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Obamacare Guarantees Higher Health Insurance Premiums -- $3,000+ Higher

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Obamacare Guarantees Higher Health Insurance Premiums -- $3,000+ Higher - Forbes

    Oh wow what do you know another lie from Obama. I'm shocked.
  2. My girlfriends aunt who just recently graduated from this medical program here in california got a really nice job paying over $30 an hour. She deserved it since she was studying like a loon to pass the class, which she did above the other 10 students so it paid off. She was able to move into a nice apartment she could afford.

    Then she got fired this week and when asked why she said "Obamacare". I would have been horribly sad if she werent an Obama supporter.
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    It's only natural for premiums to go up..

    If they are forced to take on anyone with preexisting conditions, then rates would naturally go up. Someone has to pay for it lol..

    (not saying i'm against the preexisting condition thing.. i'm just saying)

    and edit:

    but why are big pharma companies even involved in government run healthcare?
    They must be making $$$ like crazy these days.
  4. of course they are making hand over fist in money..... who does everyone think WROTE obamacare? Jesus Christ himself? lol
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    didn't Obama sit at a desk and write it overnight?

    but yeah.. the whole thing stinks of corruption.

    do the other countries with gov't run healthcare also have to buy insurance from billion dollar corporations?
  6. If your an obama supporter you absolutely dont have a clue about real life. I didnt like mitt Romney. He was a placeholder guaranteeing an obama re-election. Still doesent change the fact that obama supporters are idiots. I guess the ones getting free phones, checks, foodstamps, and free healthcare arent stupid. But if your a working person and you voted for obama you should just kill yourself because your a cancer to humanity.

    Dont mean to offend anyone but the truth hurts! Sorry folks. You get what you deserve i guess.

    People are gonna say that humanity is giving these unfortunate people phones, checks, healthcare.

    When we do that we remove their drive to get those things for themselves. Therefore driving them lower.

    Also, when working folks pay for those people, they lose the ability to pay for themselves and thus end up on welfare as well. Leading to a downhill spiral where nobody has anything.

    Obamas view of welfare is that if a few people are doing without, then everyones gonna do without. Except the 1% like him at the top with their armed guards and $20 million taxdollar vacation.

    If you beleive in obama (or any political faction for that matter), im sorry, but your just feeding the beast.

    Humanity is empowering other people. Not giving them a free ride.

    Lots of democrats believe in evolution but then they intervene in social matters. Isnt it survival of the fittest abortionists? You support abortion and welfare? Contradiction.

    Listen, im not hating liberals.

    Liberals! Read the actual definition of liberalism! Wake up!

    These so called liberal heads like obama, bloomberg, cuomo, michale moore, peirs morgan.....they arent liberals!


    the state will destroy you! You cannot trust anyone other than yourself with your personal safety and wellbeing.

  7. OMG those crazy conspiracy theorists democrats!

    evolution.. :rolleyes:

    tell that to adam and eve and the dinosaurs they rode in on.
  8. Obama, Jesus, what's the difference?

    Obama wrote all 2700 pages in a matter of seconds, he's efficient.
  9. i's probably just doodles and ramblings, since he knew no one would read it anyway :p
  10. I bet it's about the intricate workings of 1860's railway systems in the Midwest
  11. Pretty funny considering you posting these words FIRST.

    First, someone, who shall not be mentioned, but it's name starts with a C, needs to try finding some reality.
  12. Trolling again I see? Have you posted anything that contributes to any thread? All I've seen you post is trash talking.

    You can't claim.a source isn't credible without citing credible evidence that the source isn't credible

    Please stop trolling
  13. MY contribution to the thread is to make sure YOU ill informed humans don't run around posting vomit without consequences.

    The SOURCE needs to actually HAVE info on it.
    Welcome to the United Nations
    this proves that there is a NWO!

    One humans troll is another persons reality check.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. You haven't done that. All you do is quote people and then rage in ALL CAPS saying "your evidence is invalid because I don't like the source/don't know how to read"
    Still at it I see.

    The reason I posted a link to the unites nations in my other thread is because the most credible source on their agenda is their own website. You can see all their political ideas and propoganda and laws they are pushing for.

    So when you claim my sources are invalid because they are from non.credible sources; in reality you are just full of shit and set in your ideals without any actual evidence supporting them.

    When people post "evidence" that opposes your way of thinking you are supposed make an argument as to why its wrong. Not rage like a kid and claim the evidence is irrelevent/useless

    I'm sorry your not smart enough to read or think for yourself
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    Hah shit like this is usually what happens. It's always the same story, with the Dems and their policies. Republicans on the other hand, don't try and weasel their way out of shit. If Republicans say something and people don't like their answer, they may not give a fuck, but they certainly won't lie and flip flop and talk like children.

    Ever since 2001 I have not seen Republicans flip flop on any major issue except the "weapons of mass destruction" miscommunication. Or lie. W/e you feel comfortable calling that.

    Dems on the other hand, have rode every selfish bandwagon and have acted like children time and time again since 2001. They are the ones who are biased. And their treatment and respect toward Republicans and just any dissenters from their own opinion is downright DISGUSTING. My Philosophy professor this passed semester blatantly said (and he said a bunch of shit like this all semester) "Republicans are masochists".

    They always have a reason for their failures or that it is someone else's fault. They waste their time on nonsense.

    On to their policies... they are just big wastes of money. They are environmentalists who time and time again limit America's industrial growth. We have all the energy we need right the fuck here. It has already been proven that when something like hydro-fracking is done correctly there are no problems with it. Its like all the Dems are big fucking pussies. Anybody remember England's "Coke Town?" They got through that, right? Let us Americans Frack we'll be fucking happy.

    They want welfare and that is their version of fairness. Not real opportunity.

    The dems are not leaders they are selfish children who do not care for clarity, only dependence. Only once in a while they make points, but those "points" are only obvious bandwagons that you would really have to be on a different page to disagree with.

    The Repubs don't care for clarity too much and that is another problem but in terms of righteousness and being professionals I agree with the Repubs and how they lead more-so. Although their budget resolution would have given us multi trillion dollar debts over the next several decades if followed thank god that others had a say in the matter.

    I hate Dems and Repubs both pretty much... but there is something in common with Dems and the average people I come across and hate on a daily basis.
  17. Dems and repubs are the same folks..... authoritarians who lust for control and total domination.

    The rupubs just do it on the other side of the world.

    Both parties want you drinking aspartame and fluoride. Both want you eating GMO. Both want you shot up with cancer causing vaccines and eating mass murder pills aka psycotropics.

    Its rich vs. Poor not dems vs. Repubs. Thats just a distraction. We argue with each other while they exterminate us.

    Divide and conquer. Give man power. Watch him conquer

  18. If you don't like Obamacare and more specifically the health insurance
    mandate, just accuse Obama of enslaving all Americans to the health care
    sector. He hates that. He's also not to fond of the term "commerce by gun to
    your head."

    Spread the word!

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