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  1. i am wondering about the danger of ordering seeds to the U.S. i know many have done it but id it really safe? i am getting tired of bagseed and i realli want to step my product up a few notches. what is the best and i mean the best site for the stealthiest delivery and very trustworthy.
  2. go to the seedbank forum on this site and search around there for some good info. in general, people typically report good things about dr. chronic, seedbotique, seedbay, nirvana seeds. from personal experience, i've had two shipments of nirvana seeds make it to my door without any troubles in the US. if they catch the seeds, then aparently all they'll do is send you a letter in the mail saying they did so. if you pay with cash, there is no way to track it and you can deny you ever ordered them if it comes to that, however i've never heard of such problems.
  3. so did youay cash when you bought your seeds?
  4. Ordered seeds from Dr. Chronic payed by money order and got the seeds in about 2 weeks! The beans look outstanding. Got Jack Herer, Ak47, Ed Rosenthol ,and White Russian. Spent about $500 on beans and everything went well without any problems hope this helps.
  5. yeah it does! how did the order process with them? do you put ur order into the site then mail the money over?
  6. You are a fool. Just look at the website and dont be dumb about it. Using money order or credit card doesnt matter. Nothing is on the records with them and they will never give out your information.
  7. I just printed out an order form from their website, put the money order in a birthday card and sent it registered so I knew they got it. In 2 weeks I had beans! Great products sometimes a little spendy. But can you really put a price on good genetics?
  8. thats why i started the thread man. i didnt know that. i dont think that makes me a fool. i think its a question worth asking
  9. i've order from gypsy twice & doc three times with no problems at all in the US.

    some security minded individuals say not to use CCs, but i disagree. almost every rant i've seen here has been from someone who sent cash and i know from my own experience losing 2 out of 2 money orders sent to a record store, i don't trust sticky fingered postal employees as far as i can spit.

    not only that, but you'll get your seeds inside a week usually using CC ordering. i quit shopping at gypsy when their CC ordering was closed because i hate sending money through the mail.

    i also like doc a bit better because my 1st order of gypsy freebies, sadp skunk, was 0% viable while my doc troublemakers were 100% and i like doc's customer service better. the "good news! you've got incoming!" email you get the next day when your order goes it is a small detail, but i like it.

    i was REALLY stressed out when i sent gypsy $100+ for my kali mist beans (for that much... i want freebies!_ and not knowing anything a good 14 days later. i DID get them at about 2 1/2 weeks, but was stressing at 14 days. of course i got MORE sadp skunks, but in different packaging.

    doc used to (at least) send freebies with every first order while gypsy used to (at least) send them with every order. i prefer doc's 100% reliability over gypsies slightly cheaper prices and 0% freebies myself.

    as to security risks, the worst thing that happens is that you recieve an empty package with a note from customs if they get siezed or someone with sticky fingers grabs them somewhere along the way before you do.

    i haven't read about anyone getting searched or busted yet with the exception of the US ILLEGALLY aresting CANADIAN marc emory and siezing his sales records.

    if you do order beans, the common consensus is don't order from canada, go to the UK or netherlands etc. at least until the US gets it foot out of canada's butt.
  10. thanks man. now heres here the thread gets fun!. im gonna get one packet of nirvana seeds from dr. which ones should they be? this is my first grow with pro beans. back up your choice with reasons. like why do u recommend watever u recommend. thanks everyone
  11. Dr F-in Chronic! Nothing else needs to be said,.. nor do two posts on the same topic need be started myles117 :rolleyes:
  12. eh you're expecting a little much. this information is out there. dont be so lazy, research your own shit.
  13. im not lazy. im just asking peoples opinions rather then base my choice on a description. im not the type that uses gc to benefit from ppl and then leave. i help ppl and when i need it i ask for other ppls help. in this case, i am not trying to make anything easier for myself. i just want peoples opinions. :rolleyes:
  14. thank you for asking myles117. i am looking forward to people's opinions too. never be afraid to ask because you are not the only person who will benefit from the feedback people give you.
  15. thanks for the positive vibes headshopgirl.

    i understand that people come to gc and ask ask ask and dont give anything back. however, this is not the case in this thread. i just wanna hear wat all you good people have to say! ;)
  16. my purchase was nirvana's white widow and definitely two thumbs up there. amazingly strong weed (strongest i've ever had...two bong hits and i'm done), good yielder (3.5 ounces in one plant), reasonably easy to grow. my next purchase will be jack herer since i prefer sativa's...i'm pretty excited to see how that goes.
  17. i'd say jock horror because it's based on a top sativa dominant strain, but then again, i'm an indica hater.

    one person in the old overgrow forum raved about white rhino saying it was the best ever

    if you want more info, just read up on nirvana strains for yourself at


    you can't really ask anyone for "the best" because anyone's reply will be based on THEIR tastes, not necessarily yours.

    in a top 10 thread back at the overgrow forum, the strain that got the most votes was blueberry.

    as cheap as nirvana strains are, why not try a few?

    i bought some bubblegum, california orange & pure power plant there myself. i DIDN'T get jock horror because i went with his little sister C99 splash at spice brothers because she's even more sativa dominant and stealthy too.

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