B88A74EBE2B.jpeg C7F65703-787D-42DB-8F50-568520982024.jpeg 982ACBCE-BE51-4681-B34F-0ED91A34C019.jpeg 9BD0E585-A48B-4C75-AAFD-E6B6B939393C.jpeg D5B271C4-A318-432F-A589-350D3C22D937.jpeg 03A8B93F-827E-41BE-9553-D1C49E51CE71.jpeg BCCAF431-00DB-4795-BC9D-4A45039809B5.jpeg 0BF8A0E7-9FF0-48DC-B9F6-F88BFB538EC9.jpeg 3BDA30F6-C766-4C79-85E7-94AF4F867E55.jpeg 6E834AD9-7E9D-4237-878C-32C91277F546.jpeg
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