Obamas war on whistleblowers

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  1. A decade ago, long before Edward Snowden trolled the depths of a classified government surveillance program, John Kiriakou was learning about a government practice as secret and troubling, and a lot more gruesome. 
    On the night of March 28, 2002, Mr. Kiriakou, then a decorated officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, led a team that raided a suspicious house in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and made America's first post-9/11 capture of a major al-Qaeda leader, Abu Zubaydah. After a shoot-out that almost killed him, Zubaydah was rushed to a hospital and nursed back to life by the CIA. During subsequent interrogations at a "black site" in Thailand and at the Guantanamo Bay prison, he was waterboarded eighty-three times.
    In January of this year, the 15-year CIA veteran was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on charges of revealing classified information, including the name of a covert CIA operative. But he and his supporters claim that the government's case against him was being built in secret since he began speaking to the press about waterboarding.
    His prosecution, they say, was really payback for disclosing a secret program, and one that Kiriakou would argue was ineffective and wrong. The disclosure of a CIA officer's name was illegal, but given numerous other leaks, he said it did not merit the government's aggressive approach. "I've never believed my case was about a leak," the father of five said in January after his sentencing. "I've always believed my case was about torture."
    In 2007, during an interview with ABC News, Kiriakou described Zubaydah's initial treatment, and so became the first person to reveal the CIA's waterboarding program. While his knowledge of the waterboarding program was second-hand, at the time he offered reluctant support, though he would discover later that he had been lied to about its efficacy. But in 2007, in his soft tenor, Kiriakou told reporter Brian Ross that Americans and Congress needed to be talking about this stuff. "Because I think as a country this is something we have to decide that we want to do as a matter of policy. It shouldn't be secret. It should be part of a national conversation."
    \tABC News interview with John Kiriakou, 2007 
    Kiriakou is considered to be the sixth government employee to be charged with disclosing secret information under the Obama administration, which, despite the President's signing of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act last year, has carried out more whistleblower indictments than any other administration in history. (Snowden was the seventh whistleblower to be charged with spilling state secrets.) 
    "The people who ordered the torture, the lawyers who justified it, the people who carried it out, and those who destroyed the videotapes of it-none of them are being held accountable," Jesselyn Radack, John Kiriakou's attorney, said recently. "The only person going to jail in connection with this is the person who blew the whistle on it. In fact, if John had actually tortured someone, I don't think he would be going to jail."
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  2. This is happening alot more then people think. I cant for the life of me remember the names but I read it about 2 months ago. 
    Some FBI guys decided to be whistle blowers. So what happened was the full weight of the DOJ came against them. 20 lawyers for the one you have. They whittle you down. Many of the 4 FBI agents had to sell there houses, deplete there savings. The goal was to spend them into submission, have them sign papers recanting what they said then the DOJ goes away. 
    These guys were career FBI and pretty decent fellows. Just another example of the Obama everyone refuses to see. Hope and Change! Power your cars with peanuts and solar! The Arab Spring!
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    Better stop blowing that whistle then I guess.
    Whether you whistle blow or not they're gonna do whatever the fuck they want. They have the illusion of power.
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    yeah but just maybe if people keep blowing whistles then they may stop doing whatever they want.. or at least think harder about it.
    I don't think bending over is the answer..
  5. If we accept that they will always win it's over.
    I'm always heartened by the thought that ultimately there are a lot more of us than them, hence their desire to try to limit public assembly, etc. They fear us. We still have the upper hand if people are willing to stand up and be heard.
    Their system has a fatal flaw, it is powered by you and I.
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    We have to remember that we're talking about a government that has carried out criminal acts, including murder, and is now willing to put anyone behind bars who points this out. Doesn't this sound exactly like something you'd expect from a dictatorship in the middle east? Our governments are no longer making decisions that are in our best interests.
    These are people that we chose to represent us, and it's time to vote and make sure that they never see office again. Those of you who never vote because of this feeling that they create, that we can't change the system, don't believe a word of it. If voting in every election saw a full turnout from people like you and I it would be over for them. We vote them in, we can vote them out.
    Americans for are oblivious assholes, who really don't give a fuck. More people whistleblow...more people get killed by super assassins.
  8. Theres a good book out from a conservative called "The Liberty Amendments". Number 1 selling book in America so I think alot feel similarly. The book basically suggests that the founders "firewalls" have been breached and as it stands they can not fix themselves. 
    He suggest's a series of new Amendments added on to fix it...term limits etc. Highly suggested reading. 
    Both liberals and conservatives are starting to stir. We all agree I think that the IRS should not be targeting people, the NSA should not be rifling through our conversations, whistle blowers should not be punished. 
    They act with impunity. A great example is our lawmakers who on August 1st got a wavier for participating in Obamacare. Regardless of what you think of that that is pretty shitty that the people who passed it do not want it, but yet its just fine for you to be forced into it. 
    What there all hoping is you have the attention span of a gnat. In many ways we do. Everything is fast today but our government was intentionally designed to be slow. People loose interest in a issue in a weeks time today. 
    Thats what there hoping with all of this...that you just pick up the 30 second sound bite of Obama saying it never happens and you move on meanwhile they continue to participate in crimes against us. 
  9. You gotta listen to Too $hort and Blow the Whistle

  10. Knowledge is power. Whistle blow on your government today and save our tomorrow. 

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