OBL's death a hoax!

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    The United States is still awaiting a photo, but this is what is being used all in the middle east.

    Why would they use such an obvious photochopped picture??

    Why do Americans believe what the news tells them?????

    This way sheep, this way, into the slaughter house... i mean delousing and shower rooms...
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    Also, am I hearing they dumped his body into the sea? What sense does that make? Well, it makes sense if you wanted to hide the proof or lack of proof. If he's alive he needs to make himself known ASAP
  3. I knew Obama would try something like this so he can get reelected.
  4. yeah all news agencies are reporting the body was already buried at sea, so no memorials or shrines could be made... give me a break. how often does the U.S. give terrorists sea burials????

    why would they shoot him in the head, never giving him a trial or anything. its so rigged and obvious to anyone with an IQ
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    Exactly. I Dont know how to rep from my iphone or i would...lol

  6. ^ had to clean the oj off my moniter. /love
  7. Ya but if I am correct that's not the official picture though...I thought the White House was still debating whether to release the photo or not. Just trying to be two sided here.
  8. The troops are still deployed, the troops are still dying in bin ladens name...so he lives on. Nothing to celebrate. If the troops come home "as a result of" bin ladens death, then thats something to celebrate. However, according to the news, satan is gone and evil is banished forever. Do all the wars end today and the troops come home now?....lol, yea right.

    What a total non story this is. You see how the media keeps u in a state of perpetual fear based mind control? Keeping the masses scared....the 10 year anniversary is this year...now u will b reminded of it each and every day until this date, Re-living a horror that occured a friggin decade ago.

    Seems like 9/11 was just last year that it happened doesent it?....they made sure of it. :)
  9. like just step back... step back farther than the government, step back farther than the president, step back farther than other countries watching..

    Just look at the possibility that this is a hoax, to generate a certain response or action needed for something now or in the future.. what is going to be happening soon? why would those in charge need our support again?? is there going to be another war? is there going to be another economic turn down?? do they need this hysteria to generate quick sales of goods?

    imagine yourself in the groups responsible for this hoax.. your witnessing crowds in the streets! highest news ratings in years! instant mass tweets and facebook updates! patriotic slogans! a huge wave of obama/osama defeat products and tv productions!!

    the list is nearly endless how this will effect the country. all from an 11:30 PM est time, national presidential address, on May 1st, on a sunday night.

    its all to generate a new liking for obama, or approval for the government overall, or to distract us all together, to overshadow rising gas prices, and anything else that the should actually be important news right now.

  10. Smoker, youre right, there hasnt been an official U.S. release of his photo, but the arab world has already recieved the photo. and this is what is being shown to the billions to our east.
  11. i thought this was true at first too, but this photoshop picture actually came out a long time ago(back when they had the last rumored osama death).
    the real dead photo of him has not been released yet, so his death is not a hoax
  12. They better release photos soon or nobody's going to believe this shit.
  13. They need to release the photo, DNA testing report whatever they got, because if they don't the rumors will build and grow so they need to quit fucking around.
  14. I would have been happy if he'd been buried under a pig pen in New Jersey

    Who the fuck wants that scumdog buried near where they live, making the place a target for terrorists and others?

    And, wouldn't he have have had to, uhhhh, surrender in order to have been taken alive? Bin laden gave orders to his bodyguards and sons to kill him if there was ever a chance of him being captured.
  15. Oh COME ON, are you all THAT PARANOID? Please....just...please. That photo was never identified as an official release, it's an internet photoshop job - not official.

    Gimme a break - the ENTIRE WORLD is accepting that Bin Laden is dead - EVERY WORLD LEADER has weighed in already - you really really think that the Government would go that far?

    Are there conspiracies? Sure, there are. Is this one of them? Nope.
  16. Tru Dat, but it is the current photo being broadcast world wide besides in the US.

    Wiki already has his death posted. pretty fishy too. seeming as they are saying he died today... i know theres a time difference, but we got the news at 1130 last night. something doesnt add up

    i like how we should all be "ON ALERT" now.. due to possible risks associated with his death.

    and they buried him according to Islam tradition.. wow, that must have been a special request of Obama's.... cuz when Bush was in charge he didnt give a fuck. He would have waterboarded Osama's dead body...
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    Not saying he isnt dead, however the timing is whats bullshit. We werent even looking for him, and cnn just confirmed it. They found him in a penthouse hotel suite right out in the open. He probably checked in under His real name too lol.. It was pre-planned to come out now, thats all im sayin.
  18. Why would you believe something just because world leaders say they believe it?
    I want to see a real photo.
  19. If every world leader thought Hitler was alive you'd believe them? You must because "every world leader said so" :rolleyes: For all we know Osama could really still be alive... We have yet to see any definitive proof.....
  20. I don't care about the fake photo, never even seen it, but the minute I woke up and read the arcticle about Bin Laden's supposed death, I was not convinced.
    Maybe even he had been dead for a while and US just hadn't released the info yet because they wanted to justify the war.
    Anyways, until I see proof I don't believe it, and I am not paranoid.

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