OBE's (Astral Projection)

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  1. Out of body experiences... Just thinking about them gets me going! So amazing... I do not know if there is a thread for this already and I will look later but I still want to start my own about this topic. So lets share stories,experiences with OBEs.. we can ask questions to each other and answer them just everything about this great experience called OBE :D

    I will break the ice with a OBE that happened to me awhile ago.. this as quick of a read as possible because I am tired and do not want to type too much but tomorrow if people get involved (and I hope people do there has to be others as fascinated by this stuff as me!) I will share more! This thread could be great because the human mind really is so interesting.. ok right to the story!

    I was dreaming.. and I cannot remember what it was I was dreaming about but I remember hearing noises and voices but not just hearing them.. feeling them only from another place it was at that moment that I realized I was dreaming and tried to bring myself out of the dream. I was unable to.. the voices kept getting louder and louder and loud buzzes started to happen (the buzzing is not rare for those new to this subject) but I heard and felt everything from another place it was like I was in two places at once.. all of a sudden the noises and the buzzing made one very loud sound together and that sound swept me out of the dream (I could describe the feeling but like I said I do not want to write too much right now) Ok now I am no longer dreaming! Great I thought... well it was not great because I could not open my eyes but I still could hear the voices and feel them.. only now I felt them beside me I knew where I was I was in my bed. Right away I knew it was sleep paralysis but even so I was not prepared for what happened next the voices lifted open my right eye.. I saw myself and because it was sleep paralysis could not move my body ok right now I could not move my eye either or open my left eye. The buzzing started up again and actually began to hurt then the voices got louder (These voices were not scary.. they were warm.. it felt good hearing them although I could not understand what was being said I guess sound would be a better word but I felt the sound.. the warmth and excitement of it.. that is the best I can describe it at least right now with 50 hours no sleep) The voices worked with the buzzing again and these time moved my entire head to the right to face them.. when they moved my head it was as though I was being pushed through water only it was more like air.. strange feeling my right eye was the only place I could see from and it was a very intense feeling. I saw them.. the things making these sounds they were all beside me sitting around in my room looking at me then my T.V when I saw them I wanted to communicate with them so I tried to astral project since I usually do not have a problem doing so while under sleep paralysis but it did not work I was stuck there. These things were more like light almost forming a human form.. they did not really make sounds but seemed to push feelings out of their body that I could feel and hear all of a sudden they looked right at my TV all of them.. there was about 3 when they did that all the feeling of them making noises towards me me came on at once it was overwhelming all this warmth filled my body then it seemed as though they used watever they did to me to pull me out like I was attached to them.. I was sent flying into my TV and at that point I had entered a OBE I was inside the TV and being controlled by them! again this was not scary it was actually very fun! I went through many different channels almost but the best was halo.. being inside the armour was boss. The amazing thing though is for the first little bit my right eye was still open.. I watched MYSELF get pulled out of my body and I could feel where it was this time I was in my actual body only I felt and heard from the body that just got projected into the TV I watched them control and move me.. I was almost seeing from 2 places at once. My actual body felt like a empty vessel I was just seeing them but had no emotion at all almost like I just became a security camera or something haha but after awhile I got used to what was happening and managed to stop being a security camera and see through the eyes of the part of me in the TV I went to a rainforest and through all of it was not in control at all.. then after what seemed like forever the warmth of them the feeling and the hearing of their voices stopped and then jolted sending my flying out back into my body waking me up right away!! When I woke up I did not see them.. but I felt them leave.. also when I got back into my body my right eye was still open and I was unable to move for a few seconds then I opened my left eye got up... and went HOLY SHIT!!!! well I thought that... I had no idea what just happened! It was unlike any OBE I have ever had before.. being controlled by something else.. But the thing is though is those 3 beings or light.. thingies haha felt like a part of me as though they somehow got out and did what they did then went back in.. thinking back the feeling I got from them had been felt before it was the feeling for me of enjoyment and warmth yet also confusion.. Those 3 feelings left me and controled me they formed something else that I could feel for what they were and for the rest of the day I felt warm and confused yet enjoyed all of it :D that is one of my favourite OBEs because of how amazing it was to have these feelings communicate with me.. I felt true emptyness during the OBE at parts but that emptyness somehow felt.. relieving as if I escaped from everything for brief moments. I like to think of all these different emotions now as more than a part of me.. they are me and since that OBE I have been able to control unwanted feelings better or at least deal with them because it is as though I should understand them like they are another person. I can never get inside the mind of my feelings or emotion because they are connected to me I do not need to know everything about it but I need to simply accept it for what it is and embrace it as a part of my being. Yah anywho that was one my most powerful OBEs but I have had others beyond that :eek: Still really cool remembering seeing parts of my self and gave my a new perspective on life that has led me to accept myself as a whole and others as well that experience ended several years of depression.

    I am extremely tired right now and do not know how I did writing that.. I hope I did alright! anyways 50 hours no sleep is not a good condition to be in while trying to share a story but hey I did my best! I will read it tomorrow and see how I did writing it.. maybe make corrections and changed or maybe not depending on how lazy I am :D Peace fam.
  2. Pretty strange you made this today, was about to do the same myself. Just started getting into astral projection. I have not succeeded yet, but I feel like I am close. How did you first accomplish getting out of your physical body? As far as general ritual and technique.

  3. I wrote more then I intended sorry man :eek: there is just so much about this subject and so many different ways to project..by the way I have gone with no sleep again so you will need to excuse any poor writing skills you see here haha

    My first OBE was when I was like 3 years old.. but my first OBE that I entered myself and controlled was when I was 16.. I never thought of trying to enter it from meditation and never really even knew what meditation was until that time in my life. Until then I always thought astral projection,sleep paralysis and lucid dreams was something everyone did all the time but when I talked to my friends about it they laughed and thought I was lying so I knew otherwise.. I looked it up online and found out what had really been happening to me all my life and was at first confused and kind of scared for some reason.. after finding out more about it that changed and I was happy that I am able to do these things BUT one problem I read that people can control when to enter lucid dreams and astral projection (I have got myself into sleep paralysis before but not really intentional) after reading that I took it as a challenge I thought if these people can sit down and leave their body why the fuck can't I?! I got really into it.. but just because I have these experiences at random whether I can control them or not did not mean I would be able to just choose to have them right away.. and I soon learned that.

    I will tell you what happened the first time I decided I want to leave my body and accomplished it then tell you ways to do it yourself.. it can happen quickly or it can take years but if you keep at it and want to do it for the right reasons you will be able to! This is something you can't give up on because it is difficult..

    I had been sick for a week and a half.. to the point I was so sick I needed to sleep in my moms room.. I had just fucked up my tendon in my left knee so I could barely walk and that did not mix well with throwing up.. so thats my reason for the lameness of that. Anyways unlike in my room which is loud due to the heater and light because the blinds suck in there my moms room gets dark at night and is silent. I had stopped meditation during the time I was sick though I was too tired to do it. It was only about a month of trying to control lucid dreams that it came to this morning.. I just woke up at about 6 and was still tired.. I needed to go to the washroom so I did then when I went to lay down again.. I started hearing a buzzing I knew this feeling from my other OBEs.. right away I decided to focus but everything happened quickly.. I entered a vibration state and then.. the fucked up thing happened.. My ipod started playing people can fly by astral projection and the beat in that song was getting louder and louder.. I knew my ipod was not on so I knew this was not real but then a painting that my sister did (which was in front of me) Jumped out of the painting! it was all around the room and actually became my blanket for a brief second.. it was like I was astral projecting but inside my body.. I could also move slightly so it was not sleep paralysis I did not lose focus here I ignored what was happening and remembered how to OBE I focused on my chakras (sounds funny to anyone uneducated in this stuff) and then instead of using one of these rope tactics,roll over tactics that people talk about I just sat up then got out of my body.. as soon as I did that the hallucinations or whatever they were stopped and the room became calm.. I looked at my hand and though to myself "FUCK YAH!!!!" but then I started to feel heavy.. yet I began to float! something was making me turn around.. it was my mom she was above me waking me up!! What shitty timing... as usual! (after that happening my mom and dog stopped me from have a good long OBE countless times...) but I did not go back in my body I saw here there actually I watched her walk down the hallway saying my name.. Then what brought me back into my body is when I looked at myself.. I got jolted back in.. after she went away I tried to do it again.. I entered a vibration state but was unable to.. so I got up and went on with my day.. the kool part though was through that day I did not feel sick at all!!! The next day though I felt sick again but not as bad.. even my leg felt better.

    Ok how to do it.. that experience happened when I was just getting into entering an OBE from meditation now I know more about it and will start off saying that if you have any fear towards doing it you must lose it.. it is up to you how you do it but just know there is nothing to fear from astral projection it is your mind and if something frightening appears you can stop it just think of a giant bear with armour and laser eyes and get the bear to pwn the shit out of the monster.. when you want back just think about going back you will never be stuck there.. while I felt stuck there once that was because I got wrapped up in my fears since then nothing like that has happened.

    The most important thing on how to OBE is that you need to want it! you truly need to want it with all you have think about it.. perhaps practice with lucid dreaming first.. while I do not need to write down or record my dreams since I remember them I would say it may be a good idea to keep track of your dreams build your dream recall.. I now remember 3-6 or more dreams per night. That is one step but not really for the big picture of astral projecting.. it will train your mind though which is what you need.

    Try chakra clearing it may seem silly at first but once you clear your 6 chakras whether it is truly happening or not you will calm your mind and it will help you focus and to let go of your fears. I would link you to a article about it but cannot remember it at the moment.. I will do that later though if you want.

    Make sure the area where you want to project is decent as well perhaps put up a nice poster.. when projecting you can go through walls or teleport into a poster! so if you put up a poster of say a rainforest or some beautiful you will go there maybe shine a VERY dim light onto the poster so you can see it a little depending on how dark your room is.. try to put it up so you see it from where you are lying down.

    You must become aware of your chakras.. look it up online for where they are located and learn to feel them it may take anywhere from 1 minute of meditation to 1 hour for you to feel your chakras properly but to do it I myself lay down in silence and focus on my feet and work up although focusing on the darkness of your closed eyes works as well but that is the first part then you must get all of them going you will know the feeling but just focus on the points.

    Vibration is key and to do it you must have got your chakras going.. this is a bit of a skip ahead.. trying to speed things up a little anyways sometimes before getting here you will hear noises (in my case at least.. I hear voices sometimes or just a buzz).. There are two good points to focus on though your heart or your third eye. I am not going to go into major detail on anything right now.. ask more questions later if you want me to :) but once you enter vibration try to make it stop.. get use to the feeling of entering it enter vibration then stop then enter practice that first once you feel the vibrations you are well on your way to having an OBE there is no rush so after practicing for awhile just go to sleep. Another thing is do not try to OBE when very tired you will just fall asleep and be frustrated with the failure in the morning. The next day or whenever after you feel you have got the hang of vibration try to lift yourself up.. I naturally get the feeling of floating and float out of my body but you can do the rope technique or one of the many others.. I prefer just sitting up or floating out before you try to project though decide before hand what it is you are going to do perhaps visit the pyramids? fly through other dimensions? those are thing you can do once you get better at projecting do not push yourself or you will forget the experience he first few times. For the first time just look around your room look at your body! it is an awesome feeling to be floating in your room looking at your body. Stay out for a little bit but then go back in to do so just think it and you will go back in. The next time move around your house a little maybe try walking through a wall! but the point is do not go far... start going a little further each time. Remember if you live with others tell them not to disturb you at the time you are projecting you do not want someone waking you mid projection.. they may think your jerking off at the time but oh well. Once you get better at projecting then set places you want to go.. remember the poster? try that it is good practice to learn to control everything in the astral plane as they call it. Do not stay out for too long.. after a little bit come back do not just wait to be sent flying back. Once you get back record what happened or if you know you will remember it just think about it.

    Here are some very important things that will help.. try not projecting at night you are tired and it is very simple to fall asleep while in meditation more so when just starting out even more so when lying down. Set your alarm clock to a time that you will wake up after about 4-6 hours sleep.. get up for about 10-30 minutes maybe splash some water on your face then go lay down again this time your body will be eager to go back to sleep a major part of astral projection is that your physical body needs to be more or less asleep (in almost all cases) which is why it is easier to project from a lucid dream or from sleep paralysis. Focus get your vibrations up.. buddhists or monks also practice meditation in the morning perhaps take a sip or 2 of green tea not too much! then get back to it.. you must decide if you like meditating sitting up or lying down I like to lay down. Anyways the goal here is to not lose consciousness do not let your self just fall asleep and dream keep your mind awake and completely relax your body.. try tensing your feet then relaxing them then your calfs then relaxing then thighs,stomach,chest,hands,forearms,arms,neck and even face get yourself totally relaxed relax your face muscles then begin to focus doing these practices at this time can really make all the difference.

    Remember if you get into sleep paralysis or if things get scary do not be scared even if you are not in control do not start freaking out and if you have a bad experience oh well keep at it bad shit happens in life and we keep at it learn from the bad experience and improve :D

    Ok I am really tired and do not know how I did with that I hope I did ok :eek: good luck and best vibes.

  4. You may make your own ritual and even your own technique every one of us is different. Would you mind telling me how long you have been at it and the progress you have made? have you had an OBE that you remember?? Would be nice to know where your at so maybe I could write less when I wake up and can explain things better for my first time getting out in short I was sick and tired I pretty much did the get up after 6 hours of sleep technique and it worked for me right away.. looking back when I get really sick I have almost always had OBEs even though I have only got extremely sick a couple time I still feel like when ill it may for some reason be easier to OBE in a way.. maybe not control it though :confused: Peace.
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  6. been attempting for a couple of months after waking up in the astral realm (story in another thread), since December to be specific. Since then, I've gone into the vibrational stages loads of times but I was get scared for some reason and back down. It stinks :(. One time I even went into the astral plane but never left my body. I had supppperr load buzzing/ringing in my ears and I could see my room perfectly even though my eyes were closed yet I got to scared and again woke up :/. Do you have any advice on getting over these fears?? if it might help, i think i'm so afraid because the time i consciously woke up in the astral plane I was face to face with a shadow person.

  7. Mind sending me a link to that thread m8?

    As usual I have wrote a lot..sorry :eek: skip down to where it says IF YOUR GONNA READ ANYTHING READ WHATS BELOW to get to the point (I would just do that haha) or scan through for information that helps you :D or read it all.. for some reason I insist on going on this site when I get no sleep and make everything I write seem bad in my eyes..

    If you are getting into a vibrational state and even into the astral plane then that is great!! good job! with only a few months of practice.. if you are that far you should pat yourself on the back because it takes many years.

    Being scared of the astral plane is natural.. it is a very intense experience and it can take time to learn to except something like that.. something beyond what we are used to in infinite ways.

    All that aside though I assure you there is nothing to fear in the astral plane but fear itself if you have fear in your mind then fear is what you will see I projected once on a day I should not have because I was angry and I had a very screwed up projection.

    Really though.. there is nothing to fear no matter what you see it cannot harm you unless you let it do so by letting it scare you or haunt you but you are in control and if things get scary think of something to defeat it think of going to another place.. Some say ask an angel for help.. could be considered religious and it is in some ways but after an angel cuts off a demons head and saves you then you will be grateful.. Angels are something easy to visualize to go against evil so try that.

    Like everything though.. it is possible to have a bad experience I will say now.. do not let that stop you from projecting! Many people stop doing something because they get scared away from it.. it may be wise to take a break if you really get scared but get back to it ASAP and know that everything has the potential to go wrong or right.

    If at anytime you wish to return just think going back to your body it is as easy as that..

    What may have got you is a sleep paralysis of sorts and that can be extremely scary if you do not know about it.. just wait and it will end do not freak out think happy thoughts :) if you learn from sleep paralysis you can actually project using it as a helper thats what I do when sleep paralysis tries to fuck with me.


    Bottom line is do not fear the astral plane you must get over those fears to explore it you may also be pushing yourself to hard to achieve projection? If so spend a night meditating but just relaxing. It happens to everyone.. being overwhelmed by the vibrations is.. well it happens haha practice going in and out of vibrations learn to control it more so it does not surprise you and make you back out. The nights you decide to project do not simply decide to project.. decide to project with a goal. If you are new make your goal just being in your room then go back. Next go a bit further.. once you get used to it start exploring ANYWHERE because anywhere is possible but do not stay for too long or go to far it is very easy to not want to leave but you must control that. If a being contacts you or confronts you do not be scared of it if it attacks you think of being elsewhere or being back in your body.. or think of something to kick it's ass. That shadow you saw may have been trying to tell you something or it may have been friendly you more than likely will see things that under normal conditions would scare someone but the astral plane is different do not fear what you cannot explain.. The place where you are projecting may be effecting your ability to project make sure your setting is good with nothing that could frighten you when starting out it is easy to have thing in your room "scare" you.. to this day I can't project in my room for some reason.. but if I sleep anywhere else it is no problem. Most importantly is when you get out keep focus it is pretty annoying to get out and right away lose yourself and get blasted back into your body because you can't get over how fucking awesome everything that is happening is haha Another thing it really is important to control your vibrations if the shadow felt to you like it was going to harm you then that most likely would have been due to you not having enough control over your vibration you need to learn to raise it so you can have a higher vibration then anything like that shadow. Keep a positive attitude and lose your fears man! This is the ultimate adventure! Sure there can be reasons to be scared but fear has a different meaning once you start projecting.. fear is nothing but a blockade that people try to move through when there is no reason to waste energy trying to break something that may be nearly unbreakable just let it go and walk right past it, around it, over it it's your call but don't let fear block your path :D Once you get out of your body put up a shield around your physical body and raise your vibrations that is also important!

    I hope this helps.. like I said I am tired right now so if anything I said does not make sense then please question me on it and I will do my best to answer you better I really hope you can achieve projection and I know that you will if you keep at it!! I was just like you when I was starting out, when I projected (before knowing how to control my vibrations or how to control anything for that matter) I would have scary experiences that made it hard for me to project again cause I would have this fear of a bad experience again then I would leave my vibrational state and just go to sleep.. After I started thinking of fears in the astral plane or even our world as simple blockades I laughed at fears then walked past them sure more blockades showed up but they became nothing I realized I would get to a blockade then just go in another direction or try to smash it before moving on. Just accept that there may be many or there may be few but you can always go around them then you will see fear is a silly thing :D Let me know how you do when you get going! I'd love to hear any stories you get once you move past this blockade blocking you from projecting, Peace.
  8. Alright man good luck if you have any other questions just message me, peace.
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    For the sake of not just saying bump... here is a mini story.. I could not astral project this morning because my dog kept making sounds b rubbing her feet on the wall and it kept freaking me out when I was trying to project.. after getting up and seeing it was my dog making the noises I felt stupid and ate a roast beef sandwich for breakfast.. mini story over.
  10. Thank you OP for making a thread about this subject. Well I remember my first OBE, or so it seemed. It was when I was a young lad. About 10 years old. Now the funny thing is that I did it on accident, this was before I even heard about Astral Projection. Anyway well I remember it clear as day, I'm pretty sure I may have astral projected in my sleep. I remember feeling this burst of air, then found my "astral body" levitating and appearing in random places of my house, I wandered the halls, living room, kitchen and my room by my body. It didn't look exactly like my body, it was a bit distorted, but it was me. Then once I started to concentrate on my body, my astral body traveled back into my physical body. And as this was happening it felt like I was being gently brought down onto my bed. It literally felt like I was being picked up and then brought back down gently. During that time I also felt a sensation of a mothers love. Then I opened my eyes and was a bit startled. At the time I just thought it was a weird dream, but now looking back at it 9 years later. It makes sense. I mean this experience has been in my brain for a long time, usually I would forget. But this just stayed. :smoke:

    And so far I have been dedicating my time to Astral Travel. It's quite interesting and fun.

  11. Nearly all of my dreams used to be me walking around my house.. I remember tons of them, they started when I was really young and I use to collect crytals and I at one time had a dream catcher but all of those gave me really bad nightmares (while projecting) My earliest memory is me being stuck in sleep paralysis and freaking out then I got up not and went to my mom unable to wake her up... there was more to that projection but the point is that it happened to me so much! So many of my dreams were from in my house. I tend to almost never forget an astral projection well I am sure I have forgot lots but if I really try to remember it then i wont forget because it is a pretty awesome thing to have happen haha I have recently slowed down on astral projection I find the room I am in right now just does not work for astral projection for me.. Was going to go elsewhere but decided a break could be nice. Before I knew how to control my projection at all, the toys in my room would always freak me out and if I watched a scary movie I was fucked that night.. shit was gonna go down!! I watched a vampire movie once and now a part of me is still kinda scared of vampires. I was stuck in my house running away from vampires and well to say the least it was fucked up. Even those though were not really scary the only really scary one I had was when I had my first sleep paralysis and though that I could not wake anyone in my house up.

    Haha yah it is extremely interesting and fun there is infinite shit you can do I love it is the ultimate adventure :D

  12. Dude that's fucking crazy! And yeah man, sleep paralysis can get really intense! One time I woke up, unable to move, with this black shadowy humanoid standing right next to my bedside staring at me. :eek: It felt like I couldn't move, breath, or yell. But it only lasted about 20 seconds. But still, it was scary as fuck! And yeah man I cut down on Astral Projection myself, but I actually got back into it last night. I have never really projected until that one time when I was young. Last night my body felt numb, no intense vibration but a little one, but I was really shaking, I had very little thoughts, sometimes I felt vertigo like I was being hung upside down, my eyelids kept on twitching, which made me kinda open my eyes, but they felt like they were still closed, my body felt like it was twisting or bending in an awkward position but I was laying straight on my bed and my neck felt like it kept on turning to the side, but it really wasn't. Then after awhile I just opened my eyes, because it didn't feel like it was going anywhere. I am still a bit confused. Was that my chance to get out of my body? For some reason I keep on forgetting the method on HOW to get OUT of your body, like what your supposed to imagine.

  13. It could have been but there will be plenty more :) I sometimes think I moved but did not it is really weird and I am glad it happens to others!!! Good news for me ok back to astral projection lol

    You need to relax your physical body there are many methods for me I have always just been able to float out recently though I had a extremely fucked sleep paralysis that happened while trying to project where this giant golden head with all this symbols on it appeared and blew into my ear on the right side of me and on the left the was this demon shadow thing and it went to what looked like bite me but when it got to me head the air from what the golden head dude was blowing shot out of my ear and I felt a huge pop!! (My left ear hurt for several days after that happening ) Then the demon went away and was replaced by.. the best way to describe it would be an angel since I am too lazy to go into detail at the moment anyways then the angel and the golden head were blowing into my ears and it felt like my body was filled with air it was the most intense feeling I have ever had then all the air went into my head and instantly 1000s of images just flashed before me then I shot up to my ceiling then went flying back into my body.

    That is the quickest way I can describe what happened but it was the most intense feeling I have ever had and since then all I need to do to project is imagine I am filled with air then the air almost becomes a part of me then I float out with the air I can enter vibration easily now.. I dont know if it will work for someone else but maybe try to imagine that air fills your body then joins you in existence then after joining you float out of your physical body with the air. I am calling it air but I dont really know how to describe it because the experience was so unique. anyways try that just the air becoming a part of you then floating out there are other ways to that you can look up as well maybe try making your own way I am also just getting back into projecting and after getting my own technique I am able to project far quicker then before.

    The golden head dude is one of the things that makes me wish I knew how to draw cause I can't begin to explain how sick it looked or explain the noises it was making :confused:

    Let me know if that floating out works for you. You may also be focusing too much on the method once you get into the vibrational state which might be distracting you from projecting try experimenting without focusing on the technique so much. Do not give up either it can take time set time aside but without worrying about a time limit either if you have the thoughts of it not going anywhere then chances are it will not you need to be sure of yourself.

    Peace and good luck man :smoke:

  14. Dude. That. Sounds. Fucking. Awesome!!! Hahahaha the human mind is really crazy. And thank you I will try that myself tonight. Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, when I snapped out of it my heart was beating a bit hard, I was shaking, my senses were really good, like when I closed my eyes I could see the outline to everything and then once I decided to just go to bed I had a few anxiety and panic attacks. Not quite sure why.
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    Everything you experienced was normal.

    Experiences like SP and AP are really intense anyone is susceptible to fear of some kind after going to another dimension or something haha I have been unable to get back to sleep after having fucked up sleep paralysis in the middle of the night because my imagination starts to just run wild and it is so overwhelming that it makes me unable to sleep because I am scared for whatever reason.

    Dont let fear become something that gets in your way if that is stopping you from projecting then you need to move past it but especially when you are not use to the feeling of something so powerful the physical body will cause you anxiety because it is confused and that is normal. I have needed to turn all the lights on in my room and be with my dog sometimes to keep myself at ease after taking break from AP then getting back to doing it as silly as I knew it was I could not control the anxiety! Just because a part of me got used to not traveling around the universe causing that part of me to freak out each time I did even if I did not truly have reason to freak out.

    Increased heart rate is normal to if it happens while trying to project it may be your heart chakras or it could be from fear or excitement remain calm if it distracts you while going for separation :smoke:

    The mind really is amazing I dont see how people can get bored so easy when they can just explore other planes of existence :p

    Is fear blocking you from projecting or is your imagination just going fucking crazy and making you have anxiety while not trying to project??
    Anyways lets hope you can do it tonight!! Remember not to go too far or stay in the plane for to long or you may fall asleep and forget just get out and move around your room a little then do it the next night only go further and stay a lil longer, peace.
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    Thank you for the information man! :smoke: And it's not fear, it's the lack of spirituality. Because I remember I used to believe in spirits and stuff, and when I tried to astral project I got intense vibrations and I heard bells, monk chanting and screaming and I really felt it. But then after I became an atheist it seems that I have desensitized myself to this. So I no longer get very far. Maybe I need to sensitize myself again. Although I believe in astral projection and I don't doubt it at all! I really want to experience it! So I have no idea what it is. Maybe I need to practice more.

    EDIT: One thing I forgot, during the time when I felt the vertigo and shakiness my hand seemed to keep on lifting up, slowly. And another feeling I had was the feeling of shrugging. It felt like my arms and shoulders were being pulled up which made it a bit uncomfortable, but i'm pretty sure it was a real sensation. It felt like it was in my physical body. So I don't know what it was.

  17. My arms lift up often and it is annoying because I always think that it is me separating from my body when I am just lifting up my arm! Even now it happens to me a lot (this only happens when I try to astral project from meditation) and the only way I have ever been able to make sense of it is while in meditation you are more in your mind and while trying to do something like astral project you want to lift up so you think of moving out of your body but somehow manage to slightly move a part of your body without actually wanting to do so. If you get to the near vibration state and use only your mind and focus on lifting your arms up then try to separate them it is really easy to just lift your arms up instead of lift them out. If you are getting those feelings (assuming whats happening is your wanting to get out is causing you to in a way focus on those parts of your body and make them move without meaning to) then try to focus on your legs and your chest for me at least it is only ever my arms that do that moving shenanigans so I focus on a part of me that will cooperate a lil better :p dont forget about your arms though just don't put too much thought onto them sometimes I actually do separate my arms (this arm thing is a bad habit of mine lol) then push them back down thinking fuck I did it again only to find out I just moved my astral arms into my arms which then makes me feel stupid.

    It does take practice it takes most people lots of time so do not worry if you are not making quick progress. Some consider astral projection very spiritual some dont.. I am right in the middle cause I have been at both sides but you do need to believe in it it is like the movie hook with that food.. you use to eat the food (Using it as a metaphor for astral projection cause I am that cool..) but then with time society brought you away from it and despite remembering eating it and even truly believing it from the greatest way to believe something!! personal experience there is still a part of you that needs to adapt and it will with time. Atheists can still have spirituality for spirituality really does not have to have anything to do with gods. Keep at it and keep believing in it you have to really want it and be willing to try for however long it takes :D

    I use to hear lots of drumming when I would try to project other times I do not hear anything besides that loud ass buzzing and one time one of my favourite songs played in full I guess the point is that things that happen to you or things you do can affect that stage of projection in different ways although I know someone who says she always hears drumming like from ayahuasca rituals so to each their own for me it is random what I mean is do not worry if it is not like it is before keep practicing and see what it is like now chances are it could be really different.

    How do I always manage to type so much :confused: haha, peace.
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    Man, thank you so much for all of the help and advice! And yeah I am very dedicated to get out of my body, I definitely believe in it! And man that's good that you end typing alot. It gives the receiver a more vivid explanation, tha something vague and short. If you don't mind could you type out a list of steps of Astral Projection? Right now these are my steps.

    1. Relax for about 5 minutes, tense every muscle up and then relax.

    2. Once laying there relaxed and with my eyes closed, I start to repeat a phrase in my head such as "mind awake body asleep" and I repeat it in my head in a rhythm with a certain time.

    3. Once I get to the vibrational stage I feel numb, I often feel vertigo and feeling of falling. My body also feels like it's twisting a different way and my arms seem to lift up at this point.

    A little bit after this is where I always snap out of it.

    I only have experienced sound once. But never a buzzing or ringing. How long until do you usually start to hear the sounds? And I'm not good at visualizing, so I can't picture myself floating ect.

    EDIT: I ALSO forgot that usually it seems that sometimes when my hands lift up, my muscles seem a bit tense, I always think that it's my astral body, but I just relax and I feel my body touch the bed. It's really frustrating haha.

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