Obligation to life

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by DanceBass, May 25, 2010.

  1. Why is it that people feel a need to have to live life? Not saying everyone hates life or some shit, but why is it that some people, even though they're depressed and don't want to live anymore, feel like they have to live life? Now, I'm not saying if your sad kill yourself, this is just something that's on my mind alot.
  2. I think that sometimes, people who say they want to die, but don't kill themselves, are probably stopped by something biological. I think it's probably their body's desire to live outweighing there mental desire to leave.

    For everyone else, who just wants to live, I think that's normal. A combination of biological and mental desires to get something done.

    I dunno, but, I've thought about this too, and that was my guess.
  3. Depression is much more temporary than life, cycles of happiness are bound to come as we live.
  4. Yeah, like it's instincts or something. That is one of my theories as well.

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