Obamas Oval Office Speech

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  1. Who's watching it? Your thoughts on the subject/the significance?

    Just curious who's following this with me:smoke:
  2. Retarded. He's not even addressing on anything. All I hear is 'WE NEED MORE REGULATION! otherwise this will happen..."
  3. Yeah at least he's willing to call out the short comings of the current system, I just don't believe he's reaching the goals he's setting or claiming to set. So far I agree with what he's said about what we need to fix, I'm just not hearing any ideas on how from him.
  4. Damn, I forgot to watch it. What was the jist of his speech? I figured he wouldn't say much besides BS, I guess I'll have to find a recording.
  5. he should just come out and say it: the gulf coast is fucked. bp's stock will take a temporary loss allowing the board to buy back public shares at fire sale prices before it eventually goes back up making the board of directors even more rich then they already are. shit makes me sick....
  6. That's what all president does and gov, of course. They dance around the question and giving you all these logical ideas of how can we do this.

    Gov and the company ain't going fix these issues at all, AT ALL. All they do is delay longest they can. It's been almost 60 days since this happen and I still see no solution to this problem at all. Honestly, if this happened in ancap society, people would get their ass up and try fix this problem quickly as possible. The ocean would been saved within 2 weeks, tops.

    Fuck the govs and big corporations.
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    The same as always, flashy buzzwords and the fact that we need reforms in place to change whats happening. He's a great speaker but I feel like that's all he is, right now what the country needs is a strong leader not someone who can hold a good speech.

    To be fair the situation thats being dealt with is something that hasn't come up before the pressure and temperatures are extraordinary. I don't pretend to know too much about this I've just been following along since the begining and from my understanding it is something pretty complex. I do, however, agree that this is going to be a good profit builder for the directors should their stock jump back up like it most likely will

  8. We don't need a goddamn leaders. leader can't do jack shit except lead the sheeps to death.
  9. With all due respect I disagree, right now what we have is a company acting in its best interest which fucked up tremendously and did not have proper contingency plans in place to handle a situation like this. The purpose of the state and its executors should be to handle situations like this, otherwise what is it for?
  10. LOL! I am watching the Q&A with Obama's bitch, Robert Gibbs. The answer to a man's question about his kid asking what an oil drenched fish was. He mentioned about the cleanup being long and hard, much like the dick in his ass....

    It's saddening to see this guy not answer the questions. He's just jumping around the answer and pulling it out of his ass.

  11. Yeah I'm watching the analysis on CNN and I have to say I agree that no one is really answering any questions just jumping around like they do have a dick up their ass.
  12. Just as I figured.

    Obama is using the oil spill to push his environmental agenda which means banning off shore drilling.

    No surprises here.
  13. No, it is not up to the states and the gov to solve this. It is the companies job to make sure this doesn't happen. They should of thought about this before installing the oil rig in middle of the ocean. When people don't like this idea, they won't support the company but too bad, we got regulations that people have no choice but to pay the company so they can drive anywhere.

    When company refuse to fix the problem, it is the citizen's job to over throw the company and fix the issue quickly as possible. It is much easier to fix the companies problem then it is for the gov to fix it. When gov try to fix it, they go 'regulation' routine like always. It is been done for thousands of years and all they do is make it worse than before.

    Every 10 years, terror happens and the gov steps in and says, we need more regulations. Obama just said that we need more regulations, as did bush back during 9/11? Same with Clinton, Reagon and many more. Is it coincidence that this is a inside job? Hmmm, something is fishy here.
  14. If he was able to make happen everything he just "committed" to, i would vote to re-elect him in the next election. Assuming that said results were of GOOD outcome, and he managed not to break the country attempting to make it clean.
  15. @maxrule I don't think it means a banning of off shore drilling, so far its only a moratorium for six months which I don't see lasting very long. Oil is still a vital part of our economy and I think he realizes that we just need a little more information on it before we start anything we can't handle again.

    And southernsmoke I agree with you, I'd totally vote for him if he can accomplish even some of what he's set out to do. Its just frustrating hearing him talk about all the problems we've all known the system is bogged down with and not seriously doing anything about it.
  16. I don't think its an inside job, we have a reactionary system that only really places regulations when a problem occurs and people get pissed. I agree that the company should be held responsible for the clean up since they have the expertise in this field however I think the states need to be in charge of their coastline and maritime damages with a Federal backing and support.
  17. Are you serious?!

    Yup, you're a sheep.


  18. SO SO SO with you on this one.

    I mean, regulation is good and all (assuming it does not overstep our freedoms, as the trend normally goes.) But DUDE, regulate AFTER the hole is plugged.
  19. I'm a sheep because I'm not a conspiracy theorist? Look man, I'm not looking to start shit but really passing regulations after an incident isn't grounds for an "inside job".
  20. I agree with this. But the conspiracy counterpoint to this is that the evidence for the event being purposeful is the fact that this is happening with impeccable timing as far as the agenda our president is working though.

    I mean the man completely reversed his position on offshore drilling just prior to this happening in order to throw republicans a bone. Then KABLAM a disaster happens that completely reinforces his original stance. This is like freshly cooked bacon for the conspiracy theory dogs to knaw on.

    My personal opinion is the man made promises without having a clue as to whether or not keeping them was possible. This being one of them, i wonder what other promises he made will go bad, or be reversed.

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