Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deutschbag, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1045687.html

    Looks like nothing will change when it comes to policy with Israel, of course I didn't expect otherwise with Emanuel, Biden, and Hilary at his side. I hope Obama and Hilary's diplomacy works. This can only draw more anger from extremists.
  2. So much for diplomacy.
  3. *sigh* can we wait until he drops the nukes before we go questioning Obama?:rolleyes:

  4. That's american politicians for you, say one thing to get elected and do another. Where's all the sheep that will justify this?
  5. Is this what turret's challenged VP Biden was referring to? Is this the test that will show Obama has a spine of steel?
  6. Neither Israel or Iran are Arab countries. :rolleyes:
  7. Okay, no, this is bullshit. First off, Fuck Israel, if they still got beef with Iran, then fuck them, that's their own problem. Maybe if they wern't so aggressive, there would be no beef between them. Second of all, fuck Obama, if he's gonna go through with this, that means were just one step closer to seeing the annihilation of the human race, and over what? because some country exists in the middle of nowhere desert? wtf kind of reason is that!? Damn dude, its time the people of America start to listen, and look where this is going. None of our politicians are listening to us anymore, they're just in it for themselves. Riots in Greece are only the beginning, Its our duty as a democratic nation to kick out the government if it is failing us, well, nows the time, fight back, riot, everywhere across America, we need to do this if Obamas plan for change is to fight one nuke with even more nukes. Comeon guys this is our time to stand up, make them listen to us in one united voice, don't let it pass by, otherwise we may all be dead by then.
  8. Israel is a failed state. It never could have succeeded, and its time that it is put to rest before millions are killed due to political games.
  9. well we would obviously have to do something if israel was attacked...they are our allies and if we sit back and do nothing a negative global image may be projected
  10. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    All Israel has to do is go back to 1948 borders, follow UN resolutions 194 and 242, and share 'Al Quds' or Jerusalem with the natives and there would be no problem.

    They have been run by an idiotic regime, supported by America, which will not make appeasements for peace. The solutions are so simple, and the majority of Jewish Israelis even agree with the terms of the 1992 Oslo accord which never went into effect.

    To quote Ahmidinejad, the occupying regime needs to vanish from the pages of time.
  11. Israel will never give up any land to the Palestinians. And even if they did, the rest of the middle east will never accept even their reduced existence as a state on their holy land.

    1948 was before the rise of radical Islam. Things are different now buddy.
  12. yeah us in the west forget that Iran even though have arab traites they are truely persian which is a slight difference.

    Radical religion has been around since before the dark ages, it has only been since 911 we have tried tagging on religion with radicals. Aaronman is right, you are talking pretty nieve when it comes to this subject, there are probly just as many radical christians who feel the need to protect Israel is on the top of our list and would advocate nuclear war. The fact is 99% of the middle east would be more than happy with israel if they went back to there 48' borders, the other 1% would be ignored and life would move on.
  13. Where do you get your sources, the White House press release?

    According to an Al-Najah University study the majority of Palestinians support Israeli withdrawal, and would be happy with it. Over 70% support a ceasefire. You think the families over there enjoy the violence? Are they all radical Islams to you?

    The only thing different today is the use of anti-Palestinian propaganda on simpletons.
  14. i think they made the right move.
  15. I typed a huge response to this and lost it by working on this dumb fucking laptop and accidently clicking back in Internet Explorer sooo...

    1. Radical Islam will not rest until Jeruselum is controlled by Muslims. It is essentially their only goal. Conflicts with Americans only began because of our support for the Israeli state.

    2. Even if a ceasefire and land distribution did occur, terrorist attacks will continue on Israel. Militia groups dont usually listen to politicans too well.

    3. The palestinian public may support a ceasefire, but Iran and the rest of the middle east most definetly do not. They only wish for the holy land to be controlled by Muslims, and as long as Israel owns Jeruselum these conflicts will never end.
  16. I disagree, The Israelis were fine with the UMN resolution, it was Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq were the ones who did not accept it. They started the Arab Israeli war when they invaded Israel the day after independence was declared.
    They attacked and lost. To the victor goes the spoils of war, every time the Arabs attack they get their ass kicked and lose more land. Maybe they should quit acting like Wiley Coyote and try a new approach.
  17. 1. Radical Islam exists becasue we violate their sovereignty through foreign occupation and support of oppressive regimes. Conflict with America began when we instated the Shah of Iran in 1953.

    2. Terrorists will continue to attack, but the more we strive to reach the needs of all inhabitants fewer will enlist. The Israeli acts of genocide against Palestinians is a huge motivating factor for 'terrorists'.

    3. I do not believe that is not true, please provide a source. Even the radical Ahmidinejad doesn't agree with that, they just want equal representation for their people and an end to the zionist regime. Just like America will want an end to this fascistic two party regime we have.

  18. Sorry if I confused you, I meant go to pre-1967's Six day War borders, where Israel pre-emptively attacked the Arab allies and took control over all the controversial land they have today. Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. These territories were in the sights of Israel since before their creation, and they hold economic and military importance.

    If Israel would simply return these lands the whole conflict would end. But they have been systematically making that harder and harder over the years by increasing Israeli development on the lands.

    The two UN resolutions I referenced demand Israel return these lands to their rightful owners, which only Israel refuses to acknowledge.

    The attack against Israel after they gained independence from the British in 1948 was completely different.

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