ObamaNet: Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Colts, May 6, 2011.

  1. Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

    What do fellow GC'ers think about this?
  2. Obama's just trying to keep us safe.
  3. .................It's for the kids.....?
  4. That sounds like BS to monitor people.
  5. Agreed. Safety first, or shit like this happens:

  6. What I hate about all this is, that our government can lie and steal and break laws all the time, and then they pass some bullshit legislation like this to monitor and keep tabs on everyone who uses the internet. It's ridiculous and unconstitutional. I refuse to put up with this until our government officials are held accountable and we are able to spy and harrass them just as much as they are able to spy and harrass us. This is not 'protecting americans', it's creating a police state where anything the government says goes. And when that government is no longer listening to the will of the people (which is obvious at this point) then what right do they have to tell us what to do? They don't! When are people going to do something! What the hell is wrong with Americans these days! This country was founded on the basis that we shouldn't have to put up with this shit!!!
  7. I don't even understand why Obama is even spending time on things like this... the internet seems to be working just fine the way it is. Go do something else.

    When has someone thought? Damn I really wish America had an online identity system right now... it would make things so much better.
  8. yup..

    i hate forgetting passwords... and now with the governments help, i never will again.
  9. Dude, I know - what the FUCK?

    What the fuck do they care about our passwords??? :mad:
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    "We are not talking about a national ID card," Locke said at the Stanford event. "We are not talking about a government-controlled system.

    Gary Locke is the US Commerce of Secretary

    "Schmidt stressed today that anonymity and pseudonymity will remain possible on the Internet."

    Is that until I want to buy something? Where do gift cards come in to play with this Obama?
  11. it's just a harmless "identity ecosystem" it sounds so peaceful..
  12. Who votes? Old people.

    Who forgets their passwords? Old people.

    Think about it....
  13. especially stoned old people :( :eek:
  14. and people who have memory disorders that could actually buy something for someone without losing a password whether it was written down or not..

    Also people who shake and are unable to actually type in passwords for their online accounts.

    It doesn't seem all to bad to me really. Those people need help buying stuff and passwords are slowing them down.

    The Obama Administration is currently drafting what it's calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

    Also I suppose it won't go down to every single account you hold on the internet?

    I really hope this gets explained to the fullest extent.

    Am I going to be scanned?
  15. The internet is an extremely powerful tool. Perhaps the most powerful tool since the invention of gunpowder. There's no way our bureaucrats are gonna let that power just go by the wayside, and allow people to be themselves. Are you crazy, son? There's power and money to be gained!
  16. To quote the infamous trailer park boy Ricky,

    "What the fuck do you get for conkin' over beavers? You go to jail for that?"

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