Obama - To not release OBL's death photos

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ArtilleryShell4, May 6, 2011.

  1. White House Won't Release Osama Bin Laden Death Photos | The Wrap Media

    Now its getting suspicious.
  2. It's not getting suspicious. We have already angered Al-Qaeda enough. Posting Bin Laden's dead face everywhere will just make it worse for us.

  3. Agreed, at least we should have the capacity to be bigger than that.:smoke:
  4. i am glad it's top secret now

    i don't really want to see the media take on the responsibility of showing these pics to every man, woman, child and pet in the usa

    no i don't wanna see more blood or gtfo!!

  5. Well then if not the pictures why not the DNA results?

    If something is going to be proven it has to have proof.
  6. Imagine if a terrorist network killed a top leader of the US and posted his corpse all over the internet. Would it not spark rage in this country?

    If the US posted Bin Laden's photo (he took a bullet from an assault rifle to the left eye. I'm certain it's not pretty), it would become an image for terrorists to rally behind. I'd rather not let that happen, personally.
  7. Here's a question:

    Would releasing the photos convince anyone (who doesn't already believe it) that we killed him?

    Any conspiracy theorist with a grain of common sense would just claim the photos were fakes.

    It makes more sense for the government to retain the photos and not cause more problems than to release them and prove absolutely nothing.
  8. Very true.

    But what I don't understand is why they would broadcast Saddam Hussein being hung on television, but decide not to even show us photos of Bin Laden.

    I'm not saying he's alive, all I'm saying is that it seems "fishy"
  9. Exactly. I believed in 100 % when i heard it. I was just awaiting some proof. And it will never come.
  10. Because you want to poke the damn body with a stick before you will believe its him

    I was amazed when they said they were going to release the photos at first. Its as if they were trying to piss people off

  11. I'm not sure but it might be because Saddam Hussein was killed by Iraqi officials, not the U.S.
  12. And that the actually hanging photos/video came from a guards camera.
  13. BULLSHIT ..this story is
  14. Oh, yeah i just watched the video sorry I was not aware of this. I guess i was misinformed.

    Thank you for clarifying! :wave:
  15. He got shot above the eye and the bullet fragmented and tore the shit out of his skull, do you think Obama would go around and proudly show the photo to the public, there's a lot of sensitive people out there.
  16. how could they do a more than %60 or better match on his face then if its tore up

    and im on the hoax side of it.

    i think the story its just being stretched way to far out. just like 9/11. it has so many loose ends.
  17. i wouldnt wanna see his nasty ass shot out face anyways.

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