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  1. I'm in an english class about science fiction/cyborgs now and it's a class mostly of seniors (I'm a junior) with thought processes are made of two things: beer and getting the fuck out of here.

    Absolutley nobody participates and if anyone does, it's only after 12 seconds of silence. I myself would say I participate seldomly in other classes..If I've been paying attention I can contribute and give a good answer. I don't participate in this class that much though. It's awkward if you make eye contact with the prof but quickly look down and make a face pretending you're looking hard for an answer lmao which I do a lot.

    I wonder however why professors are so lax in getting classes to participate even by calling out somebody or something along those lines. Is there a care in the world anymore?

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

    p.s. this bastard sitting next to me is eating an entire package of Keebler El Fudge sandwich cookies by his fat self!
  2. I feel like a lot of professors just teach for shits and giggles. They usually have another job in their field with nets them most of their money. They just teach for a bit of extra cash.
  3. Stop being so judgmental of others.
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    How is he aha? I agree the bottom is a little judgmental with the cookies

    The rest just seem like facts

  5. Did you read the first sentence?
  6. You have to wonder why they choose the statistics they do when pointing to what makes a school a good one or a bad one.

    Teacher to student ratio is always a big one.

    Go to a school w/ smaller class sizes. Or take classes at your school w/ less students. It's hard to not participate when there's only 6 or 7 of you.

  7. Hey I get you but if you were in my shoes you would understand. For the record the seniors are real cool and fun to work with (the cookie guy too who is hardly fat, I'm heavier than him).
  8. Lol, I'm taking this college level course in highschool(I'm a senior) and my principle teaches it but in order for us to get credit for college, a college professor has to come in a couple times throughout the year and teach us himself. Well a couple weeks ago he came in and REEKED of weed. It was so funny cause the entire class knew and our principle even talked about it after he left. And the professor is such a funny guy. I mean physical wise. He looks like a fucking alien no joke. Hes like completely bald but he grows out all the hair on the sides like down to his shoulders. his hairs white also, and hes really old and has the biggest fucking head i've ever seen. ANd yeah.
  9. Professors in college don't care because most of them are just teaching so that they can continue doing research/writing grants/etc.

    Case in point my uncle works at a well-known university. All he likes doing is research, in fact he's pretty introverted. BUT the university forces him to teach two classes a quarter because it's more efficient for them to hire people to pull double duty than to try and find people for each task. And no offense to him but he is a pretty terrible teacher.

  10. Let me Edit that for you :)

    *Professors in College don't care because they be doing more important shit!

    Additional: They don't want to hold your hand. If the class is full of seniors that don't want to participate, then that's what's going to happen. The students usually are the ones that decide how a class shapes out to be.

    But it can be frustrating, I've been in classes like that before and pretty much if you want to learn you gotta do it yourself, try to find one student you can discuss things with. Even better, if there is a T.A. go to the office hours! If you really really wanna connect and discuss stuff with the college professor, GO to their office hours with questions and comments. They love that shit.

    Or you could just give up. Get stoned like the fat kid next to you and eat some damn cookies.
  11. Ha that's exactly what my uncle would say :p

  12. Oh yeah they love that indeed
  13. Does he resemble anything like the person below?

  14. I have had some super chill professors throughout my college career..I personally feel like alot of them have probly put in some hard ass work and now are just enjoyin the fruits of their labors by teaching lol..They aren't messed up about callin people out in class to answer questions because it probly sucks hardcore teaching in front of people and never getting any feedback..I have anxiety when talking in front of everyone as well and most people do to some extent. Be chill bro :cool:

    You shouldn't hate on the guy next to ya eating all those cookies or whatever..10 years from now you may see that dude could be fit as can be..other people have their own issues worry about your own agenda.

  15. Teaching is secondary to research for professors. I also think they figure if you've made it that far you should be able to learn things yourself and if not ask questions.
  16. I notice a lot of teachers getting burnt out by lack of enthusiasm/attendance, but the bottom line is that college is a business; It has to be demotivating when a teacher asks students why they joined the class and the vast majority of them answer "prerequisite".

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