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  1. Could anyone fill me in on what his health care plan is all about? I heard about it plenty of times but only of people talking down at the idea, i have never heard anything about what the hell he is changing and how it is actually going to affect me.

    If anyone could fill me in or point me to websites with detailed info i would appreciate it. i work all the time, if im not working im sleeping or finally getting a chance to hang out with some people so i just completely missed all the info about obamas health care plan.

    It wasnt until i saw this "mandating that people get health insurance to share the cost burden fairly among all. Those who failed to get coverage would face financial penalties" that i decided i really need to get info on this shit.
  2. We are taking on a unsustainable program which we can not afford to pay for years down the road.

    They want to take over the Health Care industry and Keep raising taxes so we can continually cover the whole population, certain percents will face higher income taxes than others, paying more money into the system to cover the majority of citizens, then we all have the same healthcare. If you go in a line and you spend $5,000 a year on healthcare, you should be getting around the same treatment as the guy who spends $1,000. The lines will be longer, we'll be understaffed, overworked, their salaries will decrease and we'll be trying to continually cover the whole population as they keep growing each year so we'll be facing higher income taxes each year to continue paying for this.

    The government wants more power, intruding the constitution to take over the free market healthcare and bully us into this option.
  3. annonymous, you just spouted off the right wing talking points word-for-word without taking a second to think or research for yourself.
  4. Well obama did say " we all have to pay to insure our car and that doesnt rase taxs" but not everyone drives cars. Its hard to pass a law that says you have to have health care, pay for it yourself that way when you need it healthcare wont be there for you.
    phff its just a smoke screen to keep people of the other big issues. not that this isnt a big issue ,I just wanted to add my 2 cents.
  5. what kind of research you want?

    it's common sense.

    want me to post links of long lines in Canada for a routine check up? or how about statistics of our population continually rising yearly. In 2020 whites are projected to be the minority. Taxes will of course rise to cover the majority of the population because the top wealth is only in the top 10% of Americans, need a statistic for all of this or shouldn't this be considered common knowledge, oh wait, our money doesn't pay to inform our children of politics, new rulings and laws.

    This is a Marijuana FORUM and OUR government keeps it illegal, the most common medicine which would help a lot of illnesses freely. They don't even consider it medicine and classify it on same drug scale as heroin, substance I.

  6. Really? For routine checkups? I have a family doctor who I've never had any issue getting hold of when I need to, and when I decided to go to the clinic for a slight sore throat and a bit of mucus that felt like it was in my chest, there was 0 in line and I walked in, got a 5 day antibiotic prescription and walked out in 5 minutes.

    Wow, what a waiting line!

    The only time I've ever been to emergency for falling off my bike as a little kid, I was seen almost immediately.
    I read stories on the Internet about wait lines, but I've never seen nor heard of em.
  7. It is a plan to tax (Steal from) you more. That is it.
  8. Honestly I don't think Obamacare will workout as planned take a look At Social Security and Medicare there going to go broke, what would happen if everyone had Social Security and Medicare???

  9. where are you from? lets see your population compared to Americas.
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    How is population relevant? We're working in percentages.

    edit: Vancouver, Canada

    And I'm not sure how you can justify spouting talking points when he asked for a straightforward description of what the bill entailed, rather than an argument concerning it.

  11. i listen what entails with the bill, sorry if looking down the road is a stupid and pointless idea, i know Americans haven't done it in ages so why start now?

    America has the 3rd highest population, Canada has the 36th. We pretty much have 10 Americans per Canadian.

  12. 10 american doctors per canadian doctor too.

    And 10 american tax dollars per canadian tax dollar.

  13. looks like we should already be able to afford it without raising taxes then, oh wait, our government doesn't manage our money, and neither does the Federal Reserve, and we both know no one manages them.
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    That's both false and irrelevant to the discussion. Is it relevant to the matter at hand which race you believe will be a minority in 11 years?

    According to the Census Bureau, The percentage of people in America who are white goes from approximately 79.50% down to a projected estimate of 78% of the population in 2020, a whopping 1.5% drop. Even in 2050, whites are projected to be 73.98% of the population.
    So when does this supposed minority status for whites begin? Perhaps you meant 2120.

    Population Projections - 2008 National Population Projections: Summary Tables
    under "Projections of the Population by Race and Hispanic Origin for the United States: 2008 to 2050".

  15. Whites will be minority throughout the world, whites have always been the "oppressor" i bet you assume and that means they were the "wealthy". They are declining in fertility while other ethnic groups rise.
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    I'm afraid I have said nothing about who is the "wealthy" or "oppressor". But if you wish to think that is what I think, by all means continue to think that.

    Alright, then...

    (rough) Population in millions by country: China 1,311: India 1,122: United States 299: Indonesia 225: Brazil 187: Pakistan 166: Bangladesh 147: Russia 142: Nigeria 135: Japan 128.

    Approximate population by region, in millions: Asia 3970, Africa 925, Europe 730, Latin/South America/Carribean 560, North America 330 and Oceania 35.

    from http://www.prb.org/pdf06/06WorldDataSheet.pdf

    But if you can show me that whites are not a minority in the world right now, and that they will first achieve worldwide minority status in 2020, I will be very much impressed.

    I must ask, where is this current white majority of which you reference? If whites are currently not a minority group, logic dictates they are probably a majority group.
    If we assumed everyone in North America, Europe, and Oceania to be white, which they are certainly not, our hypothetical number of whites is about 1.1 billion, compared to about 3.9 billion individuals living in what is loosely considered Asia - people we can probably consider to be mostly of Asian ethnicity.

    But to modify my original question - how does your assertion that whites will be a minority worldwide in 2020 - which is untrue, they already are a minority worldwide and have been for some time - relate to a discussion on Obama's health care plan for America?

  17. steadily rising population is unsustainable, The Wealthy Anglo Saxon Elite isn't mass producing babies, because a. they don't get a tax deductible. b. they don't want to spend that much money raising a bunch of children. 3. they don't get money back from the government to help raise them. I don't see how you continually taxing the shit out of Anglo Saxons and the high middle class will ever help our Country better itself.

  18. I've been to hospitals quite a few times in my life, and I can tell you that despite all the problems you here about Canada's healthcare system, if you need the help badly you go through right away. An example I can give is I broke my finger and had to get it set, and I was waiting from like 10 to 2. My brother broke his leg in 2 places skateboarding, and didn't have to wait at all.
  19. I didn't say anything about the Wealthy Anglo Saxon Elite mass producing babies or "taxing the shit out of Anglo Saxons and the high middle class".
    I did not even discuss my position on Obama's vague, inadequate plans for reforming health care, yet you are insisting I want to "continually tax[ing] the shit of out of Anglo Saxons...". You nearly make it sound like Anglos are taxed by their race and not their income.

    It's almost as if you're responding to someone else's post.

    I just want to know 1) what your source is that whites are not a minority currently in the world, and/or that they "will be" a worldwide minority in 2020. They already are and have been for a long time.
    I would also like to know 2) how this supposed worldwide minority status of whites relates to a discussion of health care in America. America's population is growing, that's obvious to anyone; the population has been growing steadily for a long time.

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