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  1. So for my college english course, we need to write an objective paper, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a topic that isn't very controversial such as (abortion, same sex marriage, assisted suicide, etc) and that can be written objectively. Meaning that I wouldn't choose a side but be able to point out the reasoning for numerous sides. My current idea is legalization of marijuana but I feel that there isn't much I can find to back up going against it. \t

    Thanks you!
  2. Dude every stoner does that paper... there were four kids in my class trying to do that when i had that course. I just did some bullshit about cigarettes.
  3. Why are very controversial issues ruled out?
  4. We had to do a persuasive speech last week, and the teacher wanted us to avoid "hot topics", because chances are, no one will be persuaded in 5 minutes.

    Maybe same thing is applied to OP's paper?
  5. [quote name='"Autechra"']Why are very controversial issues ruled out?[/quote]

    Peoples' opinions are usually set in stone when it comes to abortion and gay marriage and all that jazz.
  6. Go with ethics or the existence of a god. If you chose the latter, you can set it up as the main arguments for the existence of a god being the body of the paper (depends how long your paper has to be but there are plenty of popular arguments) followed by the reasons those arguments are fallacious. You might blow your teacher's mind if he's a theist :laughing:
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    Sad truths indeed. The most interesting discourse if often sourced from the most controversial issues, too few people of the general population realise that. :( In high school papers I always wrote about the most controversial issues possible, luckily that never caused problems, although Australian society is more open-minded and liberal than the US in general.

    I really like this idea, though. Consider it OP. Otherwise I think legalisation of marijuana's a good idea. My big project for my society and culture class in the senior years was on that, although I covered the whole War on Drugs, not just weed. Still, it's a great issue to write about with many conflicting viewpoints. Just try not to be biased- I know I found it hard not to be haha.
  8. Do an objective paper on the state (government)
  9. Do it on how the America people are slowly losing their rights.
  10. If I did it on marijuanna, what information can I find that show that marijuanna should be illegal?
  11. Biased information. The point of an objective paper is not to take biased information from both sides, necessarily, but to provide objective information and come to an objective conclusion from said information. Your question should be, where can I find objective medical marijuana studies? My answer would be to check out Stormcrow's list. Also, I suggest you cover not only the possible economic benefit of a hemp industry in the US, but it's other, VAST, uses. For example, construction materials, foods, etc... You've got a lot you can cover. Just be sure you get your information from credible and unbiased sources. Or at the very least, if your sources are biased, extrapolate an objective point from their credible studies.

    Also, the only negative information I can think of about marijuana is that a developing mind should not smoke cannabis (you can find studies where they exposed developing mice to cannabis and the control group outperformed them by far in a test of orientation) and the negative effects of combustion on your lungs in general (but you can vape or make edibles.)
  12. Just take a copy of the bible into class and pretend you wrote it.
  13. Something about fast-food, or coke

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