Obama's Civilian Conscription (I.E. Slavery to the State)

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  1. An article I pulled from prisonplanet.com ..this infuriates me to no end..I wish people could see such acts as this, and see proof of the state seizing us and turning us into their slaves..

  2. if you really believe this why are you going to your job everyday and living life like this isnt going to happen.
  3. well for one..i really dont have a choice just yet..

    as long as the status quo remains, i remain completely powerless, except i gain freedom from understanding my chains..

    this is why i hope and pray for an apocalypse to occur..or something that will wake humanity from its comfortable lethargy

    EDIT: but as a college student, I will not participate in any drafting, civilian or military..when such a bill passes..im out of the country immediately following that annoucment
  4. About the author...

    Not that this is an exceptionally paranoiac right wing fear monger, but seriously, who the fuck is this putz?

    Let me know when to head for the Batcave...

  5. I would hope it will be apparent to you with your own eyes..cant help those who dont want my help

    i know your not a brainless sap..but could i really care if those who are cattle in all but name and species are enslaved or not..

    i intend to keep my freedom, or perish
  6. Well best of luck with that, you have never lived a free moment of life yet, if you are willing to swallow words from the John Birch society's minions.

    That organization is rife with sexism, classism, and racism, so if thats your idea of freedom...well, have at it.

    Freedom is just another word that means nothing, if you don't free your mind.

  7. its not like i dont see their error's..but just because the author is a douchebag..doesnt mean his words in this article do not have merit

    i mean..obama's call to change the nation is all over the news, so its not just from this guy

    and yes..freedom can only be claimed spiritually IMO..but this is the wrong forum for that

    and i am not swallowing his words anyway..i felt this way when obama first mentioned it in his campain

    also..i do not think humanity would ever be free as long as culture and society remain..humans were meant for tribal settings..if we are to know peace with ourselves and our fellow species
  8. It's not a draft, its job creation!

  9. I think it's really a more simple issue that you're all making it. It isn't this esoteric freedom vs. tyranny thing.

    I think the biggest hurdle is that the US federal government has shown time and again that it is bureaucratically incompetent, especially when it comes to people management.

    Even if this proposal was a good idea; it would never work effectively with the institutions currently in play.
  10. I think that the federal government's incompetence is in direct relations to the ability of its citizenry to discuss solutions to problems without emotions like fear being injected into the equation.

    We must learn to diagnose social ills and economic woes as if they were diseases, and learn the most effective way to combat the problem without seeing everything through bi-polar prisms that can only produce extreme responses.

    Extremism is ridiculous.

    As for doing government work, it ain't all that bad, actually. Just ask the city of Las Vegas! Their existence was made possible, by this little present to the future, from the public works of F.D. Roosevelt, even though they named it after the wrong president.

    If we can produce public works like this, by creating 'jobs',is that a problem for you?
  11. Good show! Some very valid points there.

    I agree, and really can't find anything more to add.
  12. socialist answers are not appropriate for capalist problems..

    and its not like the great depression where jobs were created...if you look into the article it states that community service will be mandated for all middle, high school, and college students..
  13. And it offers nothing for proof but empty words.
    How is any advisor of Newt Gingrich even relevant to the 21st century? Is he even in public office? Wasn't he the guy who was fixated on Bill Clinton's sex life?

    This article, the OP, is just some slanted takes on ice fishing, for it has nothing to stand on that won't melt under a little scrutiny.

    Its just some huckster selling books to folks who want to be led by the nose. Fuck him.

    And I mean that in a nice way, really.:smoke:
  14. I had to do a certain number of community service hours in order to graduate high school. Wasn't that hard.
  15. We must also learn to find the causes of our disease, which we now see as the proposed cure. The diverse populace of America makes it very difficult for vast national programs as well.

    And the Hoover dam had nothing to do with Roosevelt's New Deal, it was in fact Hoover's own brain child! It was named Hoover damn while Hoover was in office, then Roosevelt changed it back to Boulder Dam when he got in, but they eventually changed it back to Hoover.... Just thought you should know...
  16. You don't go premoting nationalism by forcing people to do things, we learned how this could backfire in Vietnam.
  17. True, much like many of the public works programs that may begin now, they have been conceptualized by previous administrations.

    But The W.P.A.'s program, is what made the bargain basement price of this monolith to free enterprise possible, and thus, helped establish a wave of pure unadulterated capitalism that has not been eclipsed anywhere outside of Dubai.
  18. What is being proposed by Obama that will match the scale and benefits of the Hoover dam? Isn't it just a bunch of road repair?
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    That's exactly what people said about this dam.

    And the Salt River Project. And The Golden Gate Bridge.

    And the Interstate highway system.

    All public works, all very necessary and useful. And republicans bitched like crazy about all of them.

    The keywords are necessary, and useful. But we'll always get some pork with our beans, and so the propaganda war will continue firing extremists up for a war against their own good.

    How about this little public works beauty? It holds back the water, and generates the power for most of Oregon...and Washington...etc.
    Grand Coulee Dam is a hydroelectric gravity dam on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington. In the United States, it is the largest electric power producing facility[2] and the largest concrete structure.[3] It is the fifth largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world. The top producing dams are the Three Gorges Dam in China, the Guri Dam in Venezuela, the Itaipu Dam on the border of Paraguay and Brazil, and the Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam in Russia.

    The reservoir is called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake, named after the United States President who presided over the completion of the dam. The foundation was built by the MWAK Company, a joint effort of several contractors united for this purpose. Consolidated Builders Incorporated, including industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, completed the dam. The United States Bureau of Reclamation supervised the contractors and operates the dam. Folk singer Woody Guthrie was commissioned by the Bonneville Power Administration to write songs about the Columbia Basin Project; the songs Roll On Columbia and Grand Coulee Dam are part of that series.

    Once again, labor from the WPA made this feasible, even though they get no credit.
  20. I can see myself supporting public works programs that benefit a large amount of people, like providing electricity for an entire state, but looking through Obama's stimulus I just don't see anything worthwhile.

    Each of those dams cost about $1 billion adjusted for inflation... Obama is spending a shitload of money on nothing.

    Do you know how they came up with the original bailout number?

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