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Obamas True intentions....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Yoda, Feb 10, 2012.

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    I don't understand what you mean by this. Just what are these sons and daughters brainwashed into believing? That wars are worth fighting? What you fail to understand is our enemies have declared war on us and we are not taking them seriously enough. People like you let others do your share of service and instead of appreciating what they are doing you sit back and think them fools for doing it. Much of what you believe is true but you haven't earned the right to make judgements on people who do serve their country. You say you would like "barack and mcain" to go serve? Don't you know McCain's history? You talk as if you don't. I'd like Barack to do a lot of things but he won't, and McCain has been there. Look up his service to our country and compare it to yours. You are the gullible one here. You have heard someone say this shit and you took it all in. Why don't you tell us one thing you have done in service to our country (if America is your country too, that is) or any country for that matter. That's my challenge to you. Tell us what have you done in service to your country. And look up McCains history during the Viet Nam war before you post anything about him sitting at home while sending others off to their fates. You have made a major blunder thinking that of him.
  2. Obama's intentions... Have America bend over and use no lube.

    Gotta say he's done a good job of it.
  3. Yup pretty damn good job, "capitalism whats that you say? I prefer my system of lobbyists and big bailouts paid for by the average citizen. har har har. I think ill use the constitution to wipe after i finish shitting on the american people some more." ~ barack obama
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    I think today was the deadline to put tougher sanctions on iran.


  5. Looks like a police state is just one call away for a "national emergency" and we're fucked. Hello FEMA :wave:
  6. You cant blame muslims for proganda you face everyday not every muslim is a radical. Also Obama isnt muslim hes a satanist imo his intentions are of the nwo so dont look at him for the source of your problems. In the next few months fucked things are going to happen because there trying to raise the third antichrist just my opinion may seem weird but idk its fucked.
  7. Of course you can blame muslims. If they are not radical, then they support radicals, directly or by standing by, mute, while their brothers slaughter innocents. The only solution for that cancer will be a Final Solution. Obama probably does want a nwo, and he pictures himself as the leader but everyone knows his spine is of jelly whether they support him or not. He cannot voice his true intentions because he knows he would be laughed out of office. Sure it's fucked, and has been for a while.
  8. What do you expect from someone with 2 years experience before the white house lmao. This isnt the 1700s....where you just makeit up as you go. Plus, after George Bush the clown, everyone thought anything could be possible.


  9. Obama is one of about 50 hand puppets for the KGB. His job is to basically be a fuck up. He is suppose to weaken America financially. Then start and ass-load of wars to weaken us even more so. we soon wont be able to have freedoms and we will be begging for help. from any one the KGB will step in and ofter us (help) now they have the us in their pockets. They can go forth on the plan for a one world order. to make it simple. will this work maybe.If it was just the KGB then i wold say most likely, but its not they have other big competitors. the Illuminati who have a similar plan but unless they can work out their problems we will be stuck in limbo with neither taking complete control and the world in the shiter.The Illuminati have lots of old money and are a well established influence. they hope to live to the singularity where they can live forever and have the rest of humanity as their slaves. The KGB hopes that they can live long enough to have complete control of the world and when they die they want to take the rest of us out with them. they have a good chance at doing this considering they have lots of high level politicians including the electoral console. and about 60% of the bailout money. do i think either one will succeed no i think we will be stuck in limbo until they die.by then since they both will be about 1/3 thought their plan the world will be a Sukey place to be when this shit happens. about 70% of us will die. just so you know actually think this this in not an April fools. will any body except one of the KGB hand puppets be elected no they one the biggest part of the electoral console. i will stop ranting now.

  10. [​IMG]

  11. you don't really believe he's Muslim do you??
  12. I dont know what he is...at that time it looked to me like thats what it was,.,,

    Now i believe he is just out to destroy the usa as we know it..imo
  13. Obama's intentions:

    1. Funnel as much money and power to his friends...at the cost of everyone else.

    2. Placate everyone else by saying 'it was necessary', 'Bush is to blame', 'it's not that bad', or whatever words people will buy.

    3. Get re-elected and continue plan for another 4 years.

    4. Get a book deal and give speeches to anyone willing to pay top dollar.

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