Obtaining Consent.

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    I'm above the legal age. She is below the legal age(17). I have never contemplated it before but I was talking it over with some friends and thought how respectable it would be in the eyes of her and her parents if I asked them, to be blunt... fuck their daughter.

    Share your opinions. Have any of you blades asked permission from parents? Any bladettes talk about it with your partners?

    Edit. Obviously this is confusing some people. I'm NOT going to say "Hey can I fuck your daughter?" It would be a conversation between two parties asking for permission.
  2. Fuck no, horrible idea. It wouldnt help any, even if you get thier consent its still illegal...
  3. i dont know if its really a good idea to ask a girls parents if they cared if u "fucked their daughter"

    you may want to consider re wording your approach at least. I do however find that it would be respectable in her parents eyes if you asked if you could "be with their daughter"
  4. Thats why i put "to be blunt"
  5. Seriously, do the world a favor and abstain from reproducing, forever.
  6. So much hate. There is no bad intentions or any act of disrespect to take place. Try to understand where I'm coming from before you make such "bold" statements.
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    There are two possible reasons you created this thread, A)You did it as a joke and you truthfully believed it was funny or B)You actually wanted to ask your friends father if it was okay to have sex with their underage daughter. Either way, the bottom-line is you genuinely thought it was a good idea to make this thread and that's enough evidence for me.

    And uh, nice job using quotations around "bold"; seriously, vasectomy's are relatively cheap and let's face it, you can't put a price on a blessing.
  8. Actually I wanted to hear more thoughts on the subject because I feel like parents do not get enough respect from their children and children's partners.

    On with the thread...
  9. Don't ask, just fuck. It's one year off, in most states it's legal as long as she is consenting. My parents don't know I have sex and I'm not (or have never) asked my girlfriend's parents if I could fuck her, I just do.

  10. Uh you think by asking her parents if you could fuck their daughter is respectable? Possibly find a girl that isn't underage? yea...
  11. Yea I could easily just fuck her but have you ever wondered about asking your girl's parents?
  12. haha no, that takes the fun out of it sometimes. Trying to sneak off and fuck is pretty exhilirating at times at the parent's house.

    Think about it: Would you want to know your son was having sex with a 17 year old? I wouldn't.
  13. I'm already well aware of your opinion. Since you can't post anything even slightly productive you should just direct yourself to another thread.
  14. Dude dont ask her parents... if you trust the girl wont go cry RAPE after, then go for it. fuck asking.
  15. In most states its legal at 16 if she consents. Legally its fine (if the age of consent is 16), but thats not to say her parents cant fuck you up. I think there's a 3 year limit to this rule though. If she's 17 and you're 18-20, you're good. 21+ might be a no no.

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