Obscure Stoner Snacks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Yung Lungs, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I was chilling with some new friends last night at 7-11 after smoking like a 3g blunt between five of us and boy were we ripped; my boy Forest is a master blunt roller and his blunt lasted for like 50mins. The blunt was so thick that it felt like bamboo. We had such a strange choice of snacks to munch on: I had a hot banana split drink and my friends had chewy chips ahoy, strawberry sour patch candy, pop tarts, arnold palmer iced tea, and tasty cakes. I was [​IMG] at the fact that these aren't usual stoner treats and my friend said these were typical. I still couldn't believe it. What do you guys think? btw after 7-11, we had another session, best blunt contest, between two of our friends and had those later.
  2. arnold palmer ice tea half & half used to be my number 1 blunt drink! :smoke:
  3. arnold palmer (or at least Arizona), sour patch kids, and pop tarts are all on my munchies list.
  4. oreos and milk
  5. the first time i had chewy chips ahoy stoned was amazing hahah. the first bite i took made me smile from ear to ear cuz it tasted so good
    I tired poptarts once after a wake and bake but they made my mouth so dry they were impossible to eat. iced tea is always a good choice, i usually go with something fruity for a drink, like sobe or HI-C

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