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Obtaining a medical marijuana I.D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SupaAPE, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. How hard is it to be accepted as a medical marijuana patient?

    any tips on what to do to make it easy?

    I ask cause i'll be in a legal state soon...

    thanks all
  2. Bring a couple of hundred dollar bills.
  3. That wouldn't be a problem. Can someone confirm if bribing works?

    I'll be in Washington state btw
  4. Marijuana is recreational in WA. No card necessary.
  5. Lol funny shit bro
  6. U sure about that?

    Are you saying I can just walk into a dispensary a buy weed without any health problems?
  7. Lol even funnier
  8. Yep. Rec is legal in WA and OR. This is my favorite WA dispensary:
    Marijuana Recreational Store in Vancouver, WA

    21 or older.
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  9. Crap like this is one of the reasons why medical is a joke and why lots of people are against medical. Eventually its just going to hurt the real medical patients.
  10. U mad brah?
  11. No I could careless I'll never be medical in my current condition because Im not sick and don't need it but see lots of people on here who do. Then there's the liars. Never been much of a liar or have much respect for liars.
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  12. He's not mad, he's merely suggesting that people like you are the reason the mainstream looks upon MMJ as farce.

    The fact is it is a very useful aid for many of the symptoms and and side effects of terrible medical conditions and their treatments. Apparently none of which you actually have.

    By gaming the system you add legitimacy to the argument that MMJ is just an excuse for people to get high.
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  13. ^^^^ exactly. All people like that are doing is just fueling the fire for anti cannabis activist and giving them a legitimate reason to do so. Setting back the cannabis movement even further

    Lol come on man let's bribe and lie... kind of sad and makes all cannibis users look stupid and immature
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  14. If you don't have a reason for medical then don't get a card. Just buy recreational. If you do have a reason for a med card then obtaining one is extremely easy. You find a mmj doctor, find out the cost, go in, tell them whats wrong, and walk out with a card.

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  15. Is there a difference between buying recreationally and buying medically ? I'm guessing medical users get it for cheaper? What about quantity ?
  16. Read the local laws of where you are going dude it's not too hard to find using this wonderful tool called the Google. Don't go around life always looking to others for answers that are easily obtained online on an official website such as the state's health board. If you are too lazy for that then ask the budtender at your new local shops they will always have the latest developments on your local laws.
  17. Obviously OP does not have a medical condition that would qualify.

    As such this thread is closed. We do not encourage, nor allow discussions on how to game the MMJ system.
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