Obamacare's fate to be decided by the Supreme Court

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  1. Hopefully the last line of defense for our "checks and balances" declares mandated healthcare US unconstitutional, unless you can opt out of it.
  2. Checks and balances? HA!
  3. This country is officially for the corporations, by the corporations, didn't you get the memo?:confused:
  4. [quote name='"Lay Low"']Checks and balances? HA![/quote]

    Yea I know that term nowadays is practically meaningless.

  5. Yup.

    Congress is in theory the most powerful branch of government.

    The states themselves are also very powerful, in theory.

    Then the Supreme Court is very powerful, in theory.

    The executive then has some power also, but certainly not greater power than the rest of the branches and states, in theory.

    Now for reality, the executive branch rules with near dictatorial power, and all other branches and the states bow down in subservience.

    Our system of government is now nothing at all like the Fathers envisioned. They would say we are in need of a revolution, and I'd agree.
  6. ^ I concur. We need to go back to when Congress was running the show, and the Presidency is a rather more of a formality. It is just time for a massive reform of the structure of our government.

    It should be some type of tradition, the people start a revolution whenever the government gets out of hand. Just to make sure the government gas the consent of the governed.
  7. We have a pretty 'activist' panel of Supreme Court justices, I wouldn't be shocked necessarily if they deemed this monstrosity constitutional.

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boQL_gJ-gsY]Why Obamacare is "the Most Important Case" in 50 Years: Q&A with Timothy Sandefur of PLF - YouTube[/ame]
  9. corporation hate Obama care:rolleyes:

    Unions love it tho:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  10. I don't know whether obamacare is any good, since it hasn't been tried, but since we're currently in last place in the industrialized world for health care, it can't be much worse than the current situation. Something must be done, either way.
  11. Did you hear that the lawyer arguing against Obamacare is a renowned libertarian and a professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown? I read about him in an extremely biased article in the New York Times today. He also participated in a Supreme Court case in which he tried to get Marijuana legalized he lost 6-3 :( Hope he has better luck this time.
  12. Is it Constitutional to have Congress force you to buy something? No, probably not. But if they were to cut out the middle man in Obamacare, i.e. "Insurance Companies", then there would be nothing for Congress to force you to buy.

    What should happen, is Congress and the President should set up a National, Federal Health Insurance Company, subsidized by the government.. aka the taxpayer (and yes, your taxes would go up), which would therefor provide every Citizen with health insurance and consequently, health care. Just like Canada, you can choose if you want government health insurance, or private insurance. But with the government insurance, you're not forced to Buy anything, because it's provided for you, because it comes out of your taxes.

    Old folks complaining of 'Socialism' guess what, the Get Insurance through your Employer thing doesn't really work anymore, its a sad & outdated system. Not just that, you'll be dead by the time im 40. In which case I'm going to plan ahead and say that my generation and the subsequent ones afterwards will want socialized healthcare. They did it with SSI dumb asses, and you seem to have no problem paying into that because you want your retirement. Well guess what, if you can have your retirement at 65, then I'm entitled to have my healthcare at age 1.

    I pay for your shit, why u no wanna pay for mine?

    There, problem sorted. Next, education.

  13. Guess who mandated that you have to get health insurance through your employers, it wasn't the business owners. ;)

    Thank you for volunteering to pay for my doctor visits, I'll be going every single day now since you've opted to pay for it. I'm also unemployed, disabled, what have you, so I can't do much for your health, but hey it's all good right :rolleyes:
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    Well you still plan on getting your retirement when you turn 65 don't you?

    Not just that we're the richest country on earth, or so we're told. I think we can afford to provide for the unemployed bums in our society.

    But if you really wanna get into it then how bout this, Unless your In school, or mentally disabled, you have to find a job in x amount of months otherwise you'll be cut off from Both SSI and Healthcare. Besides if you're disabled and unemployed anyway I doubt you're going to be of any productive use to society, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be taken care of. You're a product of an overpopulated society, so in effect it is everyone's fault that you exist, therefore everyone has to pitch in to take care of you.

    Does that make your conservative pay-my-own-way self feel better?

    Oh and btw, if the insurance through your employer was federally mandated, then would we have been better off if it wasn't? How many people who work now wouldn't have healthcare verses how many who work now who do... that is if your employer even does supply you with health insurance i.e. Mom & pops stores who cant afford it, or large corporations who want to cut costs.

    You're a victim of your own insanity.
  15. The guy who wants to fix prior government regulation of healthcare with further regulation of healthcare, claims I'm insane.

    How rich. :laughing:
  16. I never claimed govt. regulation of healthcare was bad, just that they went about it in the completely wrong way.

    Your way doesn't seem any better. Infact i'd go as far to say it helps less people & consequently hurts them.

    lulz ;)

  17. Not if I had any choice. I'd opt out of the SS Ponzi scheme in a heartbeat if I could. You must be out of your mind to actually want to participate in that joke of a program.

    Uh $15 trillion in debt ring a bell? We are broke.

    Also Obamacare is clearly unconstitutional. There isn't even anything to debate regarding that.
  18. Maybe if our government stopped squandering our tax dollars in wars shilling for the oil industry, we would have enough money for everyone to have healthcare.....

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