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obsessive weed smoker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by verboten2conflagrant, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hello GC,

    I writing this as my first post just to see how other people would handle a situation that im in.
    i have been smoking weed High Grade since i was about 15. when i turned 19 i was forced to quit due to joining the military. since then i have been able to smoke however it has always been here and there, or once in a blue moon. looking back on it now i regret joing the armed forces not because i dont like being in the military but because my passion is marijuana. i love it! if i could i would smoke all day(im not). when i smoke weed not only terminates the worries in my head but it also keeps me calm enough to come up with a solution to the problems that lay ahead. its not that i want to smoke and be a lazy ass and just do nothing all day because i try my hardest everyday that i go to work for the military. i wake up and get straight to work and do everything to the best of my ability. i have a perfect CFT and an almost perfect PFT, and i dont do to bad a the range either. what i would give to do all that and come to a relaxing blunt to sway me away from the stressful situation im seemingly prone to in the military. i often find myself thinking about smoking and trying to find ways to smoke without getting in trouble with the government. Its worked so far but its still hindering me from smoking as much as id like.

    does anyone have advice they could give me in order to stop the want of smoking so much, or know how you can smoke in the military without getting in trouble. TRUST ME, i know i should just put down the jay and go on with my military career like anybody else. i might be one of the few that want to make a career out of the military - its my kind of lifestyle. its just that i love smoking more. i could get out and smoke all i could but then that would ruin my only chance of making it to the end and retiring at 39. My career is so important to me, but i cant imagine a life without weed.
  2. hahaha I feel you man I too had to quit once the company I once worked for went under so funds were tight. really the only way to tackle these cravings is to understand there is so much more out there to experience but for now just focus on long term not a 2 hour high man peace
  3. Once you retire at 39 you can smoke the rest of your life and be a lazy fat shit. Just do the military thing now and save the weed for later bro. You will be much happier as a 40 year old adult who retired 20 years military than a 19 year old kid who smokes every now and again and is scared he will lose his job or worse.

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  4. i agree, thank you for you imput
  5. If your called out to piss and you're positive for THC be sure to chug enough water to dilute your sample and take vitamins and or coffee for color. One of two things will happen if you do.... First is nothing. There are so many samples that chances are they look only for positive drug hits and you'll get passed over. Second thing is they call you back to retake it. By then 2 to 4 weeks have gone by and you should be clean so you'll be safe. It can give you the time needed in most cases.

    With that said...
    You get caught and you're fucked. Bad Conduct Discharge at a minimum. That shit will follow you for the rest of your life. It would hold you back from so much of your potential in life. My advice is to let it all go and focus on the military. It will improve you, your well being and your life in ways that I can't put down as text. This is the most important experience of your life.
  6. thank you for the advice. i really appreicate it. do you know what anybody that has gotten a bad conduct discharge, or what i wont be able to do with a bad conduct discharge? im not saying im shooting for it but im just looking for general knowledge on that.
  7. They're on the street begging. Start looking into Cannabis related careers, they're starting to grow.
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  8. Actually I do know of someone. He was a really close freind back in the day. He decided he didn't want to be in the military so he started smoking ganja and turned himself in. What a fucking idiot. Now he is a part time mechanic and a full time loser. Ya, he has a BCD and he gets fired from gainful employment when they background check him. Happened three times to him with some very nice jobs.

    Another guy I met in the navy and he popped on a piss test. He also got a BCD. He also has had a hard time with employment. As soon as that background check comes back it's all over and if he says something about the BCD in the first place he won't make it through the interview.
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  9. wow that is pretty crazy, i didnt think it would be that bad but i guess it is. thanks for the input
  10. wow that is pretty crazy, i didnt think it would be that bad but i guess it is. thanks for the input
  11. wow that is pretty crazy, i didnt think it would be that bad but i guess it is. thanks for the input
  12. Take a copy of your resume and have an honest talk with your supervisor and ask if there is any way you can be transferred to another state or county where marijuana is LEGAL or decriminalized. Bear in mind they may hold this against you so maybe try to find a stoner in the army that has a higher rank than you. He/She may be able to suggest something since they are working...feel them out look for stoner symptoms...they tend to like to let other people know on some way that they like weed. You can show them this thread and let them know you aren't an addict but u feel (from past experiences) that it will ease stress and improve the quality of your very STRESSFUL job...not knowing when you are going to be killed in action...make an honest heart to heart appeal, off the record first, to someone HIGHER UP...

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  13. Just do your 4 years and get out. If you get a BCD or worse, you'll end up cleaning toilets at Walmart the rest of your life.
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  14. Marijuana is FEDERALLY illegal.

    Military is FEDERAL.

    You think they give a fuck about the states laws?
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  15. This is very bad advice from someone who is clueless about the United States military and how it works. There are no such choices as "resume'" and "finding a stoner superior". All rules must be followed to the letter.
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  16. This is the worst advice ever...

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