Obamas Speech on NSA Reforms

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    You can view the speech here: 
    I feel little reform has been made to the capabilities of the NSA, and that their power has not been reduced. At the same time, I feel a greater understanding for the threats posed to governments worldwide, and their need to keep and store private information. However, vast and outright collection of private information is certainly not the answer, and to me, it is a matter of when, not if, this power will be abused.
    My question to you all, where is the common ground? This issue is not as simple as disbanding programs or continuing them as is.

  2. If they were interested in reforming they would be prosecuting someone other than Edward Snowden. 
  3. The guy lied on national tv about not spying on the american people. why should we take anything else he says as truth?
  4. "I never believe anything the government tells me."  -- George Carlin.
    Governments never give up power willingly. A political speech will pacify most of the masses.
  5. What a load of shit! I skipped around for a few minutes but couldn't stomach watching over 40 minutes of that lying pompous ass. He has the nerve to compare the NSA to what they were doing in the revolutionary war? And then talks about our tradition of limited government! Hahaha! You can't make this shit up. I am throwing a bbq party the day this motherfucker and his sorry ass family are tossed out of the Whitehouse.
  6. "America has special responsibility as the worlds only super-power." This guy is so unlikeable. 
  7. I voted YES.  The real changes will be for the worse.  If we don't hear of another 'Edward Snowden' whistle blower in the near future I doubt it will be due to the nsa being cleaned up.
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    The simple fact that they have this program in place is an abuse of power. It doesn't matter what they do with the information, whether it's "legal" or not, this program is unjust and absolutely (beyond Orwellian) insane.
  10. my bad, i shouldnt have left that question ambiguous. fixed now. 
  11. @[member="Colt"] Classic
    Excellent point.  The point must also be made that there were violations in privacy just setting up the collection system, let alone collecting the information without consent.
    While I'm not at all versed on the details  of these "agreements", at least with the myfaces and the imusics of the world there is a contract.  
  12. Note how how certain Congressmen are speaking out against the NSA.
    ALL appropriations must start in the House. Nobody gets any money without it first being approved by Congress. They could de-fund the entire agency tomorrow if they wanted to.
    The point is: (collectively) THEY DON'T WANT TO.
    Sadly it will make no difference.  The POTUS's come and go, but the oligarchy that runs this country never steps down.  I don't like our POTUS, but this NSA shit is way above him, existed before him, and will continue after he's gone. 
  14. I agree to an extent but lime Fizzly said, between him and congress they could shut this shit down today. They just don't want to. He would rather just lie straight to our faces and let the bullshit keep going. They are pissing directly on our heads without even the courtesy of calling it rain and still the people do nothing.

    Here are the cliff notes from the speech in case you couldn't stomach it either. Basically we will keep doing as we please for your own good.

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  15. Barak and no bite. liar liar liar
    I understand, I'm just saying hating on the POTUS directly is a distraction from the true problem.  If the NSA was violating our privacy rights before Obama, during Obama, and after Obama then I tend to think Obama is nothing more than a puppet figure head.  I don't think Obama has the power to shut down the NSA, so hating on just him seems to mirror the spoon fed bullshit that so much of our propaganda news is serving us.  The head of the snake that needs to be cut off, stays hidden.
    Its not really a snake anymore, more of a hydra.
    I know I was just using a common phrase.
  19. What amazes me is that almost all of the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence could be brought up again in today's context. Replacing 'foreign' with 'federal' and 'king' with 'president' and we will see some startling similarities. Of course, any revolutionary effort would have been incredibly hard to mobilize had their every communication been monitored and stored.
    But you are intelligent enough to know that the POTUS isn't a king.  If so, he wouldn't step down from power.  The power we need to fear doesn't show itself publically or at least not to where media and civilians can hold it accountable.

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