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  1. Was fucking amazing IMO!
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    Fuck yeah it was those were some powerful words.

    I actually came in the politics section to make a thread about it but you beat me to it.

    that speech made me smile while I watched it haha
  3. It was a great speach. I also thought John McCains concession speech was very good, too. I cant believe it I actually feel good about my country for the first time in a long time, i mean really good. This is such a great night
  4. Fuck yea that was an excellent speech. Obama is so eloquent, and I must say, I like this whole empowerment thing.
  5. both of them spoke very well
  6. Amazing speech, I have to download it somewhere.
  7. "Yes we can"


    "Yes we will"

    things will change for the better..

    we are a new country now..its time to embrace it
  8. I would like to know how he is going to make these "changes"...

    He is a very good speaker!
  9. Yea I wanna download that shit, Idk just something about it made you feel so good like everyone was united for once in a long time. Proud to be an american tonight!
  10. Obama can definatly give a really good speach, very inspiring considering i didnt support him. However, only time will tell if we are going to see any "change" whatever that may be....

    I thought mcain spoke very well also, I felt he was being honest, and i like the way he handled himself.
  11. NEW PUPPY OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I admit. He had me in tears. I only wish my grandpa, who died last year, could have seen this. I am truly glad to be an American. :)
  13. The speech was certainly very tactfully written. The way that he transitioned from the acceptance portion of it, to the I-am-now-your-commander-in-Chief portion was perfect. There is a lot of concern in this country (unfortunately) that he will not be able to carry out the duties of a President but he absolutely did a great job of expressing that he will work damn hard for the American people. I'll certainly give him props for that.

    My feeling when he first came out to speak was the most marvelous of all my feelings regarding, quite possibly, the entire election. It was the first time I felt truly comforted by this idea of a new president who I feel I can actually trust in so many regards.

    Incredible speech. I will just go ahead and say it. I'm really pleased with the whole thing!

    Now, as far as gay marriage and GLBT rights are concerned during this time, I am not too fucking happy. Lots of work to do. Lots and lots.
  14. Did I remember to say LOTS.. of work to do..?!

    Because, really, everyone, if you support gay and lesbian rights AT ALL, I want for you to please not forget that some of the news this election year brings is very devastating to this cause.

    Consider AK's Initiative 1: Ban on Gay Couples Adopting Children, and AZ prop. 102: Ban on Gay Marriage, as well as Cali's prop 8 and FL's amendment 2. Look into these, if you are not already familiar with them and what they mean!

    The fear and hate maintained by many of the ignorant, uninformed people in this country still outweighs the love and tolerance had by so many others. Why support hate!?

    Please, in all your celebration for the Democrats and for Obama, don't forget that the rights of many Americans are being forgotten!!
  15. Bump.

    Would like to see some more discussion about this!!
  16. His speech was amazing (John McCain's was very good too).

    I know people mock the hope and change bit, but he really does give me some hope for this country, and I think that's probably the most important thing a president can do.

    He's going to make changes by inspiring people to make changes. Change can only come from us... and he can help lead us there.

    (lol... ok that sounded a bit cultish, but I'm soooooooooo happy today :hello:)
  17. i love both of the presidential candidates speeches but barack obama's is amazing. how he carefully said important details on how he will revive hope in america gave me tears because it felt so genuine and everyone listened to him. let's all wake up with a positive outlook because our voices are finally heard, at least to those who are concerned.

    time to Barack'N'Roll!
  18. The saddest picture you'll see today:

  19. I thought it was a very moving, powerful speech. What really got to me tho was seeing Jesse Jackson crying. I mean, here's a guy who marched with Dr. King, stood with him as he gave the famous I have a dream speach, and was with him when he was shot in Memphis. To see those tears streaming down his face, I was just very moved on many different levels. I could only imagine what he was feeling, and I felt an ovewhelming sense of pride in being an American - a pride that I'm not sure I have ever truly felt before last night. Seeing the gatherings all around the world, it hit me that we have really began a new era in America.
  20. It was alright. Why didn't he talk about Biden though and what he was going to do with him. Vice President is almost just as important as the president himself. I think i've heard better speeches during his campaign. It was a weak one. I was laughing at all the Americans crying and shit. Grow up.

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