Obamas tolerance On Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by rocksmith, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. This painful to read the title, he's so god damn retarded. Oh the laughs we will have when it is fully legalized.
  2. I still think Obama will simply ignore the state vrs. federal fight. Yes his admin. is still persuing certian cases, but definatly not all. The closures of dispensaries I have read about have all been from people either violating the rules, opening their businesses too close to schools, or some other form of violation. IF the administration was actively going after dispensaries just to enforce Federal law, we would see almost all of them closed down and a huge Supreme Court battle taking place.
  3. Why wouldn't they go after the "low hanging fruit" first? Given the choice, many people probably don't want a pot shop in their neighborhood, and that sentiment will allow them to keep going after the most egrigeous breakers of the law have been cleared out. They won't stop until it is all under state control and the producers are all "approved corporate comrades."
    This script has become pretty predictable, really. We have alcohol to look back on, afterall.
  4. Agreed floating_by. Once our legislators realize legalization is going to happen the first thing they will do is arrange to have their corporate sponsors skip the line and advance to the permit stage. Of course they will find ways to lie about how it is safer, and better serves the community ect. This is the sad state of US politics.
  5. I think they are about 10 steps ahead and those who are getting the permits have already written the laws that will put them at the front of the line. We're just watching a PR spectacle at this point, and watching them begin to clear out any competition to profit. 
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