ObamaCare Architect: Law Passed on Stupidity of American Voters

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  1. In a newly surfaced video, one of the main Obamacare (and Romneycare) architects, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, admits that a deliberate “lack of transparency” was written into the law so that the Obama administration and congressional Democrats could pass it.
    They deliberately wrote Obamacare "in a torturous way" to FOOL THE CBO's cost estimates ("scoring") and thus deceive the Congressmen and Senators who voted yea or nay. And most of all, it was designed to deceive the American voters as to its costs and other subtleties because if the voters knew what was in it, they might not support it due to our "stupidity", says the dirtbag elitist prof! 
    Talk about a condescending piece of shit!
    And THAT is how we got this "torturous" 2000+ page body of lies and deception., just as the Right had warned us back in 2008 as the charade was in progress. That was one of the reasons why no one on the Right voted for it. It was deliberately designed to be opaque to both Congress and the American people so it would pass.
    \nSorry asshole but that ain't the way honest, transparent government is supposed to work! And it's hardly the "transparent government" that Obama promised. But I don't recall any objections from him because he's as corrupt as the architects and the Pelosi/Reid dooshbag duo..

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  2. My wife just had total knee replacement surgery because she could finally get medical care. She had been excluded from 
    "insurance" plans for years due to "pre-existing" medical issues. 
    She also has been able to afford the co-pays on a pap smear and mammogram, things she hasn't been able to afford having done because of the high price to non-insured people.
    So the ACA has worked for her as I'm sure it has for many others....it a'int perfect, but she can walk without limping and pain, and isn't scared of having a unknown cancer........
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  3. i am happy that your wife's health is doing better but do you really believe that everyone should be forced by law and under threat of violence to buy into a system, whether or not they want to, so that your family can benefit?
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  4. Take it however you will, I'm happy my wife now has healthcare....
  5. Just saying. We had a midterm election recently and like 90% of Congress got reelected despite Tue fact that you probly wont ever meet even one person that think Congress is doing a good job

    So yea. Voters are stupid.

    * Give it
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  7. I'm also glad your wife got new knees but are you giving an example of how the end justifies the means?
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    Of course they're stupid. The nation is dumbed down to the point of no return thanks to decades of failed experiments in social engineering and the lowest common denominator approach to education. Maybe teaching kids to think for themselves instead of trying to program them into an ideology would help. But that's another rant.  :laughing:
    Both political parties capitalize on voter stupidity, as do their respective media propaganda outlets. However, the Democrats seemed to have raised the practice to an artform. They can (and do) put forth all manner of nonsense and counterproductive bullshit day in and day out with near impunity - last Tuesday being a notable exception. They typically lie about every aspect of their policies and their beliefs as if they expect to never be challenged, either as far as their policies, or their ideologies, or their deceptions. When they are so challenged they rabidly scream their annoying accusation of racism, even when race isn't even a factor! :rolleyes: Kind of pathetic, actually!
    But hell, they usually ARE justified in that expectation of impunity, thanks to our similarly pathetic, highly partisan media reporting. Their counter parts in LaLaLand, aka "the Right", are the only ones calling them to the carpet. But they "cry wolf" and exaggerate every nuance of Democrat behaviour and speech to the point where it's difficult to ever really know what the fuck is going.
    So, congrats to our political bullshitters and their propaganda machinery on both sides! Thanks to their craziness and undying preoccupation with bullshit, we're all plunged down the rabbit hole, regardless of political persuasion. Probably the only bipartisan thing they'll ever do is drive us fucking nuts.
    Tea anyone?
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    Hah! Obama might play like he doesn't know what Gruber is talking about but check out the Frontline interview. Obama and Gruber knew that paying for O'care was going to be a problem, and they all agreed to do what had to be done (i.e. lie to their stupid constituency). They lied to the rest of us, too, but we were calling it fraud back in 2009.
    Here's a tiny excerpt:
  10. Who brought this story to the public?  Had it come out a couple of weeks earlier more Dems would be out of office.  The timing is suspicious.
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    His entire point was that it was purposely presented in a way that doesn't say, "If you're a healthy person, you will be paying more for people who aren't."
    They could never sell a piece of legislation that, for a majority of people, increases costs and be forthright about it. Duhhhhh....
    He was the one who told various White House officials that the only way to  fund any type of nationalized healthcare program is through some type of mandate.
    Pro Tip: You don't need an MIT degree to figure that out.
    If you thought premiums would decrease in the aggregate, you are fucking stupid, and you have no right to be outraged when someone tells you so.
    It's okay to be in favor of the law. That's a normative issue, an opinion. He's making the point that people aren't smart/educated enough to understand how it would be financed. This is also pretty obvious. 
    Also, the emphasis on not framing it as a "tax" is misunderstood. Who pays the tax is determined by the elasticity of the good or service, not those whom the tax is legally imposed on.
    This is basic finance that most people are too dumb to understand. e.g. We can tax the sellers of cigarettes, but because the cigarettes are so inelastic, the tax is easily passed along to the buyer. 
    Nothing he said is  untrue. Hell, he even said he prefers to have the law passed. 
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  12. The proof of violence algorithm, with an annual blocktime of April 15th to October 15th.
    If participants do not pay up during this time, the violence cycle starts up.
    All the while, the core dev team can exploit their bugs and place the bill on the participants.
    Print more reserve notes. Print more laws. Big bombs, much hash!

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