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  1. Why is that, when a guy tries to warn a girl of the guy she wants to get with, she doesn't listen? (This isn't trying to be the "nice guy", just generally looking out for somebody.) But when it blows up in her face, she's crying and all the that stuff, but the question is: wasn't she expecting that? That person looking our for her clearly told her he's NO GOOD and that he's basically going to end up fucking her over.
    Sometimes, guys give advice, just to simply give advice. Not to recieve anything out of it or hold it against you.

  2. women man....just women.... :confused_2:
    And somehow that is very acceptable advice. (No sarcasm at all.)
  4. Sometimes it's worth the risk.
  5. it happens. sometimes women just want to prove us wrong, even if it means hurting themselves. idk? i haven't given advice to anyone in a really long time  :confused_2:
  6. Idk man I know what you're talking about 100%. I think it's on of those situations where someone just wants you to co-sign their bullshit. Deep down they know that it's a dumb idea to get with that person so they need at least one person to agree with them. But once nobody agrees with them they still do it anyways, then cry about it when they get hurt.
    Just my 0.02
  7. A lot of girls think that they're gonna be the exception; they think that they and they alone will make a douchebag act kindly. It's really stupid how some girls think they have the power to change people just cause they lack a Y chromosome.
    Out of all the advice that was given, this is the only advice I can't take seriously. I appreciate everyone's opinions and don't mean to put down no ones opinion, but really, if the guy knows the person better than the girl does, then it's a clear sign to stay away from the "douchebag."
  9. the irrationality of women will never be understood :p
  10. Uhm. Okay. I've dated guys who I knew could possibly hurt me but I knew that it could also work out.

    All of my friends were like, fuck him. Stay away from him. But my feelings were strong and I was going to take that chance of things working out.

    And if you can't take my answer seriously, that's your issue. Not mine.
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    I know it's my issue. I'm not trying to blame anybody else for my issue. You stated your opinion, and I gave you mine.
    And the "guy" who i tell girls stay away from are mostly family. Like some chick is going to know my family better than I do. Yeah, doubt it. As for the guys who are my friends, I've known them since I was 16, so I know which ones treat girls right and which ones treat girls like shit. But yet, it's always the ones that treat girls like shit that gets the attention. It's all cool if the girl likes an asshole, but they shouldn't cry everytime something goes bad. They should obviously know they were getting mixed in with an asshole.
    Nice guys don't exist, but assholes do.
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    You didn't even give that background. Read your OP. It seems like you should take a stroll over to the friend zone threads and read the responses.
  13. Friendzones don't exist. They are created by guys who feel that they are entitled to something simply because they are nice to a woman. Then the self-proclaimed "nice guy" will start to act like an asshole to try to get what they want. Both just disaters waiting to happen.
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    I read your post wrong. Yeah. The friend zone is bullshit. Either a girl wants your nuts or she doesn't. There's not a crazy science of crazy zones and shit. But that's a different story..

    Your friends are just dumb. Tell them I told you so and move on.
    I will do that, actually. These girls need a wake up call. So hopefully this will be the answer they were looking for.
  16. I do a lot of dumb shit when it comes to guys and I just try and make sense of everything. I try not to do too much bitching. Although I have some good close friends who will listen to me no matter how dumb I've been. They don't judge and call me a dumb bitch. They give it to me straight though.
  17. Well, at least you have your friends. Friends are more reliable anyway.
  18. maybe she's really feeling that guy. when i like/love someone no one elses opinion matters. her perspective of him was different of yours at the time. yeah you're able to see what he is but he probably changes up around her. all in all when you do try to warn a lady it just sounds thirsty...
    also you're not the one sleeping with him she is 
    Straight up. I'll probably just stay out of it from now on. I usually know when it's going to happen so I'll just have some popcorn ready next time, ha.
  20. I think girls should really consider listening to advice about a guy from his own brother. You would most likely know him better than other people for real.

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