Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fake

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9StxsFllY]YouTube - Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 1 ( Layers )[/ame]

    I'm not going to comment on this again cause there are always people who think they are smarter then everyone else and that our government would never lie even when the proof is right in front of them. Later.
  2. Yes another birther that came out of the wood work... Do you want to see a death certificate also?
  3. ok i will comment, watch the video man, jeeze do you not know how to see and read and listen? that's all you need to do. Oh but of course you're more qualified to disect a document in adobe then this guy, even though his job is doing just that, but you're smarter then he is, he's just a silly birther... god and people are sayin im crazy, this is getting ridiculous
  4. Its cool because the goverment lies about certain things, but this is dumb.
  5. I am watching this "guy" sounds about 16 years old. Do you employ him? How would you know if he is qualified to dissect these .pdf files? Sorry but your logic and your grammar both fail.
  6. my logic is he's probably in college and even if not, he knows what he's talking about, I know enough about pdfs myself to back that up. And shit do you want me to get my friend who was offered jobs writing software when he was 17 to figure this out? He's pretty much a genious. I mean if you want I will have a very qualified person tell you the same thing. Or are you just going to not believe anybody no matter how qualified they are?
  7. so were back to this?
  8. All I am saying is that this is just a kid on youtube lmfao... Maybe that carbon dioxide fucked your spelling up?

    @Zar this is probably the only thing we will agree on...
  9. were making baby steps :)
  10. well.. why didn't you say so in the 1st place?

    "probably in college", sounds pretty qualified to me.
  11. Whether Obama is a citizen or not, nothing will change
  12. Birthers are stupid.
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    Whenever I need relief from my own country's hectic and petty politics, I just watch some American news. It centres me and reminds me, that things could be much, much, much, much worse.

    Notably... the subject of this thread.

    EDIT: also, I want to extend my condolences to those who take American politics seriously and have to contend with this insanity... you're gluttons for punishment.
  14. Actually, I would love to.

  15. :rolleyes: Lmfao...
  16. lol. I had to.
  17. But if you notice in the video he says there is a birth certificate somewhere. The faked part was mainly the date and signiture. And they are deffinatly fake.... who knows y.... the government lies bout all sorts of shit. But there is a birth certificate from Hawaii with his name on it..... the date is just wrong and has a different name listed for mother LOL. For all we know he's sealing someones identity.... who cares.... I'm not re-electing him.
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    Unfortunately the electoral colleges may be, I hate our election system, we decide fuckin nothing
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    True true.... not to mention all the voter fraud. I seen some shit the other day on the news.... they took a group of mentally retarded adults to the voting center last election. They interviewed one guy who thought he voted for Gerald Ford. Magically his vote went in for Obama. And I'm not that political but my father in law has told me Obama is tied to some group called ACORN. I guess they got in some shit for voter fraud but I honestly couldn't tell ya.... that's just what he was telling me lol

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